Kill Your Stutter Program

Kill Your Stutter Program

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THERE is no such thing as a congenital stutter. A stutter or stammer must be precipitated. Over the years, many doctors have brought stutterers to class in the hope that through various techniques we would be able to help them. It is pitiful to see a youngster trying to speak and only able to utter a word after extreme effort, but it is equally distressing to meet a woman in her thirties or forties who has the same problem as the little boy or girl. Everytime I see one of these patients, I feel a pang, recalling my first meeting with a stutterer when my father hypnotized a young girl in her teens and stopped her from stuttering. Then when the hypnosis was over, she stuttered as badly as ever. I used to wonder why the problems of these people couldn't be permanently corrected. I don't remember the first time I ever used hypnoanalysis to help a stuttering patient but, admittedly, there have been many times when I have been unable to give them permanent relief. Nevertheless, it is...

Slowness of Normal Learning and Clinical Retraining

E Describes the importance of allowing learning to take place slowly, as it does naturally. Children with stuttering and speech problems, for example, can learn to speak normally by going through a period of retraining during which they are taught to speak very slowly. The problem in learning to speak well is in your willingness to learn slowly. All little kids can learn to speak because they are usually willing to take a year or two to say drink of water instead of dink a wa-wa.

Exercises in the Direct Flash

Rather begin by waiting until he pauses in his speech, and then strongly will a certain word to him - a word that will naturally fit into his sentence - and he will be very apt to repeat it. After a little practice you can make him repeat an absurd word, or to stammer, halt and stutter in his speech, if you so will it. After still more practice, you may succeed in causing him to repeat a whole sentence, or even more, to express the thought you have put into his mind or to ask some question which you have willed that he should ask.

Q And what happens afterwards

In other circumstances the result may not be a reward, but can still have the result of reinforcing the pattern. For example, a common result of stammering is an increased conviction that stammering is inevitable. This conviction feeds back into the next social occasion and increases the chances of stammering happening again.

Harold B Crasilneck PhD and James A Hall MD

Your speech will be very soft-spoken, relaxed and at ease. . . . Your previous fears and tensions and staccato and jerking type of talking will be replaced by a smooth and flowing manner of speaking. . . . Your fears of talking to strangers, to groups of people, on the telephone, reciting in class will be greatly reduced because of the great power of your unconscious mind. . . . Your speech will be soft, secure, and you will be much more relaxed and at ease, pleased that you can speak without stammering or stuttering. . . . Now speak in a whisper without stammering or stuttering and hear how your voice sounds.

Exercise the hypnotic gaze induction

Remember, we talked about this before. Make sure you avoid all the signals that you are somehow unsure of yourself, all your own spontaneous defense mechanisms things like twitches, blinking or swallowing excessively, stammering or talking too fast. Your pupils flickering away from eye to eye or flickering away from eyesight altogether. Avoid all these things.

Methods Of Hypnotising

(ii) If the patient stammers, I say I can assure you that you can talk perfectly, and, furthermore, that you will have absolute self-confidence. You will stammer no more, and will speak fluently, in fact, you will become an orator you will have no more difficulty whatsoever, and will feel at perfect ease you will no longer feel nervous, but will feel absolutely self-reliant and competent. You will always succeed, etc. To save repetition the reader is referred to the gramophone record section for suitable auto-suggestion.

The Process of Hypnotherapy Stage 3 Planning a Change

An example of the above loop might be provided by a case of stammering in which the belief, I stammer leads to stammering which reinforces the belief. In that case a Hypnotherapist could have a dramatic success if the old idea could be replaced by the new one, I do not stammer . In practice, it would not be best to start with that suggestion for the following reason. There is a high chance that the old pattern will NOT be totally eliminated immediately, so that although the Client would be free from stammering for a few days, a stammer might start a little later. But if this were to happen it would immediately tend to replace the new thought by, I am stammering again, and we are back into the old loop. It is therefore better practice to suggest a thought on the lines, I am stammering less and less . This will establish a loop in which the less the stammering, the stronger the conviction that it is improving, which will feed back into reduced stammering, and so on. Then, at a second...

Developing New Induction Techniques Hypnosis Defined as a Technique of Communication Utilizing Automatic Responses

E You search out for those things that are peculiar to the person. For example, with a stutterer who is not interested in speech therapy (he has accepted his stutter), you will have a much more difficult time using free speech to put him in a trance than if you stutter yourself. R If the therapist stutters, he gains better entry into the stutterer's own associative patterns. E That's right Though you have to be sure you make the stutter not too apparent. You make it look as if you are not quite sure of what you are going to say or how to say it. But you are not trying to stutter.

Case Of Michael O

Michael O decided on his own, through indirect permissive suggestion, that it would be an excellent thing to utilize his stammering every day whenever he was in his bathroom. He stutters diligently in the bathroom as he shaves and washes, but he is relatively free from stuttering the rest of the time. ought to be conquered all at once, requires a good deal of reconsideration. The better medical approach is simply to recognize the kind of problem it is, then consider how it can be reduced to something the patient call rise. Stuttering in the bathtub is just as good an activity as singing in the bathtub. Why shouldn't the patient really discover that he can control his stuttering by controlling it in the bathroom He can take his stammering there, use it there, and leave it there. He can take a shower any time he pleases and stutter all he wishes. Treatment has thus gratified, but limited or circumscribed, a neurotic need.

Case Of Victor J

Stuttering Another area in which pediatric hypnosis is useful is in stammering or stuttering. The early cases are, of course, the most easily managed. Long-standing chronic stuttering is frequently extremely difficult to handle, involving a tremendous amount of time and effort in working through the child's ideas and attitudes. Here again, one needs to build up the ego of the child, to give him a feeling of importance about himself, to get him to develop hobbies in which he can take a strong interest, and to discuss the ideas of the aggressions that he may feel. The stammerer may be convinced by his parents, his teachers, and everyone else that he cannot possibly talk without stammering distressingly. Yet, one can convey to the child an understanding that speech itself is only one form of communication. One can demonstrate to him that writing is another form of communication, drawing still another. He may be given a good understanding of this by showing him how a child learns to...

Zenmar Interview

Zenmar First, let me say something shocking about the Zen world. If your teacher likes you, you seem to answer all the koans and receive the seal of approval. If not, you figure it out. That I wasn't really liked by my teacher had something to do with not having satori, as funny as that sounds. My teacher's favorite disciple, for some strange reason, answered all the koans, while I couldn't get to first base. I began to have doubts when my teacher give me a book to read entitled The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima. I think my teacher saw me as a kind of stuttering Mizoguchi who tried to destroy the Golden Temple in Mishima's book. After the big hint, I took another course. I decided to read every book in the library and become smarter than my teacher. I can remember when my teacher and his favorite disciple went on vacation and left me alone to take care of the temple. For a week I had an orgy reading the Pali Suttas and the Mahayana Lankavatara Sutra I should mention...


In many cases whether it be obesity, alcoholism, a stammer, fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of men, fear of women, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of open spaces, or whatever, there will often be a hidden reason buried in the subconscious which pushes a person to react in away which would appear to be detrimental to themselves.

Case Of Mr And Mrs J

As mentioned in the chapter on child hypnosis, the earlier phases of shuttering are relatively easier to handle. With older patients, one is likely to encounter more difficulty. One can raise the questions When is it necessary to stutter Do you need to do this to satisfy your needs and desires every day Or could you do it four days a week, or three days a week Could you do it merely when seated at tables, when in a standing position, or while you are in the bathtub You can sing or whistle in the bathtub, so you can certainly stutter in the bathtub. Or, you could stutter while you are brushing your teeth. You could even stutter to yourself while reading a book silently, then find when you are reading it aloud that you do not need to stutter. One might also inquire If your stuttering represents aggression, against whom do you want to utilize this aggression How often When

The Initial Patter

Be able to present this patter anywhere, anytime, to anyone no matter what without stumbling or stammering. If you fluff your lines don't falter, carry on. This is the bridge between them and you and I cannot stress the fact that you will fail or succeed on the strength of their initial impression of you. Of course you have a lot going for you. You are 'THE Hypnotist' and you don't have to convince them of this so much as reassure them of it. However they do have to like you. They have to trust you and believe in you. Appear confident you know your stuff. Even if you forget everything you wanted to say and are talking complete and utter rubbish. Make it sound authoritative rubbish. They must believe you are expert or they will not come on stage.

Areas of usefulness

In regard to the nervous system, apart from matters handled by the psychiatrists, one could use hypnosis for such disturbances as anxiety, insomnia, and migraine. Also, questions of excessive smoking, nail biting, stammering, obesity, and the like can often be resolved by the nonpsychiatrist.

Areas of Application

Hypnosis has been used with a tremendous diversity of childhood problems text anxiety, problems with studying and concentration, reading difficulties suggestions on these topics may be found in Chapter 14 , phobias (e.g., of school, animals), sleep disorders, social skill training and anxiety, conversion reactions, psychogenic amnesia, seizures, pain, bulimia and anorexia, enuresis (bedwetting), encopresis (soiling), stuttering, trichotillomania (hair pulling), nailbiting, thumbsucking, obesity, sleepwalking, tics, learning disabilities, chronic and acute pain, preparation for surgery, burns, gastrointestinal complaints, asthma, hives, allergies, warts, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), to increase compliance in diabetics, hemophilia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, dentistry, headaches, urinary retention, cerebral palsy, Tourette syndrome, cancer and terminal illness, and sports. You will find suggestions concerning some of these areas of application in the pages to follow.

Case Of Norman C

Norman C, an eleven-year-old boy was treated hypnotically for his stammering. He was seen briefly for daily sessions over a period of less than a week, never for longer than one hour per day. His stammering, in addition to his actual speech difficulty, involved much grimacing and an uncoordinated writhing and twisting of his body. Watching his efforts to talk, one was forcibly reminded of the efforts made by a small child striving laboriously to learn how to write. By another year, all of Norman's adjustments were greatly improved. His general attitude was that he was at liberty to stammer if he wished, or not to stammer if he wished, that he had entire freedom to stammer once a day, once a month, or once a year, to whatever degree was necessary.

Prevent Stuttering

Prevent Stuttering

Are You Suffering From Social Withdrawal? Do People Shun Or Ostracize You Because You Have A Hard Time Getting Some Of Your Words Out? Or Does Your Child Get Teased At School Because They Stutter And Cant Speak Like Everyone Else? If you have answered yes to any of the above, then you are in the tiny percentage of people that stutter.

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