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Treatment Of Female Orgasmic Disorder

Female orgasmic disorders involving delayed or absence of orgasm are frequently presenting clinical problems. Thorough evaluation of the onset, development and course of the disorder, psycho-sexual history, medical, psychiatric and psychological features of the patient are required to reveal the often multifactorial aetiology. Medication, other drug and alcohol use history also requires evaluation. Sexual behavior and the quality of the relationship are important considerations in evaluating these disorders. Other parameters of evaluation and treatment are similar to those in retarded orgasmic responses in the male.

Ridding Ourselves of Upsetting Feelings That Block Sensitivity

For example, being happy may give us a greater capacity to be helpful to people in pain. Yet, if confusion makes our own happiness appear as the most wonderful and important thing in the world, we become attached and possessive when experiencing it. We do not want to meet or deal with anyone having problems, because it will ruin our good mood. Happiness experienced in this inflated way is an upsetting experience, despite it being pleasurable and even exhilarating. Because we are worried about being robbed of our pleasure, this type of happiness renders us insensitive to others and to ourselves. We often notice this syndrome in people who are under the influence of recreational drugs. Furthermore, if we do not have this seemingly wonderful, yet elusive happiness, we become fixated on attaining it. This also causes us to act insensitively toward others, for instance by being obsessed with our orgasm when having sex. When the balloons of fantasy about our feelings burst, the sobering...

Relevant Effects of Nitrates and Nitrites as Nitric Oxide Donors

The psychosexual aspects of the volatile nitrites are reviewed up to 1982 in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.36 Inhaling amyl nitrite in a sexual context may facilitate the process of letting go.'' It ushers in a sensation of timelessness mixed with immersion in the immediate moment.'' The resulting orgasm is described as prolonged, intense and exalted.'' An accompanying visual percept is a bright yellow spot with purple radiations. Other symptoms of amyl nitrite inhalation include withdrawal into the self, slowing of time sense such that music may seem more distant or slower, meta-morphopsia, disinhibition, and heightening of emotions.'' When used in a sexual context, inhalation has also been described as leading to ''an oceanic sense of oneness with the sexual partner'' and with ''heightened and prolonged orgasm.''37

Stimulate the most powerful sex organ in your body your brain

The use of hypnosis for seduction is an art. The goal of having better sex is very exciting and enticing for several reasons. If we can tap into our mind's ability to find greater levels of arousal, and to create those states on command we can experience more of who we are. To connect with someone and discover the chemistry that stirs us deeply to a state of desire. is one of our deepest, most powerful drives. Now, you will discover what puts us in a state of rapport, trust, and desire and sparks what we call chemistry. even. drum roll. how to induce a hypnotic orgasm. Now I have your attention, yes

The Law Of Reversed Effect

The principle of reversed effect primarily applies to making suggestions to produce physiological effects. This law refers to the fact that the harder one consciously endeavors to do something, the more difficult it becomes to succeed. Have you ever tried to consciously will an erection or an orgasm Or, how many times have you retired to bed too late and tried to help yourself to go to sleep, only to find yourself more wide awake Just as we are unsuccessful at trying to will ourselves to perspire or salivate, we are generally unsuccessful in applying conscious willpower to produce therapeutic changes, especially physiologic changes.

The Male Animal Libido and ExLibido

Beyond that, several deep medial and neighboring brain regions also employ a special enzyme. To endocrinologists, the enzyme presents a yin yang paradox. Called aromatase, it converts testosterone molecules to estradiol. Estradiol does go on to activate estrogen receptors in such key regions as the medial pre-optic area, the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, and the anterior hypothalamic area. But this estradiol still promotes male sexual activity when it acts on these local nerve cells, even though it is still an estrogen derived from that earlier testosterone molecule.2 Male and female brains also differ physiologically. The fact that Jack responds more than Jill does to erotic films occasions no surprise. During one recent fMRI study, the 20 men reported being more sexually aroused by the films than did the 20 women.5 In the process, both men and women developed increased fMRI signals in many limbic regions. For example, increased signals occurred not only in the cortex of the...

Suggestions With Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation

You will be able to maintain your erection and prolong intercourse for as long as necessary to fully satisfy your partner. And when you are ready for normal feeling to return, you will only need to clench your jaw firmly three quick times in a row for this to happen. But even after your sensitivity does come back, you will still be able to maintain your erection as long as necessary so as to achieve your own orgasm.

Corydon Hammond PhD

This is a brief metaphor illustrating the concept that we cannot consciously will sexual response, but must allow it to happen and trust the unconscious. It may be used with performance problems such as erectile dysfunction, orgasmic dysfunction, and ejaculatory inhibition. We simply can't will our body to respond. It's kind of like when we've stayed up too late one night, and the harder we try to help ourselves go to sleep, the more wide awake we are. You can't will yourself to perspire. And in a similar way, we can't will an erection, or orgasm, or ejaculation. We simply have to allow it to occur to simply trust our unconscious mind, to know what to do, and how to do it. The more we try to help out, the more we interfere.

The Tree Of Life Symbols

As we descend the Tree from Kether, the point, to Chokmah the Father, we find that Binah (the Great Mother Principle) is the Third point. Thus we see one reason why Tantra is frequently associated with the Goddess principle. However, in practice, the new energy which is brought into the relationship is Kether. This is the point of energy which is forgotten or never employed in normal sexual intercourse. Thus Tantric intercourse is always symbolized by WHITE LIGHT. I want to emphasize again that WHITE LIGHT has nothing to do with Christian morality.

Stacking Anchors and Sexual Response

If you choose a word or a touch during a moment of intense sexual desire, especially during a moment of orgasm, and then fire that anchor later during normal conversation, you will recreate that state of desire. During sexual desire and especially during orgasm the mind is very open and receptive to suggestion. During that moment, you can place a kinesthetic (physical) anchor. This kinesthetic anchor needs to be something that you could easily use later, while in conversation or in public. A well set anchor, repeated during several orgasmic moments can be a gold mine later. During that same time you can stack anchors. As you touch or squeeze her to set the kinesthetic anchor, also say a word or phrase that will connect with this state. Something like, I WANT YOU NOW Or, I'M YOURS Or, WARM IN HERE Then later, during a conversation, you can fire your kinesthetic anchor and say the words at the same time. You could even be commenting about the temperature of the room, and as you say Is...

Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control

You can intensify the amount of desire, or the object of desire with hypnosis. In trance, whether it is waking trance or closed eye trance, inserting words like, want me closer to me feel better here. as you trust me. can influence the mind into creating the desire for the person who is speaking. In the section on language patterns and embedded commands you will learn valuable ways to influence the mind into desire, willingness, and trust. You could also create desire for something like a certain sexual act, position, or favor. You could create a desire for oral sex in a woman who previously had no desire for it. (Now I have your attention, huh )

Lateralizable Functions and the EEG

Mystical absorptions resonate in metaphoric ways, and sometimes these transports seem to overlap with feelings of sexual love. It is in this context that several other case reports are of interest.16 None of them, it should be noted, are based on split-brain patients. In one instance, a nineteen-year-old schizophrenic woman showed a right temporal lobe preponderance of EEG activity when she experienced feelings of love for her boyfriend. In another, an eighteen-year-old schizophrenic youth shifted to a predominately right temporal EEG activation when he first felt a deep religious ecstasy. So some feelings termed ecstasy or love may appear to correlate with right brain activations, at least in some patients. However, they do not correlate with the EEG findings recorded from other patients when they reach sexual climax. In fact, during orgasm itself, the left cerebral hemisphere tends to show the more activated EEG.17 Few would contend that left brain phenomena would afford an adequate...

During these sessions only masturbation or oral stimulation is allowed

When the female is about to reach orgasm her task is to switch her attention away from whatever it was on, to Muladhara (see below). When orgasm is reached her focus must be on this chakra. The idea is to allow the energy of the genitals to move to Muladhara at the time of orgasm. If she is capable of more than one orgasm per session or if it takes her less than 15 minutes to reach orgasm another practice session is desirable. However, the entire practice session should not last for more than 30 minutes. When it is the male's turn to breath, everything is done the same way, except that he should be kept from reaching orgasm for at least 25 minutes. This assumes that he can not have multiple orgasms of equal intensities. If he can have two orgasms of more or less equal power, this is permitted.

The Underlying Therapeutic Philosophy Integrative Hypnotherapy

Furthermore, ethical practice requires that we only use hypnosis to treat problems that we are qualified to treat with nonhypnotic techniques. If one has not received advanced specialty training and supervision in practicing with children or in doing sex therapy, it seems ethically inappropriate to use hypnosis to work in these areas. Hypnosis training alone does not qualify us to work in subspecialty areas beyond our expertise. Similarly, merely learning a few hypnotic inductions and then seeking to apply suggestions gleaned from a volume like this is likewise deemed to be inappropriate. The reader is encouraged to seek specialty training and supervision in hypnosis from your local university or the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis workshops, and to study comprehensive textbooks.

Hypnotic Technique With Impotency

The writer describes to the patient the psychology and physiology involved in an erection. First there is the attraction and the foreplay. The writer holds up his index finger, squeezes it tightly and says, Erection is a combination of psychology and physiology. It is a perception of the love object, a response, a stimulation, a gorging of blood and the trapping of blood. Then following ejaculation the trapped blood is released causing the penis to relax. The patient is allowed the freedom to discuss all his libidinous feelings concerning his heretofore internalized, suppressed sexual caprices and encouraged to share these thoughts and feelings with his sexual partner. Many times he requests that his partner join him for a session or two, so that he may discuss these visionary fancies with his partner, while experiencing the supportive presence of the writer during the session. In most instances the patient has had complete trust and faith in his sexual partner to a point of mutual...

Hypnotherapy with Sexual Dysfunction

Far too many therapists with a superficial knowledge of sex therapy techniques (e.g., sensate focus exercises, the squeeze technique) have been willing to treat dysfunctional patients. An elementary knowledge of traditional sex therapy or hypnosis techniques that has been gleaned from a book or brief workshop is inadequate preparation for ethical practice. The hypnotherapist wishing to treat sexual dysfunctions must first master an extensive and complex body of literature on the evaluation of sexual disorders (Kaplan, 1983 Kolodny, Masters & Johnson, 1979 Krane, Siroky & Goldstein, 1983 Schover & Jensen, 1988 Wagner & Green, 1981). Afterwards, NIMH sponsored ethical standards mandate 50-100 hours of advanced supervision in sex therapy (Masters, Johnson, & Kolodny, 1977 Masters, Johnson, Kolodny, & Weems, 1980) to hold oneself out to the public as qualified to work with such referrals. It should be noted that even well trained sex therapists are now finding the successful treatment of...

The Erotic Hypnotic Mind

Imagine what might happen if you could freely express your sensuality. if you could release your inhibitions and be a seductress, or a powerfully seductive man. Imagine what might happen if you could let go of your preconditioned ideas about sex, your guilt from childhood and experience sex without hang-ups. I think this possibility exists in all of us. Not just in some. But in every one of us lies a potential to be fully alive, sensual and tantalizing. The only missing ingredient is permission. When you see people hypnotized on stage, they seem to have a freedom, an air about them that they never had before. But, in truth, they did have it before they ever set foot on stage. They already had the ability to sing or entertain, or to become a stripper The only thing that the hypnosis added was permission. If you are familiar with hypnosis and familiar with sex, you will have a question on your mind that I have been asked a million times. Can a person really have an orgasm just by being...

The Tantric Answer to Energy and Semen Loss

The Tantric answer is to learn how to stop the ejaculation of semen at the point of orgasm. There is a muscle in the perineum which when contracted will stop the passage of urine or semen through the penis. Strengthening this muscle through many contractions will lead to the control of ejaculation of semen and also, as it is the trigger point for The Base Chakra, will strengthen, give more energy to the Base Chakra.

Evaluation and Assessment of Pain

Interview evaluation may include a description of the pain history of the pain and whether it is acute or chronic prior treatments, surgeries and medications and their effects the impact of the pain problem on relationships, vocation, leisure activities, sexual activity, etc. level of premorbid functioning potential benefits of the pain ( If I could magically take away your pain today, how would your life be different What would you be able to do that you can't do now ) antecedents (environmental, temporal, emotional, cognitive) associated with exacerbation and improvement of pain and level of depression.

Preliminary Exercises

For the practice of Tantra it does little good to have common orgasms. The movements below are preliminary to any form of Tantric practice, although the simplest forms of pre-Tantric Intercourse may be practiced at the same time. Once these movements have had their effect, certain bio-psychological events take place which increase the depth and breadth of orgasm elevating it to its highest pre-Tantric intensity. These movements have been designed to help you shake off the negative associations created toward your sexuality by civilization .

Erotic Use of Hypnosis

You can illuminate the entire body to the point that it experiences a sensational orgasm in the entire body, or responds only to one person's touch, or makes it impossible to move the arms or legs (a little hypnotic bondage), or for a man to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. A woman could suggest to a man, that he will not be able to come until she says the word, or that he will not be able to have an erection for anyone but her. (Not nice, but hey, we chicks are looking for anything that will keep you from straying). Once hypnotized, the mind has many possibilities for ways to experience pleasure. You could live out a forbidden fantasy, be actors in an erotic movie, increase sensation when you snap your fingers, turn up the intensity with a key word, suggest that you taste like the most delicious chocolate sauce, make genitals very sensitive to touch or to a puff of breath, create an orgasmic response from head to toe, become an animal and allow all your instincts to take...

Primary Representational System

I was at a most beautiful place a few days ago, a hillside overlooking the valley, perhaps you have seen it The sounds of the birds were very clear, it was the clearest day I think I have ever seen. Anyway, it seemed like I could hear the sounds of the birds even though they were far away, and then I noticed how many other sounds I could hear, almost as if I were hearing them inside of me Maybe you know what I mean. The reason I am telling you this is because of the very special feeling it gave me, a feeling that I was almost connected somehow, connected with nature, with the sounds almost as if the wind and the warm sun had a voice. You might think it is a little odd, but sometimes there is a moment when you notice that everything feels right, I mean. that you see things more clearly, you hear sounds deeper, and it just feels like you are meant to be right here, right now. Well, maybe you don't know, I didn't know until just then, like just in this instant, what it felt like to be...

Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation

Acquired oversensitivity to sexual stimulation has been implicated in those who observe their sexual responsiveness too closely. On that basis, partial genital anaesthesia to reduce erotic stimulation has been used (Doane, 1971) with a later return of sensation during intercourse. Time distortion techniques have been applied to extend the perceived length of time of sexual activity, reducing anxiety and resulting in a reduction of overarousal.

The Importance of Goal Setting

My love and sex life is -My relationship with my mother is (or was) -My relationship with my father is (or was) -My relationship with my classmates at school was -My relationship with my teachers was -My relationship with fellow workers is -My relationship with employers or those in authority is -In future I think that most of my relationships will be - 4. Great sex life and warm, caring relationships.

Treatment Of Sexual Dysfunctionan Integrated Approach

Masters & Johnson (1966, 1970) proposed an approach to the treatment of sexual difficulties that took these problems out of the realm of long-term psychotherapy. Their investigation of sexual functioning, and focused therapy for sexual difficulties, was an important shift in treatment which created the specialty of 'sex therapy'. Their approach was essentially behavioral in its focus and based around the in vivo desensitization, anxiety control and positive rehearsal of appropriate intimacy skills, all incorporated into the 'sensate focus' technique. The second stage of treatment comes out of the developing rapport and the process of establishing the aetiology. It involves giving the patient and their partner permission to discuss openly in a non-judgemental way sexuality, sexual beliefs, sexual feelings and the general emotional context within which the sexual involvement occurs. The fourth component of treatment involves therapeutic interventions specifically targeting sexual...

Example 6 Comments And Followup

Several weeks after his experience, he took me to lunch. He told me that he and his wife had been having some difficulties, and that he had not been able to get it on sexually with his wife in almost a year. His wife had been claiming that he was almost always uptight, and that he seldom let go. He said that since the training class, he had begun to loosen up, and was finding it easier to let things happen, and that he was becoming sexually active with his wife. In addition, he informed me that for one week following the class, he had a tendency to sort of drift away and lose track of everything, whenever I'm alone with nothing important to do. I told him that he was an excellent hypnotherapist, and that his ability to not understand was helping him to gain understanding.

How To Build a Strong PSI

Your subconscious mind has already built up a firm view of what it thinks you are and how you fit in the world around you. You have to remember it is a vastly complex computer and your life experiences thus far have programmed it accordingly. You know for example that drinking bleach or caustic soda is a bad idea. You also know that putting your hand in a fire is painful. This is obvious. Your subconscious computer is there to protect you. The problem is it can be over zealous as we have seen in some of the examples given in part two. Sometimes there seems to be a contradiction in how it goes about doing its job. Remember Clare who put on a lot of weight because she was scared of getting pregnant again. Putting on weight is not a healthy thing to do but her subconscious reasoned that it was necessary to stop her having sex with her husband. It reasoned that if she were to get pregnant again her father would die

Additional Case Histories

Prostitute Case A prostitute wanted to give up her profession and get married. She had fallen in love, and she just wanted to become an average housewife and ultimately a mother. Her problem she did not enjoy sex. In her entire life she had never experienced an orgasm. Sex was always just a mechanical skill for her to use to get whatever she wanted. Now she wanted to change all that. She wanted to experience the enjoyment, but she didn't know how to allow that to happen. 2. To have her visualize performing sexual acts where she would experience pleasure and satisfaction. During session 1,1 had her commit to herself to have sexual relations only with the man she loved. Insofar as I know, this suggestion was immediately successful. I am taking her word for this. She was a compulsive liar also, so I am not able to be absolutely sure. Her visualization of pleasurable sex did not appear to be successful. A week later at the start of session 2, she reported having had sexual relations every...

Examples of Feedback Loops

As an example consider the dynamics of the following alcoholic problem. As a result, it turned out, of childhood sexual abuse a woman hated sex when she got married. She could only tolerate it if she was drunk. After a while it followed that IF she were to stop or even reduce drinking, her husband would perceive her as being in a worse state and consciously or unconsciously encourage her to drink again. ( Drinking Sexual activity Husband's discontent Drinking .)

Q Can you recall the first time CS happened

But it is important to note that the appropriate attitude to take to such an hypothesis is to look for evidence that it may be wrong, rather than confirmatory evidence that it is right. Thus evidence that the man's fantasies and sex life are perfectly normal would cast doubt on the theory, for example. If we were to discover that the man also has the same panic reactions in hospitals, and further questioning revealed that he had been in hospital when he was two with a throat problem, then we have a second hypothesis, which is that the phobia was initiated by a bearded doctor examining his throat too roughly. If, alternatively, we found that the panics could also arise at times when the Client is sitting at a table on a formal occasion, the roots may have to do with his father (we would have to check if he wore a beard at the time) forcing him to eat at an early age.

Not A Single Erection

Since the patient's first sexual experience in a bawdy house had disgusted him and his attempted self-cures, by hiring women, had reinforced his pattern of failure, Erickson determined that his impotence resulted from sex that is easily available. Therefore, Erickson, with the cooperation of the man's girl friend, set up an opposite situation where sex was forbidden. In his explanation of what happened, Erickson typically uses vague referents. When, in the last sentence, he says, Mildred made it impossible for him, we (and presumably the patient) wonder what it is that is impossible for him to have intercourse to hang on to his limp penis, i.e., to masturbate without an erection to remain impotent In any case, he managed to transfer the enemy outside of the patient. Then, instead of being angry at himself, and subsequently reinforcing his inability to have an erection, the patient could attack the cause of the impossibility outside himself, in Mildred. He does this by raping her. Once...

Deepening Rapport and Creating Trance

A tantric sex practice teaches a breathing technique that some say can bring one to the state of orgasm as a result of the deeply Matching your partner's breathing can be done in a way that feels natural and easy. The last time you were feeling very connected your were probably already matching breathing without even knowing it. And if it can be done on an unconscious level and you choose those times when you want to strengthen the sexual feelings and get deeper into waking trance, you may notice how this breathing brings out your own feelings of sexual desire.

Some Hypnotic Phenomena

If a person is induced by some Hypnotic technique to feel fear or excitement then the adrenal glands respond as a part of the process. This underlines the fact that Hypnotic techniques can also affect the functioning of the endocrine system. Another example might be the arousal or suppression of sexual feelings, which would be accompanied by changes in the level of sexual hormones.

The Magic Of Laughter

Tant, positive role in the development of relationships and in group life, generally. Just by laughing together, we become intimate in a way I hat can transcend physical intimacy. As every male teenager knows, laughter can break the ice and provide an opening for a seduction. But it goes deeper than that, as Coser tells us

Hypnotic Response in Deep Trance

Hypnosis can create amazing effects in deep trance. A person can be made to feel pain, to eliminate pain, get aroused, have orgasms, hallucinate the future, change bodily functions, slow heart rate, and even stop pain to the extent that surgery can be done under hypnosis as the only anesthesia. There is a well known effect of hypnosis that really shows how powerful the mind can be in creating a physical response based on thought. A person who is hypnotized can be told that they are going to feel a hot coal placed on their leg. An ice cube is placed on the leg and the brain has difficulty distinguishing this feeling from the intense heat of what it thinks is a hot coal. Now, the really exciting part is that in many cases, the skin will actually produce a burn. The skin will react just as a burned area of skin would, creating a blister and filling with fluid. I have worked with a lot of sexually dysfunctional and frustrated people. I know that their thoughts and the way they choose to...

Identifying the Syndromes of Grasping at Minds Natural Functions for Security

A causative form of this syndrome is compulsively feeling that we have to please everyone or just someone special. Insensitive to our needs or emotions, we sacrifice everything in this quest. For example, we may feel ourselves worthless as a lover unless we bring our partner and ourselves to orgasm.

Hypnotic Story 3 Offer Metaphorical Resolutions

So, as an example, if the therapist wants to influence his patients to have a better sex life, he might sit there and tell them stories about different cultures and how they all eat different meals in a different way. All these different stories are actually becoming metaphors for how different people can enjoy their sex life in different ways.

Transformation Of Sperm Power

We eat, we breathe and we sleep to produce energy and consume it in our physical and mental activities. In addition, sexual intercourse results in a tremendous leakage of energy.The same is true about masturbation and nocturnal ejaculation. When I first started to meditate, I felt sleepy and slept a lot and a lot, but always refreshed when I woke up. Later on, I noticed the Chi Energy converge towards the sick parts of my body to repair it. Now, I have tremendous amount of excessive energy. Every-time I transform the sperm power, I feel that I am charged with more energy.

Introduction Indications And Contraindications

Premature ejaculation is the most easily treated male sexual dysfunction, with success rates generally in the range of 90 -95 (Stuart & Hammond, 1980) using traditional, behavioral sex therapy techniques. Due to the high effectiveness of the squeeze and stop-start techniques, hypnosis is certainly not the first treatment of choice for premature ejaculation problems. When more validated methods have failed, however, or when the patient does not have a cooperative partner to do behavioral assignments, then hypnosis is extremely helpful. In addition to suggestive hypnosis, uncovering methods such as ideomotor signaling may be used to explore underlying functions or resistances. Physical metaphors, such as creating a glove anesthesia and then suggesting a similar control of sensations in the penis, may likewise be effective. The rather elaborate and complex procedure below was successfully used in a suggestive hypnosis format by Erickson with a compulsive, single patient with premature...

Sexual Aversion Disorder

Sexual aversions are most commonly found to be equivalent to phobic responses, with both anxiety and avoidance being major components of the difficulties. Hypnosis can be used to facilitate systematic desensitization in fantasy and in reality in much the same way as it would be used with other phobic disorders. Facilitation of anxiety control through the use of cued relaxation while thinking of, fantasizing about, or actually involved in sexual activity, is a very useful component of the use of hypnosis. The use of imaginal exposure to the sexual situation using hypnosis also facilitates the desensitization process. Both uses of hypnosis in effect also assist in curtailing avoidance behaviors. Hammond (1990) provides many suggestions to overcome sexual aversion. While the approach to what is essentially a sexual phobia can include a formalized desensitization paradigm, permissive approaches are likely to be more successful in representing sexual activity as an emotional and sensuous...

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

The diagnostic criteria of female sexual arousal disorder revolve around inability to attain or maintain adequate sexual arousal, including vaginal vasocongestion, lubrication and vaginal expansion to allow satisfactory sexual activity. This disorder may manifest itself as a dyspareunia but is not classified as such if arousal difficulties are the primary aetiology. The use of fantasy with or without masturbation is an important strategy in the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions which centre around insufficient arousal. By its nature hypnosis allows absorption in fantasy and since in the hypnotic state a hypnotized subject may respond to fantasy as if it were reality, hypnotic techniques provide good opportunities for rehearsal of effective sexual functioning. Hammond (1990) provides some ideas about the appropriate suggestions to use to enhance sexual arousal and encourage vaginal lubrication. These strategies may be similarly applied in hypo-active desire disorders, dyspareunia...

Metaphorical Therapies

Other metaphors including warmth, sweating, and so on, may also be used to enhance the sexual response. Cartoon or dramatic representations of the most erotic involvement have also been used (Araoz, 1982) to rehearse, give permission for and enhance involvement in sexual activity. Symbolic transformation of the parts of the anatomy which may be perceived negatively has also been used to remove anxiety-based inhibitory responses (Araoz, 1982) (e.g. the labia are perceived as the petals of a lovely flower or the penis may be represented as a beautiful ivory or marble column, and so on).

Male Erectile Disorder

Crasilneck (1979, 1982) reported an extensive follow-up study of the application of hypnosis to individual patients with erectile dysfunction. Direct suggestions of firm, hard erections can be of assistance, or metaphorical associations of erectile firmness may be suggested in indirect approaches. Suggestions of arm or finger catalepsy may be transferred to erectile functioning (Crasilneck & Hall, 1975 Araoz, 1982 Hammond, 1990). Post-hypnotic suggestions of erectile firmness have proved successful (Crasilneck & Hall, 1975). Hypnotically assisted age regression to a time of successful sexual functioning may be used (Kroger & Fezler, 1976) Hypnotically based desensitization and rehearsal of sexual success may aid in reestablishing confidence and the expectation of successful functioning. Hypnosis may also be used to explore and accentuate past or present sexual fantasies which may then be incorporated into contemporary sexual activity, either in reality with the current partner or in...

Hypnotic Interventions in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions

Clinical difficulties in sexual functioning can arise at any phase of the normal sexual response and can come about from a wide variety of causes. The phases represented in normal sexual response are respectively sexual interest sexual arousal sexual penetration sexual orgasm, post-sexual resolution and post-sexual feelings. At each phase of the emotional and physical response, male sexual functioning may be hindered. Factors involved in the likely aetiology of the respective disorders are dealt with later.

The Crystal Gazing Technique

To fade, and the crystal ball is fading away too. And even though you will not be able to recall the memory of the crystal ball when the trance is over, you will still be aware that you are irresistibly headed for certain success and that your future sexual experiences will be just as pleasurable, and just as enjoyable, as you have already seen that they will be in the crystal ball.

Two Hundred And Fifty Precepts See also Bhiksu

Sexual intercourse and lying, particularly, claiming to have attained insight or understanding that one does not in fact possess. A monk who commits one or another of these offenses is expelled from the Order. (2) Thirteen major prohibitions (Samgha-Avashesha). Monks who violate these are divested of membership in the Order for a certain period. (3) Prohibitions relating to offenses which are committed either in a place where one can be seen or in a place where one cannot. For example, this type of prohibition includes the offense of being alone with a woman, either in a place where one can be seen or in a place where one cannot. This third group comprises two of the two hundred and fifty precepts. These rules are called the indeterminate (aniyata) group because the punishment for going against them varies according to the circumstances. (4) Thirty standards (naihisargika-prayashchittika), whose violation is said to cause one to fall into the three evil paths. (5) Ninety standards...

Krishna symbol of the Christ

An ironic word signifies violence within the Mental Plane, therefore, we need to love, to adore our worst enemies. -Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message The secret rule taught in every positive esoteric tradition is this never spill the sexual energy through the orgasm.

Chapter Twenty e development of

Istence, identity and difference, and so forth. Entities and their causes can be said to be neither identical nor different. For example, whether the sprout and the seed are identical or different is inexpressible they cannot be described in terms of either identity or difference. Experience in general is intrinsically indescribable, like the sensation of being tickled or the feeling that ensues as a consequence of sexual intercourse. Similarly, all entities that exist dependent on causes and conditions are inexpressible in terms of absolute existence and nonexistence. Hence this last stage involves the contemplation of all things as inexpressible and ineffable.

Q Can you think of any small benefits that C leads to

Suppose, for example, that a person is doing something from a sense of duty - visiting in-laws, having sex, going to work, etc. Suppose also that there is some problem - migraines, nausea, quarrels, etc. -which has as a natural consequence the avoidance of the duty. Then, although the Client will almost certainly NOT have made the connection at a conscious level, there is a very good chance that the benefit gained from the problem process is at least partly responsible for maintaining it in existence.

Exercise 5G Imagining Love

To the degree that one adopts the classic playboy mindset, love connotes the feelings of lust, desire, and wanting to be submitted to, cared for, and pleasured. Let's call this sensuo love. It's one of the more pleasurable aspects of life, but it's nothing cosmic. Nor does it require intimacy in Rubin's sense of the term. In fact, obtaining merely physical intimacy without opening one's self to emotion and calling thai love is probably the male counterpart of avoiding intimacy by nurturanee.

How Shall I Invoke Thee Many And Joyful Are The Ways

Perform a frenzied Erisian dance, whirling like a crazy dervish until you don't know which way is which, stand on your head for an hour, indulge in extended sexual practice or tantra (prolonged sexual activity is perhaps the simplest and most pleasurable way to alter consciousness), or have sex with an unusual person under unusual circumstances. Throw yourself into an extreme emotional state (terror, devotion, or anger), drum until you become the beat, give your ear to dissonant music, or stare at a cubist painting until you understand it. Hold your breath or try Kriya Yoga techniques. Laugh for the sake of laughter and nothing else (listen to the song I Love to Laugh on the Mary Poppins soundtrack for a couple of hours). Talk gibberish or practice Socratic dialectic with yourself. Really. Sex with unattractive partners is said to have been a favored method of self-concept disintegration for at least one notorious brain-change expert. When pleasure is combined with repulsion, two...

Treatment Of Disorders Of Sexual Interest Or Desire

Disorders of sexual interest have become one of the more commonly presenting disorders and their treatment is by no means straightforward. Schover & LoPiccolo (1982) found that up to 50 of patients presenting in the 'sex therapy clinic' complained of 'inhibited sexual desire' and yet, as Hammond (1990) notes, this is one of the most complex and least successfully treated of the sexual disorders. Careful evaluation is required to exclude medical and psychiatric causes. If of a psychological aetiology, such disorders may arise from inadequacies in sexual stimulation an inability to become absorbed in sexual intimacy distracting negative self talk, thoughts or images anxiety, guilt, or anger or a lack of sexual pleasure resulting in little interest due to there being insufficient pay-off for sexual activity. Traumatic sexual experiences and inadequate parental models are also frequently implicated in the aetiology of disorders of sexual desire (Hammond, 1990). The nature of the...

Resolving to Refrain from Destructive Behavior

Repeating after the facilitator, or reading aloud by ourselves, we pledge, for example, I shall stop mistreating myself physically by overworking, by eating poorly, or by not getting enough sleep. I shall stop wasting my money on trivial things or being stingy and niggardly when spending on myself. I shall stop engaging in sexual acts that may endanger my health. I shall stop deceiving myself about my feelings or motivation. I shall stop speaking so obnoxiously that my friends become disgusted and leave me. I shall stop verbally abusing myself. I shall stop speaking indiscriminately about my private matters, doubts, or worries. I shall stop thinking about how to outdo myself because of being a perfectionist. I shall stop thinking in self-destructive, irrational ways that sabotage my relations with others or my position in life. I shall stop thinking I am stupid for trying to improve myself or to help others. If necessary, we may conclude with reaffirming the quiet and caring mental...

Time Distortion

Time distortion may be used to deal with both delayed and premature ejaculation as well as anorgasmia or delayed female orgasm. Time may be expanded so that the time to reach orgasm appears long and satisfying or time may be truncated to bring the orgasmic response earlier in the arousal cycle. Such a distortion of perceived time is then generally carried over into an alteration of actual time in the sexual situation, most likely as a result of anxiety reduction, attitude and cognitive change and sexual rehearsal of effective functioning.


Apparently tests showed that there was a hormone imbalance but the treatment she was given was not successful in reducing her weight. Her marriage was suffering because her husband did not like to see his wife putting on so much weight and so their sex life was suffering accordingly. The shock of her mothers death led her logical subconscious mind to assume that the act of Clare having a baby had led directly to her mother's death. The subconscious mind knew that in to have a baby you have to have sex. It also thought that if Clare were to have another baby someone else may die, possibly her father this time It went on to reason that if Clare was to have sex with her husband there was a chance that she might get pregnant again. Her subconscious mind knew that contraception was not 100 effective, especially when there was a life at stake, so it logically had to ensure that Clare did not have sex with her husband. Since her husband did not like fat overweight women it seemed logical...


13 The Orgasm Script- Create a powerful orgasm with no physical stimulation (are we having fun yet ) 179 14 The Orgasmatron- by Alex Akslerod 187 15 Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Orgasms on Command- now I know we are having fun. 193 23 Orgasm Response and Anchoring- Anchoring the orgasm to create 24 Yes- the orgasm script that just screams YES 225


Part of the reason that this technique is so potent and so powerful is that it opens the door to perceive images internally. If in the beginning, we are uneducated, we have ego, we have pride, anger, fear we will begin to interpret those images through the ego. That will lead us to make grave mistakes. For example, someone may begin to meditate on something, then they see this flash or even a long image of their spouse having sex with their best friend. And they become extremely agitated, hurt, angry, feeling betrayed, and come out of that meditation infuriated, crying and in pain. They became identified the mind became identified. And that person could then go get a divorce, could go kill the two people and this happens all the time. There are people who have a dream about their spouse and then they go and kill them. That is why Samael said that 100 of homicides are caused by negative clairvoyance, because images appear in the mind and the person cannot distinguish what they are. In...

The Sensual Mind

Samadhi is the ability to escape from the whole mechanism and to taste the simple joy of the consciousness that is why Samadhi is defined as ecstasy, the common Translation of that word. It is not ecstasy in terms of sensation or pleasure, like having a tremendous orgasm, which is what most people think it is. It absolutely is not anything like that. Unfortunately, because we are so identified with the sensual mind, we come to meditation believing that we will be able to access even greater heights of pleasurable sensation, and in fact many meditation instructors use this lie to attract students. Many instructors even believe it to be true, and spend their lives desperately seeking greater experiences of what they call Samadhi, but which are in fact various experiences of sensation. They become addicted to experiences that one can in fact have in meditation, but they are not Samadhi and they have nothing to do with Liberation from suffering.


This congruence is what creates trust in the subconscious mind. When your words, body movements, eye movements, tone of voice all match on a subconscious level, it creates confidence and trust. Our subconscious mind knows if this trust is congruent and that is how we base our decisions on having sex, spending money, falling in love, and entering business relationships. Practicing these rapport skills is going to give you an advantage not only sexual, these skills will pay off big in your business and personal relationships.


When this tale was told to me, it evoked, by indirect suggestion, the feeling that I should ask Erickson, Go ahead. Do the rectal. In other words, I felt that he was asking for permission to delve deeper into my unconscious mind. I immediately found myself remembering long-forgotten early childhood memories of enemas. I have found that when patients feel that they arc being helped, or even forced to bring out deeply buried gut feelings and memories, they will often dream or fantasize about enemas or rectal examinations. The focusing on vaginal and hernial examinations might very well, in some patients, bring forth associations to sexual feelings and experiences.

Eight Abstinences

W The eight precepts which a lay Buddhist should observe on certain retreats (1) not killing living beings, (2) not stealing, (3) not having sexual intercourse, (4) not telling lies, (5) not drinking intoxicants, (6) not wearing bodily decoration, not using perfumes, not singing and dancing, and not going to see dances or plays, (7) not sleeping in a raised bed, and (8) not eating after noon.


And you're not really sure when you'll ejaculate (come) with her him. Do you think you'll ejaculate (come) with her him by (three days hence) I don't and I don't think you or (partner's name) do either. I don't expect that you'll come with her him after you come to the next session, and you probably don't either. After all, you've had this habit for a while. I think we agree on that. I don't know if you'll ejaculate (reach orgasm) by accident soon after two more sessions, or if you'll come soon after three more sessions. I really don't know, and neither do you. Will it be earlier in an evening, or maybe in the morning when you're not so tired, or will it be later in an evening when you're so tired that you're not thinking about it and it just surprises you I'm not sure you're not sure your unconscious mind isn't sure. But we are in agreement that it's surely unlikely to happen for a while, just as it's sure to happen after a while. So isn't it great that you can just have some fun...


Who is the greatest promoter of this way of life American culture. American culture, through its advertising, through television, through movies, through music, is pushing with tremendous force, this concept - that You can only be happy if you have money, you can only be happy if you are pretty, you can only be happy if people are jealous of you. You can only be happy if you know people are not as good as you are. You can only be happy if you have sex, if everybody wants to have sex with you and you have power over everybody through sex.

Sex Female Subject

When you have sexual relations, you will feel relaxed and you will reach a climax. When you have sexual relations, you will not block. You will not fear failure. You will feel positive and confident that you will have an orgasm, and you will naturally have an orgasm. When you have sexual relations with a man, you will feel tremendous physical desire for him. When you feel him penetrate your body, you will experience heightened excitement and enjoyment and will have multiple orgasms during the entire love-making period. You will always find that the touch and sight of your male companion is exciting and sexually stimulating. Even the slightest physical contact with your love companion will cause you to desire sexual relations, and you will reach a climax and have multiple orgasms. Every day your sexual appetite will be stronger and stronger, and you will feel better and better. You will find yourself becoming more and more sexually responsive to your love partner by easily becoming...

Orange circle

There are male and female connections to the second chakra and these connections can be blocked by trauma thus preventing orgasm. When these trauma formed energy blockages are gently and slowly released through Energy Enhancement techniques the normal function of the orgasm is returned and a free choice is available again.


If you have a sexual partner, change your sexual behavior. If you always initiate or always wait for the other, do the opposite. By the way, the idea here is not to cause trouble it is to undo yourself, not the other person. it is beneficial in our society, but there have been societies where it is expected and causes no problems. Do I mean having sex on your front lawn is merely happenstantial Yes, I do. Most all of what we do is happenstantial. It is a custom (or even a law) in our society but it does not have to be.

Post Sexual Distress

A small number of patients present with post-sexual guilt, fears or depression. These phenomena are seldom considered specifically a sexual disorder, but rather a disorder of functioning that has a sexual focus. Self-condemnation over sexual feelings or activities often represents an overly obsessive, anxiety-prone personality with a specific sexual focus. An overly restrictive family background with negative attitudes to sexuality or strict moral or religious restrictions on sexuality are often involved. The nature of this disorder needs to be considered in terms of the socio-cultural and religious background of the patient involved. Early up-bringing and familial attitudes to sexuality are the most likely causes of this disorder


A 25-year-old, newly-married woman was referred by her physician for what he termed frigidity. Her history indicated, however, that she was touch phobic. She told me that if she got stoned enough she could have sex and respond, but, when sober, she became almost physically sick from being touched in any sexual way. She also stated that she did not like to be touched in any way by anyone.


So-and-So, there is a sex life in the astral as well, but it is far, far better than anything you can ever experience on the Earth because you have such an enhanced range of sensations. So if you have not had much of a balanced sex life on Earth remember that in the astral you will have, because it is necessary to make a balanced person.

The One Birth Theory

Of sexual intercourse and subsequent physical development. Death is merely the decomposition of the bodily organism. It brings the organic process to its end and then vanishes without trace. Life within this cosmos is nothing but that. Materialists recognize only the present, denying everything before birth and rejecting whatever may lie after death. With a life-view that everything ends with death, there is ultimately nowhere for one to go. This leads to extreme emptiness and boundless despair.


B) Some laypeople would take Eight Precepts which they would maintain on certain special days each month. These were precepts not to kill steal engage in sexual activity lie use intoxicants attend musical performances adorn their bodies sleep on high and wide beds or eat after noontime.


You can anchor a response in someone without his or her knowledge or permission. Covert anchoring can be done intentionally or unintentionally. If your girlfriend is upset and you touch her on the shoulder, you may be anchoring this negative state. If this is the only time you touch her or hold her in that way, you might be unintentionally anchoring that negative response. If you previously had set an anchor for a positive emotional state, you could now use this touch to intentionally shift her emotions to elicit a positive state. Or to elicit an on the spot orgasm. Stay tuned, more about this later.

Is Ageing Inevitable

Humans on the other hand are not destined to die as soon as they have had a family. In most cases we live on many years later. It seems that there is not the same imperative that we should cease to have any useful function after fulfilling the primary role of reproduction. Men can remain sexually active for many years but women have a relatively short child bearing range however statistics show that women seem to live longer than men. So why should we age at all


This kind of inherent compromise is natural to the Buddhist 'middle way' and quite characteristic of the training rules of the Pratimoksa. A similar balance is clearly expected between the demands of discipline and a relaxed approach, as well as between respect for seniority and individual autonomy. Authority is collective rather than hierarchical, but a certain mininum observation is enforced. Only a breach of any one of four rules leads to expulsion (parajika, i.e. 'defeat') sexual intercourse taking human life theft or a dishonest claim to some spiritual attainment. The majority of the lesser rules are concerned either with ensuring simplicity of life-style or with maintaining a disciplined deportment. The Pratimoksa can be approached fairly laxly and each bhikkhu is in principle free to leave the Sangha if he wishes. Yet taken with a full commitment, it represents a most demanding training, requiring great attention and awareness in every action...

Internal Reality

There may be many other women in the room, and we might consensually agree that they are all at least as attractive as that one woman. In spite of that, our hero stands there having his powerful experience, and is almost oblivious to the other women. In all probability, he is unaware that in his inner reality, he is responding to a whole past history of unconscious associations. Perhaps her hair is the same as his first puppy love her lips are like those of the first girl he ever kissed her smile is that of the first woman he ever had sex with. In reality he is not responding to her at all. In effect, seeing her caused him to regress through his history and past experiences with women, and his inner reality then became more real and important than his outer or consensual reality.

The Healing Hand

C The individual experience varies with the body constitution, the mental state, any coexisting sickness, the cultural background, the food they eat, the life style, the sex life, the season of the year, the effect of the moon and the sun, etc, etc However, tha experience of the Governor and Conception Channels are quite commonly seen. Details of the energy flow varies from person to persol although it generally conforms to the acupuir cfcure charts.


W Adultery is mentioned in Buddhist texts as one of a number of forms of similar sexual misconduct. Thus, a monk who is guilty of adultery is to be excommunicated from the Order but this is so in any case of sexual intercourse in which a monk is willfully involved, irrespective of whether the woman is married or not. For laymen, sexual intercourse is forbidden with any woman who is under any form of protection - whether that of parents, guardians, or husband. Ling 9 1111

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