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Before you begin to actually learn self-hypnosis, there are several simple conditioning exercises that are beneficial.

Exercise #1: Sit down comfortably and face straight ahead. Roll your eyes upward as far as you can. This is quite uncomfortable. Hold your eyes upward for as long as you can. When the strain is more than you wish to continue enduring, close your eyes and let your eyes return to normal. Sit there with your eyes closed for a minute or two just relaxing and allowing your mind to be as blank as you can.

The benefit is that you have actually forced yourself into a light level of the alpha state. When the eyes roll upward, alpha is triggered. Since alpha is necessary for hypnosis, this exercise begins to train you (and your mind) for entering alpha at will.

Exercise #2: Sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Visualize the letters of your name slowly, one letter at a time. Then visualize your entire name all at once. Then erase your name and open your eyes.

This helps you develop your ability to visualize. Visualization is the key to successful self-hypnosis and to going "beyond hypnosis" as described in the next chapter.

For many, visualization is difficult. Don't be discouraged if you have difficulty. If the first letter of your name is H and you are not able to visualize it, then mentally describe it to yourself.. .two vertical bars with a horizontal bar between them at mid-point.. .like a football goal post. Know in your intellect that the H is there. With practice, you will learn to visualize. As with any worthwhile skill, practice, practice, practice, and more practice makes perfect. This is as true for self-hypnosis as it is for playing a musical instrument. In hypnosis, you are learning to play the instrument of your mind. Whether you remain an amateur or advance to expert, or something in between is entirely up to you and how much devotion, time, and integrity you are willing to invest.

Self-Hypnosis Routines

Case #1: Suppose your only desire is to solve a specific problem—say, diet control—and not primarily to master self-hypnosis. Then just read the diet control sessions from this book into your tape recorder at a pace that is comfortable to you.

After you have recorded Session 1, make yourself comfortable as you play back the recording while letting yourself (via the recording) hypnotize you.

The next day, record Session 2 and then hypnotize yourself with it.

The next day, Session 3, the next day 4, etc. After all six sessions you will have successfully achieved your goal of dealing constructively with the problem, and learning a simple self-hypnosis routine in the process.

You do not have to do these six sessions in six consecutive days. You can space them up to a week apart and still be effective. When the spacing becomes greater than one week between sessions, the residual post-hypnotic suggestions tend to become weak or even ineffective.

For this six session approach to solving a problem, do not do more than one session a day. The mind needs time to absorb and to act upon one session before imposing another session on it.

If your problem is something other than diet, you still use the same method just described, but you tailor it toward your specific problem. There are enough suggestions and examples in this book for you to devise your own modifications. If smoking is the problem, you would say, "I will have no desire for cigarettes/' instead of "I have no desire for chocolates." I think you get the idea.

Case #2. Suppose you do not want to deal with a specific problem at the moment. You just want to master self-hypnosis as a skill so you can later deal with any problem or situation you wish when the need arises.

Again, you will use your recorder to hypnotize yourself for the initial training period. Here is what I recommend you record to get started:

1. Record the entire Session 1 and use it on the first day. Add these suggestions to Session 1 at the proper time:

You are now beginning to learn how to hypnotize yourself for any worthwhile purpose you desire.

Every time you hear your voice on tape, you will respond to the directions and suggestions you give more effectively every time.

Every time you practice self-hypnosis, you will be able to do it faster and easier.

Soon you will be able to practice self-hypnosis very effectively without the aid of a recorder, and this is so.

2. On the second day record and use the following:

Routines A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H in that order with the following recorded after routine H:

You have now learned how to relax your mind and body. In the future, all you need to do to relax your mind and body this much or even more is to close your eyes and mentally count down from 10 to 1, or 5 to 1, or 3 to 1, visualizing each number as you think it.

You are learning the skills of self-hypnosis which you can practice any time, any place, for any worthwhile purpose you choose.

3. On the third day, record and use the following:

Routines A, B, I, U in that order with the following recorded after routine U:

This room is a very powerful place for you to come to practice your self-hypnosis. You can do anything you wish here. You create your own reality. You can bring anyone into your room you wish simply by asking them in. You can consult or converse with any one here. The resources of universal intelligence are available to you here. You can solve problems, ask questions, practice any skill or speech, shed bad habits, adopt good habits, plan, program goals, seek inspiration and ideas. There is no limit. No limit to what you can achieve in your room. It is your laboratory. It is your magic kingdom. It is your special domain from which you can control your life.

Iam now going to stop speaking. Stay in your room for as long as you wish. When you are ready to leave your room, you may count slowly from one to five and open your eyes at the count of five.

NOTE: At this point you should not have anything else on the tape to distract you. Just let the blank tape run; it will automatically shut off at the end. You remain in your room for as long as you wish, doing whatever programming and suggestions you wish, and counting yourself out from one to five when you are finished.

4. On the fourth day, record and use the following:

Sit comfortably in your chair and face straight ahead. Roll your eyes upward and focus your attention on a spot or object in your line of vision that is up high enough to make your eyes uncomfortable, about a forty-five degree upward angle of your eye movement.

Keep your eyes opened and focused on the spot. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale mentally say the number 5 three times.

Now close your eyes and relax.

Take another deep breath, and as you exhale, mentally visualize and say the number 4 three times.

Take another breath, and as you exhale, mentally visualize and say the number 3 three times.

Again take a deep breath and as you exhale, mentally visualize and repeat the number 2 three times.

Once more, a deep breath and visualize and repeat the number 1 three times.

You are now deeply relaxed, and you will continue to relax deeper and deeper with each breath you exhale.

As you continue to relax more and more completely, mentally repeat the following suggestions as I say them:

"I have mastered the skill of self-hypnosis."

"I can use self-hypnosis any time I wish, any place I wish for any worthwhile purpose I desire, and this is so."

"In the future, all I need to do to achieve levels of hypnosis this deep or even deeper is to close my eyes, take a deep breath and slowly count 3 -2-1 as I exhale. At that point, I can program my mind for any purpose 1 desire. I can go to my private room by simply visualizing my staircase, walking down my stairs, opening my door and entering my room where I can program for any purpose I desire."

5. On the fifth day, record and use:

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and as you exhale, mentally count three and visualize the 3, two and visualize the 2, one and visualize the 1.

Take a deep breath and continue to relax.

Now visualize your staircase. Go down your staircase and enter your room.

Do not speak on the tape for about 10 seconds to allow yourself time to go to your room.

You are in your room now. From now on you can enter self-hypnosis simply by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and mentally counting down from 3tol while visualizing the numbers as you say them. At that point, you can do whatever programming or suggestions you wish.

For especially powerful programming and experiences, you can go to your room simply by visualizing your staircase and mentally descending the stairs to your room.

From now on you can awaken whenever you wish simply by desiring to do so and opening your eyes.

You no longer need the tape recording to enter or exit self-hypnosis. You can do it all by yourself whenever you wish. You may use the tape anytime you wish for refresher or for a special programming session that would be easier to do by tape if you choose, but you no longer are dependent on the use of the tape.

I am going to stop talking now. You may open your eyes and awaken whenever you wish.

6. On the sixth day and every day thereafter you do not need a recorder. You can simply close your eyes and do the 3-2-1 countdown. Then visualize your staircase, descend it, and enter your room. Stay in the room as long as you wish to do your programming and suggestions. Open your eyes when you wish to terminate the session. If you feel you want to awaken more slowly, then count yourself out from 1 to 5, opening your eyes at the count of 5.1 use the 1 to 5 count out most of the time because I really go quite deeply into the alpha and theta.

NOTE: In the self-hypnosis sessions just discussed, it is OK to do more than one a day if you wish. Just don't let more than a week lapse between sessions; if you do, I recommend that you start over from the beginning for best results. Also, you may want to refresh yourself by listening to your tapes every once in a while even though you have progressed beyond the point where you have to listen to them. It is kind of like putting a recharge on your battery. You may even want to create new tapes for special purposes.

Case #3. Suppose you don't have, can't afford, or don't want a tape recorder You can still achieve the same results, but it will require much more time and diligence.

You will do all the things exactly as outlined for Case #2, but without using a recorder. This means you must memorize everything, and then mentally instruct yourself while relaxing and listening to your mental commands.

This is not simple to do. The part of your mind that gives the memorized instructions tends to want to go to beta level to do so. The part of your mind that wants to respond to the instructions and enter self-hypnosis must go to alpha level to do so.

As a result, your brain frequency tends to vacillate between beta and alpha. This simply means that each session is likely to be less effective than if you had a recorder. Hence, you usually have to repeat these sessions a number of times to achieve results that you would be satisfied with.

But it still will work quite well. You just have to persevere and stick with it.

Uses of Self-Hypnosis

Your subconscious mind is like an obedient servant. It will do whatever it is told. Subconscious does not reason; it just does. If you do not give directions to your subconscious mind, your mind will obey the directions you allow someone else to give it. If you do not establish a good self-image in your mind, and if you allow others to impress upon your mind that you are not a very worthwhile person, then you will become a not very worthwhile person. Why are some boys "Bad boys'? Perhaps it is because parents, teachers, peers, and others verbally chastised them hundreds of times when they expressed themselves in some unacceptable manner by saying, "You are a bad boy!" And the child came to believe it. Think about it. An act may be unacceptable, but that doesn't make the child an unacceptable human being. But the child doesn't know that, so his mind becomes programmed "You are an unacceptable person" and a great deal of human damage has been done.

Fortunately, with hypnosis the human damage can be rectified.

If you have a poor self-image, use your self-hypnosis to change it to what you want.

If you have a habit you wish to rid yourself of.. .smoking, stuttering, lying, or whatever. . .get rid of it with your self-hypnosis.

Improve your skills. Give that speech in your room under self-hypnosis the day before you have to deliver it so you will have it perfected, and you will perform just the way you program yourself to perform.

Go to your room and solve problems. Get information and advice from cosmic intelligence by asking for it. If Mahatma Gandhi is your hero, bring him into your room and ask him what you should do. Sound like science fiction? It isn't. This will be touched on further in the last chapter under Beyond Hypnosis.

Get rid of pain. Promote healing. Maintain your health. Live longer and better.

Establish contact with your own higher self. . .your spiritual self. . .your all-knowing self.

Set your goals in your room, and then enjoy life as your mind brings them into reality.

When I was a small child, I knew I wanted two things when I grew up. I wanted a mustache, and I wanted to be a professional writer. I maintained that dream, that image faithfully. I didn't know it then, of course, but I was engaging in "daydreaming my way to success". . .self-hypnosis. I have had the mustache for thirty-seven years now, and I have been a professional writer for twenty-three years. You may not think that was much of a dream, but for a child I think it was quite nice, and the important thing is that it worked. As an adult, I have many other dreams and goals. Some have already materialized. Others are in process, and I can watch the events unfold with childlike excitement.

So, too, can you daydream your way to success through practicing your self-hypnosis faithfully every day. You now know how to do it.

In the next (final) chapter I put a little frosting on the cake, and then you are on your own.

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