Hypnosis And Willpower

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Two concepts are conspicuously absent from that list of principles. One is doing it by hypnosis. The other is willpower. Let me explain.

First of all, you can't do anything "by hypnosis." Hypnosis is 110 cure for anything, let alone everything. Hypnosis is a frame of mind, an enormously useful situation that can be very, very helpful in learning new skills, overcoming disabilities, and solving problems. Its role is that of a facilitator. not a therapy.

We use hypnosis to facilitate your success in acquiring better self-management. It is a way of making your task enormously easier for yourself, perhaps making some things possible that you would not otherwise be able to accomplish. However, it is no substitute for your honest effort. In this world, to get anything you must work for it—there's no way to avoid that fact. The best you can do is to make your work easier and more pleasant for you.

Suggestion is not a cure-all either. Like hypnosis, it is but a tool.

Beware of snake oil under whatever guise it is sold. There exists 110 painless cure-all for problems in living, no one-size-fits-all Philosophers' Stone by which we convert ourselves to instant golden perfection. 1 wish there were, but there is none.

Do you. then, need willpower to attain your goals? If you don't have enough willpower, can you get it through hypnosis?

Heck. I don't even know what willpower means! 1 think I know where the idea comes from, however. This miraculous quality seems to represent deeply engrained traces of America's Puritan or Calvinist heritage. In that religious tradition, so crucial in shaping our nation's earliest history, the world was considered the testing ground of the devout. Great stress was placed upon overcoming the tlesh and the temptations of the flesh. This became a moral imperative in our secular culture, hence our modern glorification of willpower.

Myths, however, usually have a core of truth. Removing its cultural veneer. 1 think willpower boils down to good old applied stubbornness. I'm sure you know how to be stubborn at times. You were once a child and. as every parent learns, all children exhibit this attitude in the course of growing up.

While we rely on imagination power and not willpower, we do mobilize and use the quality of stubbornness in our strategic approach. The method we employ is to reawaken the stubborn, playful, spontaneous little child yet lurking within you. We turn these childlike qualities to your own adult advantage.

None is more potent than the attitude of stubbornness:

"Nyah. nyah, 1 won't—can't make me!" This lies at the root of your ability to voluntarily block actions, to refuse to do what you feel or are told you are supposed to do. It's not so much naughtiness as basic assertion of your self-determinism. There is enormous power in the attitude of "I refuse," a power you can use to translate your own preferences and desires for yourself into behavioral reality. This liberty is an essential condition for self-management, this fact that you don't have to be or do or feel anything you don't want to. But it's not. when you examine it closely, a matter of willpower— it's a matter of your innate liberty to take charge of yourself.

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Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

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