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By a "program," I simply refer to an appropriately put together set of tactics by which you can work toward concrete goals or objectives over whatever period of time is necessary for your particular purpose. When developing your program, be sure to take into account the practical dimension and other aspects of the situation discussed with regard to your self-assessment.

The self-assessment should begin any program of self-hypnosis you attempt. You can only organize a strategy to overcome problems and attain your goals if you understand what you are trying to do. In effect, you will design your self-hypnosis program as the last step of assessing the situation—

figuring out what you can do about it. Your program should be designed to overcome those barriers to desired performance found in self-assessment, whether or not anybody else would consider them important.

When you are designing your strategy, keep in mind the fact that self-hypnosis cannot give you anything you don't potentially have already. It can only enable you to tap and to mobilize your own innate resources and potentialities, so that you can bring them to bear upon your situation. This is probably the biggest "only" in the entire universe—whatever your goal, there is at least some evidence or rationale to suggest that you just might have the power to accomplish it. We simply do not know what a person cannot do or accomplish.

If something is within your power, strategic self-hypnosis offers a practicable way to go about attaining it. Follow the basic principles outlined in this volume for working with your thinking, feeling, and imagining as a method for getting what you want out of life. This is. however, a pragmatic approach. It is designed to be adapted to best fit your own personal needs, interests, and style.

There's no magic in it. The magic's in you. This power is not locked away somewhere in your hidden subconscious mind, it's your very self. The magic manifests itself in everything you think and feel and do.

Nine times out of ten. 1 find that the person who comes for help with the biggest problem is the one whose own strengths are working against him or her. Nine times out of ten, all it takes to unblock yourself is to cease fighting against yourself, learn to control your powers of mind, and get them working with and for yourself instead.

Self-hypnotic strategies offer three main kinds of tactical benefits useful in improving performance and accomplishing your objectives. The first, discussed in considerable detail earlier, is providing a means for mental and physical relaxation.

The second is unblocking and positively facilitating your potential for learning and disciplined performance at both the intellectual and sensorimotor—or feeling—levels. You will find that your self-hypnosis skills provide an excellent basis for improving performance in sports; in interpersonal situations of every kind; at work; in learning and dealing successfully with tests, examinations, challenges, and crises of every kind.

Third, strategic self-hypnosis gives you the basic tools for letting go and ridding yourself of unwanted habits of thinking, feeling, and acting in your actual daily life. Positively. it gives you a way of acquiring desired habits, improving concentration and memory skills, developing new and better ways of coping with problems and circumstances. The strategic approach offers an excellent tool for changing and shaping your sel/and other everyday realities.

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