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Before we go any further I want to discuss some aspects of "Curative Hypnotherapy" and go through some case studies to illustrate its importance.

I chose to write out a possible Hypnotic script to help weight loss because many people seek help in this area. The problem is many clients come with the expressed desire to lose weight and consciously believe that their only problem is simply that they eat too much. They do not know nor have they given any thought as to why they are eating too much.

You might think who cares just treat the symptoms and get on with it.

There are some so called therapists who take this attitude, probably through ignorance, and they seldom do their clients any good at all in fact they can do them harm. Please don't miss understand me. This does NOT mean that hypnotherapy causes them harm.

In many cases whether it be obesity, alcoholism, a stammer, fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of men, fear of women, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of open spaces, or whatever, there will often be a hidden reason buried in the subconscious which pushes a person to react in away which would appear to be detrimental to themselves.

As I have already said when the conscious mind holds one view and the subconscious another the subconscious always wins. It is for this reason the alcoholic may consciously wish to stop drinking because he knows his family are turning away from him in disgust, he will soon lose his job, and he is rapidly heading for cirrhosis of the liver, but he just cannot seem to stop himself from heading for self destruction. Hypnosis can treat symptoms very effectively indeed but unless the cause of the symptoms are removed or neutralised the problem will almost certainly come back or some other far worse symptom may replace it instead.

In such cases people have accepted there is a problem consciously but the subconscious mind is reacting to other outdated or erroneous information on which to justify its actions. This is in effect bad programming from the past.

I could tell you about many cases which have been successfully treated with hypnosis. The following examples may give you some idea as to the power of the subconscious mind and how, if it is not checked, it can cause great anguish, unhappiness, and harm to many individuals.

One example of this was the case of a lady who had been married for nearly ten years but had not been able to have a baby. Apparently her fallopian tubes were always blocked and so her eggs could never travel into the womb to be fertilised. Finally she had surgery whereupon she was only left with one tube remaining. This tube seemed to inexplicably block up.

Under Hypnosis it transpired that her subconscious mind was punishing her because at the age of sixteen she became pregnant and her parents made her have an abortion. She never wanted the abortion but was forced into it. She felt like she had committed murder.

Because she considered herself a murderer her subconscious mind wanted to protect her from making the same mistake again or punish her and prevent her from committing the same crime. It may seem bizarre but this is how the subconscious mind can work. By the use of regression under hypnosis she was able to relive her past and rationalise what had happened. This enabled her to reprogram her subconscious mind and stop it from interfering in her attempts to have a baby. At last she had stopped punishing herself! Last I heard, she had a boy aged four and little girl about eighteen months.

Regression is a vital tool to a Hypnotherapist without which it would not be possible to cure the many thousands of people who turn to Hypnotherapy for a solution to their problem. Sadly for many it is nearly always the option of last resort.

Because the subconscious mind never forgets anything that has occurred in your life there is a vast data bank full of information from your past stored there waiting to be accessed. The conscious mind cannot keep all this information on hand and so has had to forget most of it out of necessity. Under Hypnosis it is possible to go back to your earliest recollections and remember once again what occurred all those years ago. This is what is called Regression.

The reason Regression is so important to a Hypnotist is that often it is an old memory of an event that has been misinterpreted by the subconscious that is the cause of a problem. The conscious mind will have forgotten all about it years ago but the subconscious mind still holds it close by.

All professional Hypnotists have a lot of people coming to them in order to lose weight. It is by no means rare that there is often a deeper psychological reason for that person's obesity.

In one case a girl of twenty eight called Mary had become very overweight, as it turned out, owing to an incident that had occurred when she was only seven years old. One meal time her younger sister pushed her plate full of food on to the floor however nobody realised that this action was due to her having a fit and she was to die from a brain tumour six months later.

For some reason Mary's subconscious had associated her sister's death with her earlier action of pushing her meal onto the floor. Naturally enough she didn't want that kind of thing happening to her, she didn't want to be punished, to die, for wasting her food so she had developed a compulsion to eat

Obviously had she been aware of the real reason for her sister's actions and that it was her illness which made her involuntarily push her plate onto the floor she would not have developed this unnatural desire to eat. Under Hypnosis it was possible for her to review events with an adult attitude and understand that she did not have to eat every scrap of food available.

I know it can sound illogical that the subconscious mind is capable of constructing such an idea but it does happen time and time again. The subconscious mind is not logical and has no commonness. Under Hypnosis it is possible to go back to the original piece of programming which led to a problem. Like any computer if you put bad or erroneous information in you will get a lot of nonsense out the other end. Perhaps the next example will give you a better idea.

Clare had turned to Hypnosis because she was very concerned why her weight had so dramatically increased soon after she had had her baby son. Her weight had gone from an attractive 1251b to 2571b and despite going (9 the doctor nothing that was tried seemed to help.

Apparently tests showed that there was a hormone imbalance but the treatment she was given was not successful in reducing her weight. Her marriage was suffering because her husband did not like to see his wife putting on so much weight and so their sex life was suffering accordingly.

Eventually her doctor had suggested she try Hypnosis in case there was some deeper reason for her condition. After a few sessions it transpired that the cause of her overeating was connected to her having a baby.

Clare's mother had died soon after she had given birth to her son and for some reason this had triggered her desire to overeat. After a some more sessions it became clear Clare had associated having a baby with the cause of her mother's death. On digging deeper there was a connection with someone mentioning the old saying "as one comes into the world another goes out".

Finally after more digging the reason for Clare's problem became clearer. When Clare knew she was pregnant she broke the news to her mother who responded with "What you're pregnant. Oh Clare you will be the death of me!" Shortly after the baby was born Clare's mother died of a stroke.

The shock of her mothers death led her logical subconscious mind to assume that the act of Clare having a baby had led directly to her mother's death. The subconscious mind knew that in to have a baby you have to have sex. It also thought that if Clare were to have another baby someone else may die, possibly her father this time!

It went on to reason that if Clare was to have sex with her husband there was a chance that she might get pregnant again. Her subconscious mind knew that contraception was not 100% effective, especially when there was a life at stake, so it logically had to ensure that Clare did not have sex with her husband. Since her husband did not like fat overweight women it seemed logical that if Glare became fat and unattractive they would be much less likely to have sex.Q.E.D.

Now this was quiet a complex problem and it took many sessions to get to the bottom of it. If she were simply Hypnotised and given basic instructions to eat less she would probably have lost weight however because the underlying problem would not have been dealt with. Her subconscious mind would have fought back and ensured that she would put the weight back on again or alternatively found some other, more drastic way to prevent her from having sex.

The reason I mention these examples is to point out that it is very important to find out the real reason for a problem and not just treat the symptoms. You have to deal with the cause as well!

Some Hypnotherapists don't bother to find out the real reason behind a problem and so cause more problems for their clients. They simply swap one set of symptoms with worse ones. If you think there might be a deeper reason for some difficulty your having you should consult a Curative Hypnothe rapist

Ask them how they would go about treating you and whether they would use regression to get to the root of your problem.

I am not trying to scare you I just want you to know what options are open to you. I don't want you to try Hypnotherapy and dismiss it out of hand without giving it proper chance.

You might like to know that Clare steadily lost weight without having to diet she was able to eat what she wanted. She eventually returned to her normal weight shedding around 1301b.

I cannot stress often or hard enough that if you have a medical condition you must get yourself checked out by a doctor. Get a competent diagnosis first. For example if you are in constant pain and do not know why go to a doctor before using Hypnosis to numb the pain. Pain is nature's warning signal that something is not right. If you break your arm you would not just use Hypnosis to kill the pain. You would go to hospital and have it put in plaster. (End of Sermon!)

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