Subject Selection

Okay so you are on stage. Intro patter is done and now you need some people up there with you or get the juggling balls out.

There are empty chairs behind you and rows of expectant faces in front of you. I wish, as every stage hypnotist before me has done, that the people in the audience in the right mood to be hypnotised wore some sort of sign. Maybe a huge pointing finger with the words 'They Will Go', on it. The truth is that I have no idea who these people are. Sure you sometimes get the odd person coming up to you before a show telling you how they can't wait to get up there unfortunately that's rare and you can't really take a poll as they come in. In theatre you probably can't even see them anyway, and if you could and specifically asked them to join you everyone in the place would suspect a stooge. So how do we 'select' our volunteers from that huge throng?

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