Lesson Five The induction script

You are sitting here listening to the sound of my voice, perhaps wondering how it is that you are going to go into trance. As you listen to these words I would like you to focus your gaze on an imaginary spot on the ceiling. That's good, in a few moments I will begin counting, when I say the number one, I would like you to close your eyes, and then on the number two, slowly open them, continue to open and close your eyes on alternating numbers in this way until your eyes feel so heavy that it would be easier and more comfortable to just let them remain closed.

Whether you eyes are closed or open I would like you to keep your focus on that spot on the ceiling. Do not lower your gaze during the numbers on which your eyes are closed, keep your eyes fixed in position and imagine that you are still gazing at the spot.


(As you progress through the numbers, begin to lower the tempo of your voice, by number 11 you should be at a relaxingly slow easy tempo. When the eyes no longer open at all go onto the next section)

1. Close your eyes now, but keep them in position.

2. Now slowly open them.

3. Closing your eyes now, noticing how comfortable it feels to let them rest.

4. Now slowly open them, continue to gaze at the spot.

5. Closing down easily and slowly while you listen to the sound of my voice.

6. Slowly open.

7. Closing down now, and very soon your eyelids will begin to feel very tired and heavy.

8. Nice and slowly open.

9. Just letting them close down now, so comfortable, so heavy and relaxed.

10. Slowly open them and focus on that spot.

11. More and more heavy with each number now, that's fine. More and more relaxed as your eyes begin to feel so tired.

12. Softly and slowly opening them again now.

13. And closed, each time you open them it becomes more and more difficult. Heavier and heavier.

14. Feel the heaviness in your eyelids as you open them now.

15. And let them close down. Your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, more and more tired with each number. That's fine. As it becomes more comfortable to just keep them closed you can allow yourself to keep them closed now.

17. And close them down again. So comfortable and relaxed. As you listen to my voice you eyelids are becoming heavier and heavier, more and more relaxed now. Heavy and heavy with each number.

18. Feel the heaviness increasing now as you open them.

19. Let them close down again. Heavier and heavier now, so heavy, so tired, so relaxed, that's fine.

21. And closed. Your eyelids are so heavy now that as I continue to count it becomes increasingly difficult to open your eyes, do not try to resist this, just feel their heaviness and when it is more comfortable to keep your eyes closed, simply enjoy keeping them closed. That's fine.

22. And slowly open.

23. Now close them down, just let them rest for a moment and enjoy feeling your eyes resting in their sockets, that's fine.

(Your client's eyes should remain closed some time between numbers 10 and 15. Some clients will try to resist this and continue further, simply tell them that this is not an exercise to see how long they can last, and they should allow their eyes to close when they feel comfortable doing so. If their eyes still open on number 22 tell them to close them and keep them closed on number 23. Then continue with the following.)

Now that your eyes are closed, I would like you to continue listening to the sound of my voice as you continue to relax. In a few short moments you will be so completely relaxed and comfortable that it will be easy for you to go into trance. As you go into trance you will still hear my voice. You are still able to think thoughts, thoughts can be thought, but you do not have to think them, as you listen to the sound of my voice you may like to imagine your thoughts floating away, as though they are tied to a helium filled balloon that carries them effortlessly into the distance.

As you relax I wonder if you can recall, how does it feel when you are so completely relaxed that you lose awareness of your body. Or perhaps, what's it like when you are so comfortable, so snuggled and warm that you can sink right down into the comfort. And maybe, sometimes when you listen so intently to what someone is saying everything else seems to melt away, and as you listen to this voice now, perhaps you can imagine how does it feel as all of your tensions melt away, allowing you to sink right down into the comfort. That's right. I don't want you to loose awareness of your body. just yet. For now just enjoy the process.

I don't know if you will go into trance quickly, or maybe take a little longer to really enjoy the process as it begins to happen right Now.

That's fine. Just relax and listen to the sound of my voice. You are doing just fine.

To help you to relax I would like you to imagine that you are outdoors, on a wonderful summers day. You find yourself in a safe and relaxing place, where you are free to really relax and enjoy the environment. Find a comfortable place to sit down; where you can rest for a moment, perhaps leaning against a tree or a rock, that's fine.

You are safe and secure here, safe to relax completely, and no matter how deeply you go into trance, my voice will go with you.

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Using Hypnosis To Achieve Mental Mastery

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