Lesson Six The Black Mirror Technique

By the time you reach this section your client will already be in a suggestible state, but the induction is not complete. It is now time to relax them even further. Continue with the induction process using the following script.

As you find your comfortable place to rest and listen to my voice you can begin to allow any tensions to simply melt away from you, as though they are simply dripping out from your body and soaking down into the earth, that's fine.

To help you to relax I would like you to imagine that a small orb of positive relaxing energy is floating effortlessly above your head now. Just hovering there waiting. You can imagine this orb any way you choose, you might see it as a light or a colour, or perhaps you can simply sense its presence.

In a few moments this orb of energy will slowly move through your body, as it does, every muscle that it touches instantly becomes twice as relaxed, allowing you to feel a soft heavy sweetness deep inside your muscles, causing your muscles to feel so very heavy, so limp and loose.

As you relax you can imagine this orb is beginning its journey now, slowly lowering deeper and deeper as it eases gentle through your scalp and deep, deep down to the very base of your brain, that's fine, relaxing you completely as it does.

As this energy begins to soak around the sides of your head it sinks deep inside your ears now, and no matter how deep into trance you go into trance my voice will always be here with you. Gliding around each side of your head now and gently soaking in and around your eyes, maybe bringing a wonderfully relaxing warmth, or a cooling ease to your eyes as it does.

You can just take a few moments now to really relax all of those tiny muscles in and around your eyes, that's fine. Feel your brow ease as you relax your face, your eyes just resting in their sockets now, so comfortable, so easy and so relaxed.

As you notice your eyes relaxing this energy continues down through your cheeks and slowly into the muscles of your jaw. This wonderfully relaxed sensation soaking deep into the bones of your jaw now and as it does I would like you to just let your jaw hang limp and loose, that's fine, you are doing really well.

As you continue to relax this sensation eases its way down into the powerful muscles of your neck, muscles that have been working so hard holding your heavy head upright all day. That's fine, just allow them to relax as this sensation gently spreads out across your shoulders. Notice how your shoulders can drop a little more with each relaxing out-breath, until you feel quite free.

As you continue relaxing more and more this wonderful sensation eases its way deeper and deeper now, that's fine, deeper and deeper and just as you can go deeper and deeper into trance, this wonderful feeling can drift so deeply now so deeply down, soaking deep into your shoulders and slowly down your arms. Your arms getting heavier and heavier as you relax, more and more relaxed, until they feel nice and limp and loose, that's good. The muscles of your arms are so relaxed now, like a handful of limp elastic bands, that's fine.

As you enjoy these sensations a gentle wave of relaxation begins at your shoulders and flows all the way down your back, taking you even deeper into trance.

Deeper and deeper into trance now, with no effort required at all, it is so easy to just relax and let it happen all by itself. Just like when you go to sleep at night, you just relax and let it happen all by itself. Trance is like that now, just let go into trance and really enjoy the process as you relax deeper and deeper, that's fine.

As these feelings move down into your legs you can imagine you have been running so fast for such a long time that you are so tired now, so tired that all you want to do is rest... and now you can rest, that's right, just allow your legs to relax now, relax and let go completely, feeling the tired heaviness taking you deeper and deeper.

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