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I originally wrote this at Valentines day, so I am going to stick with that theme, though this technique can be used to manifest and attract pretty much anything you want in this life combined with your hypnosis.

So, I am jumping on the Valentines theme for this technique.

Now, this technique was aimed at finding your soul mate. However, you clever self-hypnotists are such highly evolved and wonderfully attractive people that you are likely to have found your soul mate already. Or maybe you are just so irresistible that your soul mate found you! I am certain that this is far more likely. If that is the case, then of course you can go ahead and use this technique for attracting something else into your life... you'll see what I mean and how easy it is to do adapt it.

Now, if you are not really into notions of attraction or manifestation, then think of this technique as only self-hypnosis - a practical version of self-hypnosis - that is helping you to tune your resources and your unconscious mind to help you bring more love into your life. Follow the technique and you'll be doing so in no time:

Let's do this in steps again shall we?

Step One: Relax... Get yourself into a place and be in a position where you are comfortable and not going to be disturbed.

Take yourself into hypnosis and deepen sufficiently.

Step Two: First of all, build some expectation and anticipation. These are both very hypnotic principles and are going to serve you very well later in this exercise. So engage your imagination and imagine that a magnificent and wondrous journey awaits you. Tell yourself and really imagine that you actually can create and bring forth the soul mate you have been seeking, the life partner of your dreams.

You want to be ready and receptive to this entire process, so allow your mind to be completely open and ready to manifest the love you desire. Maybe you can imagine your mind opening up in some way, or maybe you tell yourself that this is the case, or you can even just begin moving through the corridors or magical pathways inside your mind to show that you are ready for your journey.

Step Three: Now you need to get into the correct position. Just place your hands in your lap, facing each other, just a little apart, as if you are holding a ball of some kind. Now, here we are about to get a little metaphysical, it is Valentines Day, so what the heck, eh? Hahaha.

Imagine that the ball in between your hands is a ball of energy. You are going to place desires, magical ingredients and lots more besides into that ball of energy. So allow yourself to really imagine this clear ball of energy... pure energy, sparkling and moving and swirling in front of you. Become aware of the size, the texture, any faint colour that may be there...

Gaze upon this ball and wonder what power it may hold... Again, get expectant here (no, I am not suggesting cough medicine, that is expectorant) get anticipating all the good things that are going to enter your life as a result of what this ball holds within it. How about you even get excited about it?!!

Step Four: Ok, using your imagination, look nice and closely into the ball and notice a very small pinpoint of light right in the centre of the ball. Imagine that glint of light in the centre of things. Focus all of your awareness, all your attention on the point of light and notice how clear your mind becomes now.

At this point, you can start to have even more fun and get really excited. Because now you start to place the qualities of your soul mate into this pinpoint of light. Refrain from imagining you are sat around a cauldron please, there is no hubble bubble, toil and trouble here, and certainly no eye of newt being tossed into the mix. We want the wonderful and attractive qualities that are good for you and your prospective relationship.

As you place these things into the light with your thoughts now, you can notice that the point of light grows just a little bit larger and glows a little brighter. With each ingredient, shines a bit more brightly and gets bigger.

I recommend that you go ahead and speak these qualities out loud, such as "you are a confident person You love watching the sun set on the sea You enjoy reading... You love running (ok, that is just mine...). And with each thought that you manifest into the point of light, notice the way it glows brighter, sense and imagine that it feels warmer between your hands too.

Step Five: Now continue to place your thoughts into the ball... all of the qualities, personality traits, values, morals, education, health, financial position, feelings about family, about sexuality... and feel the ball becoming larger and brighter with each thought and desire. These things are the things that are right for you, conducive to your ideal relationship.

Now, do make it personal to you and please do not place in a particular person. I mean just putting in Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or the world famous, devilishly handsome Adam Eason into the ball and expecting them to come knocking on your door is unlikely to yield that result; especially if that person is in a happy relationship already. You are allowing the universe to connect you with someone who is right for you and you are going to have to be right for them... you know where I am coming from here, don't you?

Step Six: When do you want this to happen? Choose a time frame in which this person is to appear. 'You appear on or before XXX Date'. Say that to yourself, so that you have a timeframe to be aware of.

With so much placed into this ball, imagine how large this ball has become, really imagine that it is bigger and brighter... notice the life that has been infused into it. Maybe you can imagine that the colour, texture or qualities of the ball has changed, the movement more intense, the brightness increased. Of course, you'll have to slowly open your hands outward to hold it correctly, though you can loosen your grip in preparation for the next step.

Then just thank the world, the universe, yourself, your mind or whatever else you wish to thank for allowing you to create this, thank them also for the wonderful things that are soon coming your way. Express some gratitude for what you are about to receive (nearly started sounding like the Lords Prayer then!).

Step Seven: Let go of your ball of energy. Go ahead and release this energy into the universe. Just think that inside you, there is a place of personal truth for you and you want this affirmation to sink deep into that place of truth. So be nice and open in your mind and repeat this affirmation 13 times inside your mind and out aloud:

I welcome love to come into my life.

I receive love as a precious gift and accept it in deep gratitude. I release this part of my mind into the universe, without hesitation or reservation, I am ready for love.

When my soul mate appears, I know instinctively that you are the one. When my soul mate discovers me, this person knows that I am the one too. We both are open to receive each other and look in the right places. I am ready for love.

I give love easily and I receive love naturally. I deserve to be loved, and I receive it in gratitude You show up in my life at the right time... ready for love.

I realise I could make a very good pop song out of those words, however, you can amend them to your own liking and preference should you wish it so. Just affirm that you are open and ready for love to enter your life.

Now watch and imagine as the beautiful ball of light and energy that you created sparkles and shimmers as you send it out into the universe. Allow each little particle of light and thought be carried and guided to the perfect place, to the soul mate. With love, with gratitude and with acceptance that you allow this happen, and want this to happen.

Step Eight: Bring your senses into this moment. Forget about the ball, detach from it. Let your unconscious mind and the world, the universe and the divine powers, whatever or whoever they might be, get to work without your interference anymore. Stop holding on to the ideas, just detach from it all, let it all go.

The just open your eyes, bring yourself up and out of hypnosis, become aware of where and how you are, be centred and relaxed and go about your day knowing that you need to be aware of how this might present itself to you. Be aware of opportunities and people that you encounter and wait for something wonderful to happen.

So have some fun with this and manifest some love, lots and lots of it! Or of course tailor the technique for manifesting anything else you want to attract into your life -just using the same template of the technique.

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