Introduction To Underground Hypnosis


1. Underground Hypnosis VERSUS Regular Hypnosis a.Regular Hypnosis i. Controlled Environment ii. Willing participant iii. Can't hypnotize against their will iv. Person KNOWS they are being hypnotized b.Underground Hypnosis i. Uncontrolled Environment (Anytime, Anywhere, Covertly) ii. Any participant, without permission iii. Hypnotize to do whatever you wish iv. HAS NO CLUE Black ops or Underground Hypnosis are being used

2.Black Ops? Underground Hypnosis? Difference?

a.Black Ops is the codename for Underground Hypnosis. The groups refereed to it as Black Ops.

b.Black Ops comprised of 4 major brain hacking skills i. Advanced Language Patterns ii. Social Engineering (Social Dynamics) iii. Hypnosis iv. NLP

c. Underground Hypnosis is commonly referred to as under the "umbrella" of Black Ops

3.What is possible?

i. Common things -

1. Wanting a raise

2.Making someone fall in love with you

3. Have a photographic memory

4.Be king in any social situation ii. To the more UNCOMMON

1.Mass manipulation on large scale a. Be mayor of a city b. Evangelist use this and don't know it

2.Job take over


a.Yes.. it REALLY IS POSSIBLe. All about your: i. P.O.A. (PLAN OF ATTACK)

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