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Hypnosis is probably one of the most misunderstood phenomenon in our lives today. Hypnosis has long been associated with mumbo-jumbo, occult and sinister mystery men bent on controlling your mind. Despite the proof that exists about the remarkably positive effects of Hypnosis it is widely shunned and ignored by many people.

There are many reasons for this not least the recent spate of TV programmes showing stage hypnotists making ordinary members of the audience look complete fools for our entertainment!

I would like to state for the record that I am totally opposed to public displays of Hypnosis for entertainment. Most professional Hypnotists, who use their skills and knowledge to help people, consider stage shows as a bit like watching a surgeon culling off someone's leg for the amusement of an audience!

The problem is that the stage Hypnotist will inevitably be more concerned with the audiences reaction first and the condition and welfare of their participant second. There is very little similarity between a Professional Hypnotist and a stage hypnotist. Just as there is little similarity between a butcher and a surgeon.

In any case It is estimated that a stage Hypnotist can only really work with less than 2% of the population. Despite what the audiences may think even those people he eventually selects for the show will only co-operate with him as far as they really want to.

A Hypnotist cannot make someone do anything against his wishes!

I know the above statement might seem hard to believe after what you may have seen on TV or in a live stage show. People watching others on stage making fools of themselves think that those people have been taken over. They think that the hypnotist has complete control which is not possible.

Having said this hypnosis is without doubt a very powerful tool. I dare say in the wrong hands it could conceivably be used for evil, however you have to get things into perspective. As I have said before I have never come across a case of harm being caused by the proper use of hypnosis. From my point of view I believe everyone should be taught how use hypnosis and in particular self-hypnosis.

You see a stage hypnotist is in effect working with people who are prepared to go along with him and accept his suggestions. This is the whole essence of what hypnosis is anyway, as you will come to learn as you go through this course.

Typically what a stage Hypnotist will do is ask the audience to put their hands together and then make the suggestion that they cannot pull them apart. About two or three percent will go alone with this suggestion and so he now has a few people who are very suggestive. After a few minutes of work with them he will reject a few more until he has enough suitable people for his act. What he is really looking for are those people who secretly want a chance to go up on stage but until now have not had the opportunity or courage. They will do what the Hypnotist wants, and make fools of themselves, because in their mind they put the blame on the hypnotist. This is known as the "social compliance theory".

This kind of thing simply makes people fear the phenomenon which is hypnosis and therefore ignore its potential and amazing power for good.

I know of someone who suffers badly from psoriasis. She has been hospitalised once and has to endure repeated sun bed treatments, which are harmful to the body in the long run, and powerful dangerous drugs which can only be given so many times in a patient's life time. If only she realised that hypnosis could probably cure her with NO harmful side effects what-so-ever! I wish the same could be said of conventional treatments she currently has to endure.

I mentioned to her that Hypnosis has had particularly good results with cases of psoriasis and other skin disorders. Unfortunately her local priest had put her oft, saying that hypnosis would expose her to satanic powers! Sad but true. This woman has to go around in long trousers and long sleeved blouses all summer even when temperatures are up in the high eighties.

Obviously you are an open minded person and are not swayed by superstition or ignorance otherwise you would not have enrolled on this course.

Let me just say to you that you already have inside you all that you will ever need to get what you want from

As a Hypnotist of many years experience I find it a great shame when people close their minds to something which could be of real significance in their lives. From a purely medical point of view Hypnotherapy offers a completely safe natural way of dealing very effectively with a wide range of complaints without resorting to drugs and other invasive methods.

Let me just give you a brief list of what kind of things Hypnosis can do:-

1. Give you an easy and powerful way of getting the skills and abilities you require in your job.

2. It can enable you to reprogram your mind to think positively and steer yourself towards your goals (Whatever they might be).

3. It can be used to find out what it is you really want from life. That is to say what it is you want and not what someone else wants.

4. It can help you to remove the shackles from the past that limit you from achieving your true potential.

5. It can be used to greatly reduce stress in your life.

6. It can be used to build self-confidence.

7. As I have already said It can be used to treat Phobias.

8. It can be used to help people stop smoking or reduce eliminate a person s dependence on alcohol or other drugs.

9. It can be used to cut off pain in dentistry, child birth.

10. It can be used to treat conditions like asthma, psoriasis, exema, and other skin disorders.

11. It can even be used to improve a person's eyesight. Some people with short-sightedness, myopia, have had their eyesight improved under Hypnosis by more than 50%.

In fact from a medical point of view hypnosis can be used in a vast number of conditions and ailments.

The use of Hypnosis was very popular in the late nineteenth early twentieth century. When the great Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov became depressed and unable to concentrate on his music he, in despair, sought the help of an eminent Doctor in Moscow by the name of Dr Nikolai DahI.

Rachmaninov had become very depressed because he had received some bad reviews of one of his recent works. He was treated under Hypnosis and given suggestions of relaxation and for relief of his mental "block". At the right time the Doctor gave him positive feelings of well being and confidence which were fed into his sub conscious mind.

With his powers of concentration revived and increased and the restoration of his confidence he soon went on to compose one of the greatest works in his career, the piano concerto No 2 in C minor. So grateful was Rachmaninov in recognition of the Doctors efforts, he dedicated this work to Doctor Dahl.

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