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Changing the Unconscious Mind

What you don't realize, Sid, is that most of your life is unconsciously determined. When Erickson said this to me, I reacted as many of my patients do when I say the same thing. I felt that he meant my life was predetermined, and that the most I could hope for was to become aware of the unconscious pattern ings that were firmly set. However, I realized later that the unconscious is not necessarily unchangeable. All of the experiences that we have today affect our unconscious mind as well as our conscious mind. If I read something that inspires me, my unconscious mind has been changed. If I have a meeting with an important person that is, a person who is important to me my unconscious is changed. In fact, the positive value of any psychotherapy is obviously based on the ability of a person to change, largely as the result of an encounter with another person or persons.

Fundamental Law of Attraction

The concept or law is called the fundamental law of attraction. The fundamental law of attraction as it applies to hypnosis is as follows Whatever you hold in your mind at any given time, your body moves toward that direction. Your body can be directed to move in a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual direction. Think about eating your favorite food. Picture in your mind how wonderful it looks. Picture in your mind the color and texture of the food. Think about how it feels as you chew it. Think about how your favorite food tastes and smells. Feel it in your mouth. Notice how your mouth starts to fill with saliva as you think these thoughts. This is the law of attraction at work. You are holding the thoughts of your favorite food in your mind. As you think about it in great detail your body tends to move toward it by allowing the saliva to flow as if you are digesting the food in real life. Do you begin to salivate when walking by a bakery or in a movie theater when you smell the...

Discovering how turbulence clouds your mind and heart

Needless to say, when you're experiencing inner turbulence, you may find it difficult to connect with being when you sit down to meditate. Sometimes, of course, you may have moments when your mind just settles by itself and you can see all the way down to the bottom of the lake. (To use another nature metaphor, think of those overcast days when the cloud cover suddenly parts and the sun shines through with all its warmth and radiance.) These moments may be marked by feelings of inner peace and tranquility, upsurges of love and joy, or intimations of your oneness with life. But most of the time, you may feel like you're doing a breaststroke through muddy water. Well, the turbulence and confusion you encounter when you meditate doesn't suddenly materialize on cue. It's there all along, clouding your mind and heart and acting as a filter that obscures your clear seeing. You may experience it as an inner claustrophobia or density you're so full of your own emotions and opinions that you...

The Double Bind and Unconscious Mind as Alternative Metaphors

E And now I'm going to give your unconscious mind some instruction. It isn't important whether or not your conscious mind listens to it. Your unconscious mind will hear it R Do you really believe that there is an unconscious mind that will hear you Or is this all just a way of formulating a double bind R You actually operate on the assumption that any unconscious mind really exists and you can tell it what to do others would view the unconscious only as a metaphor. My best understanding is that the double bind tends to depotentiate conscious, voluntary (intentional) control of the left hemisphere over the associative processes so that more involuntary response potentials of the right hemisphere will become manifest.

Making Friends with Your Mind

By now you are aware of how your mind distracts you from the object of your meditation. Whether it is the coolness and warmth or the sound of So - Hum, the mind tries to flood you with impulses, memories, conversations and more. While meditating, do not suppress these experiences however, keep redirecting the focus of your mind back to the specific object that you are meditating on. Be gentle and be consistent in guiding your mind. In time, your mind will obey you. Sitting still and skillfully guiding your mind through these distractions will help you overcome your inner unrest. Do this with a playful attitude and do not be dismayed when the mind sweeps you away now and then. People complain about how their mind distracts them and how unhappy they have become. Such complaints are common and yet the solution is overlooked. If a friend distracted you the way your mind does, what would you do Developing a friendship with your mind is no different. Having a friendly chat with your mind...

The Role of the Imagination in Meditation Intuitive Development and the Law of Attraction

There is one yogic breath called the short breath . You imagine the breath to begin in the Petuitary gland in the center of the brain and end at the fontanel, the baby soft spot at the top of the head. You follow the breath up with your mind on the inhale, but not on the exhale. It is a love offering to God in the crown - soul consciousness merging with God consciousness.

Working with your mind at first

Right now, the whole notion of working with your mind may seem totally incomprehensible. After all, thoughts may fill your head like fog, and you can't see even the faintest trace of blue sky beyond them. The good news is, you don't have to pay any attention to your mind, at least initially. Just keep following your breath, and when you become lost in thought, which you will no doubt do again and again, gently come back. The point is not to stop your mind an impossible task in any case but to stay focused on your breath no matter what your mind does. After weeks and months of regular practice, you may begin to notice that your mind settles down more quickly during your meditations and that fewer thoughts disturb your concentration. In any case, the quality of your mind will no doubt vary from day to day and from meditation to meditation. Here, the point is not to make your mind work differently, but to slowly but surely strengthen and stabilize your concentration. Eventually, you'll...

Transfer of information from the conscious to the unconscious mind

She went into a trance, a very deep trance. She obviously did not seem to know who I was, especially when I raised that gently searching question. Had I spoken to her earlier today She really didn't know, but actually, of course, did her unconscious speak to me earlier today She spoke to me consciously. 'Therefore she had not talked to me with her unconscious. Naturally the unconscious had not been sufficiently curious about me to discover my identity. The knowledge did exist within her conscious mind she went through the process of abstracting information from her conscious mind and getting it down into her unconscious mind. This is the reverse of the more usual procedure, when the unconscious mind puts information into the conscious mind.

Words can trigger pictures in your mind

First just think to yourself, I am on holiday. STOP NOW did you see a picture of it in your mind People vary, but it is unlikely, in the very short time I allowed you, that you saw anything very clearly. freely on a surface such as table, chair-arm or your leg. Picture a thread tied to the end of your index finger. Picture the other end of the thread being held by someone you like, whose hand is about a metre above yours. They are trying to lift your finger without you feeling the thread at all. Keep the picture in your mind for a few minutes, closing your eyes if it helps you to picture things. The simple approach is to picture a person or situation that normally arouse strong feelings in you. The person could perhaps be someone that you hate or love or fear. The situation could perhaps be one that you find erotic or embarrassing or exciting or frightening. In any case after you have decided on ONE (do not jump about) keep the picture or pictures of your chosen topic in front of your...

The Connection Between the Unconscious Mind and the Body

The doorway to success in hypnosis is the Unconscious Mind. Your Unconscious Mind not only holds information that is outside your consciousness, but it also manages sensations and body functions. A moment before reading this sentence, you probably were not aware of the feeling of your feet against the floor, or your back against the chair. You have sensations coming to your body all the time, but you remain unaware of most of them. In addition to managing all these sensations, your Unconscious Mind keeps your heart beating, your blood circulating, your digestion working, and your lymph system operating and makes your eyes blink without your conscious awareness. It is exciting to know that your Unconscious Mind manages all of that with perfect precision. A prime concept that we are going to explore is that your Unconscious Mind can communicate with every cell in the body. Until the mid-1980s, people could plausibly say, Hypnosis is just in your Mind It's not real. But recently, due to...

Hypnotic Story 4 Prime The Unconscious Mind

The fourth way you can use stories is to format the unconscious mind. In essence, what you are doing is you are pre-teaching the unconscious mind to do certain things, so that by the time they get into the situation where they need to do it, they have a predisposition of being primed to do this. In order to pre-teach the unconscious mind, you can use stories to basically install all kinds of ideas, expectations or desires about the future. And that shows the beautiful complexity of the unconscious mind. It can account for so many different variables that the decisions that are made at the end of it end up being better than they would have been had you followed some logical piece of advice straight away. So storytelling can format the unconscious to not only create better decisions at the end, but also give them a structure, a way of deciding, even pointing out certain things that the unconscious mind will have to take account of as a part of that process.

How Your Mind Stresses You Out and What You Can Do about It

Scuba-diving through your thoughts and feelings Checking out the many ways your mind causes stress Using concentration to calm your mind Letting go of stress through spontaneous release Penetrating your stuck places with insight for thousands of years, pundits and sages both East and West have been telling us that our problems originate in our minds. So you won't be surprised if I join the chorus of voices and agree. Yes, they're right Your mind by itself can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven (as English poet John Milton put it). But how, you may be wondering, can this cute little truism help you when you don't know what to do about it Sure, my mind's the problem, you may say, but I can't exactly have it surgically removed. You can begin by becoming familiar with how your mind works. As you may have noticed, it's a rather complex assortment of thoughts, ideas, stories, impulses, preferences, and emotions. Without a diagram, it can be as difficult to negotiate as the jumble...

The Elevator Of Your Mind

Picture yourself getting on an elevator at the top of a tall building and pushing the down button. As the elevator descends floor by floor, you go deeper and deeper into trance and relaxation. I do not know with my conscious mind nor my unconscious mind, and you do not know with your conscious mind, but your unconscious mind knows just how deep you need to be in trance for us to work effectively today. Just continue to go down deeper with each floor, with each exhalation, with each passing second. When your unconscious mind knows you have reached the right depth of trance, the elevator will stop descending, and then move the yes finger.

Stopping your mind

Many people believe that the point of meditation is to stop the mind. To get a visceral sense of the futility of such efforts, you can attempt to stop your mind and see what happens. Try the following exercise That's right do whatever you can to keep your mind from generating more thoughts. Try humming to yourself or concentrating on your big toe or recalling a beautiful day in

Trust the Unconscious

In the above vignette, and the two that follow, Erickson models an attitude of trust in one's long-term memories and in unconsciously stored knowledge. He underlines the fact that the unconscious mind is a repository of memories and skills that can be called upon after many years. He was fond of quoting Will Rogers, It ain't what we don't know that gives us trouble. It's what wc know that ain't so that gives us trouble. To which Erickson would add, The things that we know, but don't know we know, give us even more trouble.

How To Phrase Your Suggestions So That The Subconscious Will Easily Act On Them

What we have to remember when dealing with the subconscious mind is that it must react to the suggestions it receives as though they are orders While the conscious mind is inhibited or subdued by entering trance state it is possible to reach the subconscious mind un-hindered by the conscious mind's critical factor. In order to get the best results from the subconscious mind we have to follow certain rules when wording our suggestions. If you can create well phrases suggestions you will be able to put this great force for good to work for you without you having to use will power or conscious effort.

How many goals should I write

As you get more experienced however it is important that you don't limit yourself. If you want to live in a ten bedroom mansion don't make it your goal to live in a three bedroom semi You will not be motivated. Your subconscious will move heaven and earth if it knows you really want something, believe you are worth it, and knows you CAN get it. Don't worry about how you are going to get it. Once you have programmed your subconscious mind correctly you will be amazed as to how many ideas will appear as if by magic and at the most peculiar time. It is for this reason you should always keep a small pad and paper with you at all times especially by the bed.

When to Use a Pendulum

When a client asks for help with a presenting problem, very often neither you nor the client will be aware of the mental source of the problem. In doing an intervention, Erickson regularly focused not only on clearing up the presenting problem, but on handling the underlying concerns of the patient's Unconscious Mind. Otherwise, the problem might readily recur. I carry a pendulum with me all the time, because it is a useful tool for working with a client who has difficulty going into trance, or cannot do Time-Line Therapy due to lack of concentration, inability to visualize, or resistance to floating above their Time-Line. The pendulum of itself can facilitate a trance induction. Also, as the client begins to see the responses their Unconscious Mind is making, the pendulum is a powerful convincer.

Additional Notes on use of the Pendulum

The pendulum is a biofeedback device. It works through the integration of Conscious and Unconscious processes. This means the client needs to see the pendulum and its signals. Their consciousness of the movements of the pendulum sets the stage for their Unconscious Mind to communicate through this medium. Sometimes the client will be concerned about interfering with the signals from their Unconscious Mind. They may say, I'm not sure I trust the answers I am getting, or I just don't trust my Conscious Mind not to interfere. If this is the case, you can tell the client, Simply do not interfere with the pendulum. Hold a neutral thought in your mind and let whatever happens, happen. The pendulum has proved to be an excellent avenue to having a full conversation with the Unconscious Mind without deep trance.

Other Ideomotor Signals

The pendulum is most often used with the assistance of another person. There are two other ideomotor signals (that is, body movements that carry a message from the Unconscious Mind) that can easily be practised alone, without being noticeably in trance. I generally teach these to kids for use in school, but anyone can use them. Rub your finger back and forth sideways along the edge, fairly quickly. Ask your Unconscious Mind for a Yes signal. Rub back and forth again, asking for a No signal. Notice the difference in the drag of your finger across the plastic for the two answers. Once you have established Yes and No, concentrate on one question at a time, and use Sticky to let your Unconscious Mind tell you the answer. Each of the students to whom I have taught Sticky has seen at least a full point increase in their grade average focused on your fingers, ask your Unconscious Mind, Give me a signal for A. Wait for the signal a slight movement of one finger. Give me a signal for B. Wait...

Insert Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Now in a moment I am going to give your Unconscious Mind some suggestions, which I would like your Conscious Mind to forget. Forgetting is normal and natural. Forgetting is a normal, natural thing you do it all the time. Why would you care what you had for lunch two weeks ago, on Wednesday, when it rained You simply forget it. I want you to forget consciously what I am about to tell you in just a moment. Somebody gives you a slip of paper and you forget about it. Where did it go Who knows, who cares, just forget about it. Forgetting is a normal, natural thing. Now, I would like to suggest that (Make suitable positive suggestions related to learning, the supplying of needed information by the Unconscious Mind, or a topic of your choosing. At this point, the suggestions should be direct ) And I want you to forget my suggestions consciously and remember them unconsciously like the piece of paper you've forgotten about like who cares what you had for lunch two weeks ago. It's OK,...

Further Notes on Progressive Test Induction

The optimum level of trance for making post-hypnotic suggestions varies with each client. You may need to experiment with a client to find the level at which they respond best to suggestion. Erickson would give suggestions to some clients in light trance. He would tell them a few stories, sometimes without doing a formal induction, and they would miraculously change. The key is to establish communication with your client's Unconscious Mind, whether you are using the pendulum or deep trance. Be cautious when you lead a client into deep trance. In some cases, if the client is too deep, they may become unresponsive. If your client goes into a comatose state, you are not going to get the responses you need from them. with some of the tests, you can say, I'd like to ask your Unconscious Mind to send energy to the parts of the body that need energy for this process. Now begin to do this while you stay in a deep trance. The Progressive Test Induction contains a blend of permissive and...

The Easiest Girl To Seduce

Now, I told her in a trance state that she needed to know certain things, that she could listen to me with her unconscious mind. Then 1 was going to work with her so that she could listen with her conscious mind. In a light trance state, I explained how a mother can't be a girl's best friend and, to the contrary, that her mother was dominating her in a way opposite to the way she had been dominated. I told her she had to think that over until

Subconscious Reading Power

You might remember me telling you that your mind can absorb over two million pieces of information every second. Well it is possible to use this fact to your advantage. Since you will be utilising your subconscious mind you will need to relax your conscious mind sufficiently in order to allow your subconscious the freedom to act. This technique is not like reading a book in the usual way and you will not necessarily know consciously whether or not you have absorbed any information. You might be wondering why use this technique at all in the first place. Having learnt to scan the book while in a deeply relaxed state your subconscious mind will see and absorb the words on the page at an incredible rate. Having just scanned the book in this way you just seem to obtain knowledge intuitively. It is not a conscious thing. Someone asks you a relevant question about the book and you just seem to know the answer. for you. Imagine your mind being opened up to receive information. It feels...

What Will I Get Out Of It

The problems of concentration tend to arise more frequently when we are learning a subject because we have to and not because we want to. By now you will realise that the state of your mind or your attitude towards something is of vital importance. If you're trying to learn, but at the same time your telling yourself that you hate the subject, or you don't think you will ever be able to learn all this stuff, then you're creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Suppose you have just joined an evening class to learn French. However when you come home at night from work in after a long day you feel tired and simply want to put your feet up after dinner. You'll have to run through and your mind what motivated you to the join the class and the first place. But maybe you'd like to go to France on your holidays frequently and would love to be able to wander through the markets and speak to the people about the goods they are selling. Or perhaps you want to buy a property there and maybe retire...

Visual Hallucinations

In a moment you're going to awaken from the neck up only. Your mind can remain asleep, and your body can remain asleep, but just your head, with no recognition of your body, can awaken from the neck up. When you're ready, just open your eyes. Open them now, and remain deeply asleep. You are still dreaming, and I want you to dream of this tennis ball. Open your eyes and look at the tennis ball in my hand. What color is it (Hold up hand as if holding tennis ball in it. Toss the ball up. See if client follows the ball.) Now I'm going to turn the ball a little bit so you can see the number on it. Once you've got the color and the number, you can close your eyes, staying deeply, deeply asleep.

Suggestibility Tests as Convincers

Suggestibility tests are not particularly Ericksonian they come from standard hypnotherapy. We find that almost everyone will respond to at least one of the tests. Before doing the tests, you need to tell the client, The reason it's good to be suggestible is that you'll be able to have your Mind make suggestions to your Body at will, and you'll be able to heal anything. If you have this discussion first, you will have a very high success rate in suggestibility tests and the hypnosis that follows.

Questioning Techniques

When did you choose to have this situation created Why Ask your Unconscious Mind. Is there something your Unconscious Mind wants you to know, or is there something you're not getting which, if you got it, would allow the problem to disappear Is it OK with your Unconscious Mind to support us in removing this problem today, and to allow you to have an undeniable experience of the problem disappearing, when we have completed the session

How to Use a Pendulum

In moving the client's arm and hand to this position, you can induce arm catalepsy (or 'waxy flexibility') by applying in your touch the principle that ambiguity in any representational system will cause trance to occur. Touch the client's hand very lightly in guiding their forearm to the vertical position. In fact, touch the hand so lightly that your touch is ambiguous, meaning that the client is not sure of the very last moment in which your touch occurred. While their Unconscious Mind is fixed on this ambiguous touch, leave the arm suspended in mid-air. With the client's arm cataleptic, clip the pendulum on their pointer finger. If this is the first time the client is using a pendulum, you will be getting their Unconscious Mind used to some new sensations as you instruct it how to respond. You need to ask the client's Unconscious Mind to choose three signals Yes, No, and Not consciously ready to know yet. Begin by saying to the client, Can your Unconscious Mind give me a signal for...

Ericksons Hypnotic Patterns of Indirect Suggestion

An indirect suggestion resonates with the Unconscious Mind and is less likely to trigger evaluation. When you say, I'm wondering if you can close the window. the listener's unconscious reaction is to hear your 'embedded' suggestion and follow it. Of course, a teenager might say, 2. Embedded commands. Erickson often used embedded commands, or commands 'hidden' within longer sentences. If he said, You don't need to go into trance right now. the client's conscious mind would be distracted by the surface sentence about not needing to go into trance, while their Unconscious Mind would hear and respond to the embedded command, Go into trance right now. 3. Embedded descriptions. These are ways of thinking that work like embedded commands. If you are talking to a client about trance, you might say, You may think that it's not easy to go into a trance. You may not find that trance is delightfully relaxing. Because you've never been in trance before, you don't know what to expect. In fact, you...

Hypnosis Or Meditation

The idea that we in the west are responsible for discovering the power and techniques of Hypnosis is to my mind a little arrogant to say the least. If you think about it hypnotic induction is in essence simply a means of accessing our subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a bit like an empty syringe which gains access to the mind instead of the blood stream. It is what you put in the syringe that is all important. In the next section I want to discuss how you can use your trance sessions to improve your health and channel to power of your mind to boost the bodies natural defences. Before I can do this I must first give you a bit of background first. Mystics in the east have for thousands of years known of and learned how to access the power of the subconscious mind and have achieved states of human enlightenment and control of their physical bodies which baffle western science. If you are serious about your health and want to get the most out of self-hypnosis some knowledge of these...

The Power Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is probably one of the most misunderstood phenomenon in our lives today. Hypnosis has long been associated with mumbo-jumbo, occult and sinister mystery men bent on controlling your mind. Despite the proof that exists about the remarkably positive effects of Hypnosis it is widely shunned and ignored by many people. 2. It can enable you to reprogram your mind to think positively and steer yourself towards your goals (Whatever they might be).

Hypnosis Mind Control

Obviously if you could convincingly use any of the 3 techniques above, you could give a hypnosis or mind control performance that was absolutely mindblowing. If you've hypnotised someone prior to the performance invisible compromise - no one else, including the subject, know that they've already been hypnotised , you could then make them react to very obvious embedded commands to make your mind control skills look even better than they really are.

Ericksonian Induction No 1 Question Set Induction

Give your partner-client some suitable desired suggestions, such as, You can integrate all the things you are learning, and find it very easy to do hypnosis. Your Unconscious Mind can supply to your Conscious Mind whatever you need to know so you will be able to say whatever you need to say in the moment, so that your client will go deeply into trance.

Why do we Want to Learn Hypnosis

If you can produce hypnotic phenomena in yourself, such as arm catalepsy (rigidity), major muscle group relaxation, full body catalepsy, or somnambulistic behavior, then you have the power to produce healing changes in yourself. If you can hallucinate a tennis ball, you can hallucinate a little PAC-man travelling through your body gobbling up cells or substances that have been causing dis-ease. If you had severe muscle pain in your back, think what a relief it would be just to sit down and go into trance, or work with a Hypnotherapist, and say, Unconscious Mind, go ahead and heal the muscles in my back. If you have clear communication with your Unconscious Mind, you can do that. There is now a groundswell of support for the healing powers of hyp-nosis from the traditional allopathic medical community. In addition to healing, the Unconscious Mind opens new doors to learning. If there is something you want to learn easily, you can say to your Unconscious Mind, Let's learn this, and it...

The Scientific Nature of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is dealing with the subconscious or unconscious mind. A person's subconscious mind may hold all sorts of aims, desires, wants, character traits which the conscious mind keeps back or holds in check because of the restrictions and demands society puts on all of us. In other words we simply cannot just behave exactly as we might wish.

Addressing Misconceptions

A more serious concern for some clients is based on the misconception that somehow the client is giving over control to the Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is not power over another person, but rather a complex interaction between Hypnotherapist and client. It is a cooperative act. As you did the Utilization Exercise in the previous chapter, you probably noticed that most of the exercise was a process of becoming synchronized with your partner. Whether or not you were aware of it, the two of you were sending waves of energy toward each other, synchronizing and coming together, like a dance. Think of hypnosis as two people cooperating toward a mutual end, which is to establish better communication with the Unconscious Mind.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Now the purpose of asking you to do this is fairly obvious. I am trying to make you think a bit about you current condition. If you join the crosses together you will probably get a wavy line. Hopefully you won't have a straight line on the far left and you probably won't have a straight line going down on the far right, although that would be nice. I want to give you some idea of where to concentrate your mind on improving certain areas in your life. You should start to recognise what really motivates or excites you. It is in these areas that you should concentrate on because real change will happen in these areas more rapidly. You will find it easier to keep your mind focused. your new house on a beautifully sunny day with light streaming through the windows. Look at the wall paper. The colour of the bathroom suite. See how well equipped the kitchen is etc. Visualisation is very important in impressing the subconscious mind. Remember it responds well to emotion.

Refining Your Style for Working with Metaphors

As you continue to experiment with metaphors, you will find new ways not only to use them in inducing trance, but also to weave them into the change work that you do when the client is already in trance. And your subtlety and effectiveness will grow. People love stories. The Unconscious Mind is intrigued by metaphors.

Putting It All Together

Now lets assume you have written out your goals on your piece of good quality paper. This is your master set of goals which you keep very safe. The first thing you will do is to re-write your goals out on a separate piece of paper. This fixes them consciously in your mind. The next release is one of the most important so read it carefully It deals with your health and what part your mind can play in improving it. I promise you it really is a fascinating area.

Meditation and Why You Should Practise It

Clearing the mind is an extremely difficult thing to achieve, as we have already seen, which even masters of Zen Buddhism take many years of long patience and practise. The object is to still your thoughts and go into a deeper level of consciousness. So how do you quieten the mind Well this is where the mantra comes in. You see if you are focusing on the sound of the mantra it is difficult for any other more distracting thoughts to enter your mind. Lets face it your not going to find your inner self if your constantly thinking about has anyone fed the cat or what should I cook for dinner etc. We were told that from time to time other thoughts would sneak into our conscious thoughts. When we became aware of this we would very gently start to silently chant the mantra once more and the distracting thoughts went away. Now and again the mind would become so still that there would be no extraneous thoughts, not even the mantra being chanted. This is when you reach into your inner self and...

How To Build a Strong PSI

Your subconscious mind has already built up a firm view of what it thinks you are and how you fit in the world around you. You have to remember it is a vastly complex computer and your life experiences thus far have programmed it accordingly. You know for example that drinking bleach or caustic soda is a bad idea. You also know that putting your hand in a fire is painful. This is obvious. Your subconscious computer is there to protect you. The problem is it can be over zealous as we have seen in some of the examples given in part two. Sometimes there seems to be a contradiction in how it goes about doing its job. Remember Clare who put on a lot of weight because she was scared of getting pregnant again. Putting on weight is not a healthy thing to do but her subconscious reasoned that it was necessary to stop her having sex with her husband. It reasoned that if she were to get pregnant again her father would die Remember your subconscious mind does not respond to logic or rational...

Hypnotic Considerations

It's also important to speak clearly, slowly, calmly, and in a monotonous tone. Any intonation of words catches the attention of the conscious mind and stops it from switching off. Repetitive, monotonous speech slips right past the critical censor and into the subconscious mind, achieving exactly what we are looking for.

Can Hypnotism Be Used To Cause Harm

One way a cult prevents its recruits from leaving is by using phobia indoctrination . It is sometimes called triggered phobic response . What this means is that trainers implant or programme irrational fears into your subconscious mind as to what will happen to you if you ever left the cult. You might typically be told that you will go insane, be hit by a car, get cancer etc. 1 think you get the general idea. Different cults use different phobias and believe me it is very effective It has been described a prison without bars. Nice people

Pre Talk and Suggestibility Tests Helping the Client Understand Trance and its Benefits

The more your client understands about the trance state, the better they can play their role in the cooperative interaction that helps them achieve trance. Once you have observed the level of their curiosity and interest, it may be useful to briefly explain hypnosis in terms of the Mind Body connection and the healing possibilities that are made possible by opening up communication with the Unconscious Mind. The client can play their role best if they understand that rapport with you will 'open the door' to rapport with their own Unconscious Mind.

Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume

An eclectic, wide-ranging book, Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 1 examines not only the orthodox analytical approach, but also aspects of humanistic thinking and cognitive strategies which concentrate on activating the client's unconscious mind. Containing practical guidance on the application of hypnotic techniques, this book offers numerous examples and case studies that cover transference and counter-transference defensive strategies dreams and symbolic imagery and therapeutic investigation.

Powerful Therapeutic Tool

Please visualise yourself in 15 years time from now. See yourself clearly on a movie screen in your mind. Now, split the screen in half and on the other side see yourself as you are now. The older you is looking at the present you. If you listen carefully you will hear the older you speaking to the present you. I think he may be thanking you.

Notes on Steps for Change Work

Does your Unconscious Mind know what to do to solve the problem Does it know how to assist the client in having the problem disappear About three-quarters of the time, the Unconscious Mind will answer Yes. This answer is a sign to both you and the client that the client is establishing rapport with their Unconscious. If the Unconscious Mind says it does not know how to solve the problem, you need to get the client in touch with additional resources. One of the main tenets of Ericksonian hypnosis is, Our clients have all the resources they need to solve whatever problems they bring to us. In this case, the added resource may be the Higher Self. You can ask, Can your Unconscious Mind get in touch with the blueprint of perfect health and healing that exists in the Higher Self and transfer it to the blueprint that the Unconscious Mind uses to create the body Whether or not you believe that there is a Higher Self (and whether or not the client believes it), the client's Unconscious...

Eat what you want and loose weight

Yeah I know you have heard it all before but with the use of Hypnosis you can achieve a healthy normal weight and maintain it while eating as much as you want. The crucial difference is that you educate your subconscious mind so that you only eat what your body actually needs. In other words when you are physiologically hungry and not when you are psychologically hungry. You only want to eat what your body needs to function and remain healthy. The important thing to remember is that your body will take that shape. What your subconscious mind believes and expects Will Happen You always readily accept the suggestions given while in Hypnosis and reach a perfect balance between the conscious and subconscious mind. Each time you go into trance you find it easier and easier You know your body to be a truly remarkable creation and you have such a tremendous respect for it You know what your chosen weight and size is for your own body and you constantly see yourself in your mind's eye at this...

How To Develop A Good Concentration

However you should be at an advantage here because by practising self hypnosis, or meditation, you will develop the ability to quieten the mind naturally. Before you start to study prepare your mind by slowing the breathing down and meditating for a few minutes. 1. Quieten your mind by meditating for a few moments before revising or studying.

Thats right its Stress

You don't need me to remind you how stressful it can be to take an exam and have your mind to go blank when you turned the examination paper over. None of the answers come to you when you need them most however once the exam is over and you are outside feeling more relaxed the answers that were so elusive before suddenly come flooding in your mind.

Live Demonstration of Deepening Techniques

So let's ask your Unconscious Mind to assist you in developing whatever you need to develop to be able to see the tennis ball. This time when you close your eyes and go deeply asleep and I will assist you by touching you on the shoulder and you can double your relaxation again from where you were. Then I would like you to ask your Unconscious Mind to just develop whatever inner mechanisms or imagination you need, so that you can see something. And if you don't see it clearly the first time, then perhaps you could see what you would see, if you could see it. You see Good. Just go ahead and close your eyes and go even more deeply asleep, good. Just go very deeply asleep, that's right. Deeper now, deeper, just relax every single muscle. Double your relaxation again, double it again, and go even deeper. Chris, I'd like you to make sure that the muscles around your eyes are so relaxed that you can't open them. And when you know they are, go ahead and test them, and...

Practical Exercise in Creating Metaphors

I invite you to take some time now to plan a similar series of five multiple embedded metaphors. First choose a colleague to whom you will tell the metaphors. (With a specific person in mind, you can design the metaphors to have the effects you intend for that person.) Think of five stories, 2 to 4 minutes each. Think of what the effects will be, and organize the stories in the best order. Prepare the stories in your mind, so that you can begin each one, tell 80 or 90 of it, and then stop and go on to the next story. To prepare for practising these metaphors with your colleague, plan as your central content some useful suggestions about learning or about unlocking the power of the Unconscious Mind.

Intrapsychic Change

As already mentioned, the unconscious mind can be influenced by positive input. Involvement with a therapist like Erickson, who is optimistic and supportive of growth, can in itself constitute positive input. The addition of teaching tales reinforces, supplements, and directs that positive input. In the telling of stories, Erickson adds new data, evokes new feelings, and prescribes new experiences. A patient who has been struggling for years within a guilt-ridden, narrow view of life may be presented through these tales with Erickson's permissive, life-celebrating philosophy. These views reach him on many levels, including the unconscious. They may be presented to the patient in the waking state and the hypnotic state. The patient may then discover that he does not have to rely solely on his own well-established circular patterns of thought. Me does not have to make do with his own limited philosophy and limited mental sets. Partly through the medium of these stories, he becomes aware...

Sickness Health

Re-educating your mind to help your mind and body become more healthy is the most logical first step to take. Of course defining what healthy means can be a little confusing and depends on your philosophical stance. I hope to give you some useful pointers at a later stage. Your mind is a very complex piece of machinery. You could liken it to an extremely sophisticated computer.

What isnt Hypnosis

The simple fact is that although you subdue the critical censor and speak almost directly to the subconscious mind, people will not respond to suggestions that are against their most deeply held moral beliefs. For example, some people are frightened that whilst they are unconscious (they're not unconscious - see below), they might be taken advantage of sexually or in some other way, but they are at all times conscious and aware and in control of what is happening. Any attempt to force them to do something against their strongly held beliefs will result in them coming out of hypnosis immediately.


The subconscious mind is where your emotions are held. If you like it is the real you. If you think about it is our emotions that control the strength of our desires and this is why our subconscious mind will always control our conscious mind since our desires govern our behaviour. Our subconscious computer has been programmed since birth to believe and behave in a certain way according to the image it has of you. This is why an alcoholic knows full well consciously that his over drinking is doing himself great harm he will continue to drink because his subconscious mind has some hidden reason to make him do so. If our subconscious minds have been programmed badly then our thoughts, decisions and actions will be bad for us and as a result our lives. Our subconscious mind cannot discriminate or analyse what it is told and will believe anything the conscious mind believes and allows through. You know this to be true because when you dream at night and find yourself being chased down...

He Will Talk

This last tale highlights Erickson's belief that the unconscious mind can be trusted to produce appropriate responses at the right time. When this story is told to a patient who is just beginning to experience hypnotic trance, it may encourage him to wait patiently until the urge to talk arises or until he is able to reveal unconscious messages in a nonverbal way.

Going Into Trance

This businessman was very startled to find that he was doing far more good for his business in the afternoon than he was in the morning. By not trying to think of things consciously he allowed the vast creative resources of his subconscious mind to filter through with the novel ideas he needed. Even reading his favourite magazines allowed his conscious mind to become distracted long enough for his subconscious mind to come through. What we are really talking about here is a daydreaming state.

Seven Asterisks

One of my subjects was a most excellent person with whom I did a lot of experimental work. He was a psychologist. He had a master's degree and he was really undecided about his future. We used him experimentally and he became aware that he had an unconscious mind. I loaned him my medical books and he entered medical school. In his senior year, one of his professors, who liked him very much, said, Arthur, how do you think you will get along in my examination And Arthur replied, I won't have any trouble with your examination. You have only got ten questions and they are . And he proceeded to name all ten questions. In this story the young psychologist-medical student had learned not only to trust his unconscious mind hut also to develop his perceptive skills to a rather extreme degree. .4s Erickson said, Arthur was remarkable. Of course, most of us have not developed our perceptual skills to such an extent. Still, if we know that it is possible, we may be encouraged in a similar...

Suggestibility Tests

The main purpose of suggestibility tests is to convince a client that they are suggestible. The client needs to know clearly that they are indeed suggestible and can respond to hypnosis. Before I begin a suggestibility test, I usually say, You know, my mother was told by her mother, 'Do not be suggestible ' In fact many people in previous generations thought that being suggestible was not good. But if you want to attain the healthiest state, and if you want to have good communication with your Unconscious Mind, then you need to learn how to let your Mind give suggestions to your body. Thus it is very useful to be suggestible. If you get good at being suggestible, you will be able, at will, to tell your Unconscious Mind to do anything you want and it will do it for you.


As you let go .just allowing that wonderful sense of deep relaxation to spread from your eyes down through the rest of your body. And as you experience those subtle feelings of deep physical relaxation, deepening, and deepening. so your mind is relaxing, unwinding, enjoying a pleasant hypnotic trance. In a moment, to begin really deepening that trance, we can gently open and close those eyes. as I count to three you will open your eyes for a moment feeling a wave of deep relaxation enveloping your body and your mind as you do so. beginning now one, two three, lifting those heavy eyelids. and three, two, one. letting them fall shut once again, relaxing twice as deeply, ten times as deeply. Now that the body's so deeply, so profoundly relaxed, you can allow the mind to enjoy an even deeper level of trance. In a moment begin counting down from 100, counting out loud, repeating the words deeper and deeper after each number. Each time you say the number, each time you say the words deeper...

The Postural Sway

Find a place where the client can stand in an upright 'military' position. The Hypnotherapist says to the client, Close your eyes and turn your face up toward the ceiling, with your eyes closed. Imagine that you are swaying back and forth. Safely of course, back and forth back and forth back and forth. Notice that you are actually beginning to sway, safely of course. Your Unconscious Mind will always catch you back and forth (If you are not swaying, it may be because your face isn't turned fully up toward the ceiling) back and forth. Now come on back and open your eyes.

Steps in Trance Work

Using Milton Model patterns from Chapter 4, you too can engage the client's Unconscious Mind and focus their attention on inner realities. The client comes to the Hypnotherapist with a fully developed 'model of the world which contains their values, their beliefs, and their concepts of how things work in the world. The client stores this model of the world in their Unconscious Mind. If the strongly held values and beliefs in their model conflict with their conscious desires, the client's unconscious model of the world will block their attainment of those desires. Hypnosis can unseat deeply held success-blocking beliefs that the client has about himself and his environment. Erickson recognized that in order to help the client create changes, he first needed to loosen the client's model of the world, so that the client's Unconscious Mind would be open to changes in beliefs and values. While the client was in trance, Erickson used distraction, shock, surprise, doubt,...

Eliminate Guilt

If we are going to change and build our PSI we must first remember how the subconscious mind functions. First of all it does not really like cold logical arguments. The subconscious mind responds best to EMOTION and FEELINGS. It also likes IMAGES. So the more we can appeal to these three things the greater our success. Two people who were once close and know everything about each other can do a lot of harm to each other emotionally. They know the weak and vulnerable areas to probe and twist the knife in. If you are in such a relationship you must be very clear in your mind what it is you want. Your options are as follows - There are a number of immutable laws governing the mind the most important of which is that we become what we most think about . If you constantly dwell on negative or depressing thoughts then don't be surprised if you get or feel depressed. The more positive you can be on a day to day basis the better. If you think you tend to be the kind of person who dwells on...

Out Breath

The paragraph following this recaps Questions 16-21 to show how your breathing, head position and voice direction can reinforce your suggestions. With a little practice, this coordination of your breathing, speaking and movement will become natural and easy. You need to tilt your head forward, speaking to the client's stomach or feet. Just before each time you say the word 'lift,' raise your head towards the ceiling while taking a deep, full, audible breath, so that 'lift' is the first word you speak on your out-breath. The changing direction of your voice and the sound of your breathing will give powerful suggestions to the client's Unconscious Mind, causing them to match your breathing and your body movements. This will give lift to their arms

Change Work

Does your Unconscious Mind know what to do to solve the problem 2. Is it possible for your Unconscious Mind to heal the condition 4. Are there any other problems your Unconscious Mind would like to work on 5. Unconscious Mind, go ahead and heal (client's name). 6. How quickly will your Unconscious Mind start the healing How quickly will it finish

Case History

I hung a pendulum from the woman's finger, and began a discussion with her Unconscious Mind via the pendulum. I asked, Can I please have a signal for 'Yes.' And can I please have a signal for 'No ' The pendulum clearly swung in opposite directions to show her Unconscious Mind's responses. I asked, Does your Unconscious Mind know what to do to sleep soundly through the night Her Unconscious signalled, Yes. I asked, Is it possible to release any negative emotions necessary to get rid of this problem, so you can sleep through the night Her Unconscious Mind responded, Yes. I continued, Is it OK to release those negative emotions The Unconscious Mind gave me a clear, Yes. I said, OK, Unconscious Mind, go ahead. How quickly would you like to start the process of releasing the negative emotions Sometime Unconscious Minds like to start right away and sometimes they like to take as much as 12 to 24 hours to begin the process. Would you like to start right away The Unconscious Mind signalled,...

Part Five

HOW YOUR MIND CAN AFFECT YOUR HEALTH Although western scientists are reluctant to say, for the time being at least, that the mind alone is capable of curing cancer they are prepared to state that the state of your mind does have a pronounced effect on your susceptibility to an illness and its rate of progress.

Open Loop No3

In fact, Erickson tells a wonderful story that is written up in the book My Voice Will Go With You, by Sidney Rosen. One of Erickson's students, whom we will call John, was fascinated by hypnosis and wanted to learn everything there is to know about it. Erickson told John to pay close attention, very close attention to the people around him. John was in college, and one day a professor said to him, John, how are you going to do on the test And John said, I'll do very well, Professor, because you only have 10 questions, and they are And John proceeded to name the 10 questions. Now the professor was shocked, and said, John, you've obviously gone into my desk, because not only do you know the 10 questions, but you know them in order. We are going to the Dean. So he took John to the Dean and the Dean said, John, have you been cheating And John said, No, I haven't and I can prove it. Please send someone to my room to get my notebook. So they sent another student to John's room to get his...

Marginal Note

Metaphors are the gentlest, most elegant way to begin talking directly with your client's Unconscious Mind. They can be stories from your own experience or someone else's (or no one's). They can sound realistic or mythical. They can be true stories, or stories invented specifically for your client's situation. Have you noticed that in front of an audience a professional speaker almost always begins with a metaphor The speaker's metaphor is often a joke, but sometimes a dramatic story to introduce their subject. Speakers may or may not know why a metaphor is the best opening they may or may not realize that they are hooking the attention of the Unconscious Minds of their audiences. But they know that metaphors work. The content of a well-selected metaphor will relate to something in the client's (or the audience's) experience. The process of noticing the parallels is part of what triggers the Unconscious Mind's curiosity and opens it to dialogue. And the ultimate aim of the metaphor is...

The Script

Your arm begins to lift. It continues moving, lifting, and rising until it finally comes back down to rest upon your body. Now when you feel the movement in your hand and in your arm, don't try to resist. You could resist if you chose to, that is not why you are here. Just release your subconscious mind. All right, now we are ready to begin.

Adapt to it

As you can probably see there is no hard and fast rule as to how a hypnotic trance should be induced it depends on you the subject and how you react to the hypnotist. With self-hypnosis by regularly practising you will be able induce a trance by being more and more aware of your mind and body. Sometimes you might feel too agitated to develop a trance which is fine and perfectly natural. The point is you cannot force it. Try to be relaxed and natural. breathing deeper (pausej eyes closed, breathing deeper. Relaxed, comfortable, so very comfortable, what else (pause) I don't know you really don 't know, but really learning to go deeper and deeper (pausej Too tired to talk, just sleep maybe a word or two I don't know (this was spoken laboriously breathing deeper and you really don't know, just going deeper and deeper, sleeping soundly, more and more soundly, not caring just learning, continuing ever deeper and deeper and learning more and more with your unconscious mind.


In such cases people have accepted there is a problem consciously but the subconscious mind is reacting to other outdated or erroneous information on which to justify its actions. This is in effect bad programming from the past. I could tell you about many cases which have been successfully treated with hypnosis. The following examples may give you some idea as to the power of the subconscious mind and how, if it is not checked, it can cause great anguish, unhappiness, and harm to many individuals. Under Hypnosis it transpired that her subconscious mind was punishing her because at the age of sixteen she became pregnant and her parents made her have an abortion. She never wanted the abortion but was forced into it. She felt like she had committed murder. Because she considered herself a murderer her subconscious mind wanted to protect her from making the same mistake again or punish her and prevent her from committing the same crime. It may seem bizarre but this is how the...

Full Body Catalepsy

If you are not sure as 'subject' whether to experience full body catalepsy, ask your Unconscious Mind what to do. There is no reason to experience this test unless you have the desire. I have had instances of students with minor back problems consulting their Unconscious Minds and deciding to go ahead with full body In a moment, I'll ask you to begin slowly counting backwards out loud from 100. Now, here's the secret to mental relaxation. With each number you say, double your mental relaxation. With each number you say, let your mind become twice as relaxed. Now, if you do this, by the time you reach the number 98, or maybe even sooner, your mind will have become so relaxed, you will have actually relaxed all the rest of the numbers that would have come after 98, right out of your mind. And there just won't be any more numbers. Now, you have to do this I can't do it for you. Those numbers will leave if you will them away. Now start with the idea that you will make that happen and you...

Moving Qi

In order to move Qi you must put your mental intention in front of it. In other words if you can sense Qi in your feet an calf area of your leg just gently let your mind go to the area around your knees and imagine you feel the sensation there. In a very short time you will feel the tingly feeling grow and move to this area. Once you have collected the energy in the right area just let it rest there. You can now imagine your body healing itself and rebuilding damaged cells or sore muscles. After a while let the Qi move and go where it wants to naturally. If you are perfectly healthy the Qi will move wherever it is needed. Your mind and body knows what is best. However a little experimenting now and again is good fun. Next month I will give a some other ideas on meditation and moving Qi but this will do for now. An important point to note. When you bring your arms up they should feel very heavy like lead weights and have as little tension in them as possible. As you lift them up keep...

Weight Loss

Often the seeds of the problem of overeating can start at a very early age. As we grow up there are all sorts of messages programmed into the subconscious in connection with eating. When food is left on the plate you are told not to waste it. You are told that you must have three square meals a day. When a child cries because it has hurt itself the parents will often stick a sweet into its mouth as a comforter. Such messages over time will programme your mind to eat because you feel unhappy or because you are ill or for many other reasons but not because you are actually hungry and need the food as a source of energy and sustenance.

Whats in a Name

I have not even described the shape or nature of a persons teeth. Do they stick out, do they have gaps between them, do they have too many, what colour are they You can go on and on. The point is you don't have to use all these items but just select the ones that seem appropriate. The very fact that you are aware of these characteristics means that you have a large number of associations, or hooks, that can be used to help you make a mental picture in your mind. 3. If you can try to form an association between their name and their appearance. Some names which suggest a colour like Black, White, Green, or an occupation like Carpenter, Taylor, make it easier to form the connection. So to do names like Spring, March, Winter which denote seasons make associations easier. If the person's surname is Spring you could imagine them standing on an enormous spring bouncing around the room. The more outrageous, humorous, or ridiculous the image the better it will be fixed in your mind. Now there...

What is Hypnosis

The actual mechanism that makes hypnosis work is quite difficult to quantify. Basically, the things that drive us and make us who we are, are deeply embedded in our subconscious mind. We don't need to carefully think about what we strongly agree or disagree with, what we love or hate, or strongly desire, it is hard wired into our mind. Some of this comes from personal experience, preference, and needs, and some from our childhood from direct commands or suggestions from our parents or authority figures. This can be explained quite nicely by Freudian psychology. The Id (subconscious) is the most powerful part of the mind, and it automatically, and without our conscious realisation, contains our deepest desires, and controls our behaviour. The Ego (rational, logical mind) analyses information to see if it makes sense, before passing it onto the Super Ego (critical censor). The Super Ego is like the gatekeeper to the subconscious mind, it decides whether or not to accept the information,...

The Induction

As you know by now the object of the exercise is to allow your conscious mind to concentrate on something so as to allow your subconscious mind to filter through eventually so that you can tell it what you want it to do for you. For the time being we are simply interested in getting you used to going into trance state easily and back to normal consciousness. You always readily accept the suggestions given while in Hypnosis and reach a perfect balance between the conscious and subconscious mind. Each time you go into trance you find it easier and easier 7.) When you are feeling totally relaxed just let your mind drift. Let any thoughts that come into your mind just wander in and out. Don't try to stop them or hold onto them just float there like an observer watching life go by from a cafe or on a beach. In part two you will learn how to programme your mind to help you become more positive and creative in whatever field you desire

Relaxation Exercises

Sit comfortably on a stool or low backed chair. Now take ten slow deep breaths to calm down your system and put more oxygen into your blood. If possible try to breath from the abdomen. When you expel the stale air from your lungs bring you stomach in. When inhaling count in your mind up to six, but if that seems too long hold it for about five or whatever you feel comfortable with, and hold for a maximum count of twenty. Then exhale slowly counting up to ten.

What is Real

In considering the wonders of how the Unconscious Mind works, we continually bump up against the question of What is real This is strictly a question of the Conscious Mind, because at the Unconscious level, nothing is 'real.' We might also ask, Is the Unconscious Mind real Because the word real means 'having substance the Unconscious Mind cannot be real The next big question is, what is 'real' about hypnosis and the connection between the Unconscious Mind and the Body The answer lies in the fact that the bridge that connects the Body and the Mind is the same bridge that moves us from 'real' to 'unreal.' If the Real is the 'physical,' we must consider the 'unreality' of the Mind. You are now going to be able to enable fluid change in people by knowing that All is Mind. An understanding of 'the unreality of reality' will assist you in working with hypnosis, because you will realize that the body is just as 'unreal' as anything else. It can be changed very quickly, if not instantly. You...


It to the end This would be quiet easy to do because your subconscious mind finds with apprehension because your subconscious mind will make you imagine that you All creativity is found in the subconscious mind. It is where the great artists, composers, scientists, and inventors draw on their inspiration. Many great men have said that they carried out some of their greatest works while in a kind of trance state or day dream. Mozart, one of the most intuitive composers in history, claimed his compositions were formed in his mind like dreams independent of his will. ln fact the list can go on and on Isaac Newton, Coleridge, Goethe etc. It is the subconscious mind that gives us the drive to push us through life towards our goals. If you do not decide what those goals should be then it will select them for you. This is why you should know how to direct your subconscious mind in the direction YOU want to go and not the other way round. Without guidance it can direct you in the wrong...


I would hope that whatever it is you want to achieve with the help of hypnosis it is something you really want and not just some kind of passing whim. The more you want to succeed then obviously the greater the success you will have. It is no use hypnotising yourself to become a brilliant snooker player if you don't really intend to go down to the pool hail several days a week. Why waste this great force within you and your precious time on something you don't really want. If you order your subconscious mind to help you to earn more money and really mean it then it will move heaven and earth, work day and night until you have achieved your goal. Remember the subconscious mind never sleeps. I have some suggestions to help you decide what it is you really want to achieve but for the time being just read the following rules on how to talk to your subconscious mind In this months release you are going to learn how to condition your mind to become more positive and receptive to new ideas...

Experiencing Trance

As a Hypnotherapist, you will regularly be guiding your clients into trance. Your success in hypnosis will increase as you grow in your own experience of the trance phenomenon. Let your Mind consider that learning how to go into deeper and deeper levels of trance yourself is going to build your effectiveness in assisting others into trance. Milton Erickson would frequently hypnotize his students, as well as having them hypnotize each other.

Part Seven

Today this use of ritual would be considered pointless but at that time it might have provided the necessary catalysis to help the patients cure themselves. It gave them a link to their subconscious mind. It was a bit like using a placebo. This theory laid the foundation for the later work of Sigmond Freud and the study of the subconscious or unconscious mind. Elliotson was originally a little sceptical about mesmerism but soon became a great supporter of its use. He did in fact open the Mesmeric Hospital in Fittzroy Square in London. To this day we still do not really know why the subconscious mind reacts to suggestions while in a hypnotic trance. There have been many theories about hypnosis over the past hundred years or so.


When this tale was told to me, it evoked, by indirect suggestion, the feeling that I should ask Erickson, Go ahead. Do the rectal. In other words, I felt that he was asking for permission to delve deeper into my unconscious mind. I immediately found myself remembering long-forgotten early childhood memories of enemas. I have found that when patients feel that they arc being helped, or even forced to bring out deeply buried gut feelings and memories, they will often dream or fantasize about enemas or rectal examinations. The focusing on vaginal and hernial examinations might very well, in some patients, bring forth associations to sexual feelings and experiences. Now, in that trance, I want you to feel so comfortable. I want you to go into trance so deeply that it will seem to you as if you are a bodyless mind, that your mind is floating in space, free of your body, floating in space and floating in time.

Memory Technique

Now although most information is forgotten immediately after reading, there is some evidence to suggest that memory actually improves for about two to five minutes after learning something. This has been called the reminiscence effect. We are not clear why this should happen but some have theorised that it is at this stage that our conscious mind makes links with the subconscious mind in some way. Next month I will go into memory in much greater detail and show you some amazing techniques that you can put to use to vastly improve your ability to remember. The thing to remember about memory is that we don't really forget anything. And as I have already told you during this course, our subconscious minds remember almost everything we see, hear, and do. The real problem is not memory but how to recall all the information that our subconscious mind has stored away. It may be that you can remember a particular school assembly when you were young but if you do remember it, it is because it...

Is Ageing Inevitable

As soon as you take a bite out of an apple your mouth will start to secret enzymes which start the digestive process. Perhaps there is nothing mysterious about this however if you were to imagine or simply thought about eating an apple your mind would trigger the exact same response even though there is no food present.

Trance and Rapport

Even more familiar is the driving trance. One time I was driving along a stretch of Canadian four-lane highway from Niagara Falls to Windsor. The road passes through beautiful country with majestic trees and a clear blue sky, and the air is amazingly clear. I was driving and driving and listening to my radio And all of a sudden my Conscious Mind clicked back into control, and I realized that I was 60 miles beyond my exit The driving trance is an example of the Unconscious Mind taking over to direct behavior that would otherwise be conscious. Probably the most common trance situation of our day is watching television. Have you ever been watching TV while a person you live with was having a full conversation with you and you turned to that person and said, What In TV trance, the Unconscious Mind can take in and store long series of images. If you're going to do hypnosis with kids, you can have them remember their favourite TV show and they'll replay the whole thing for you. you are in...

Finger Vice Test

Is a good way to find out if your client is a Mismatcher. If their fingers stay apart or go further apart as you have them imagine the clamp, change your approach. You can say, Even though the vice is closing, don't let your fingers move toward each other yet. If you give a Mismatcher properly contrary cues, their Unconscious Mind will at some point move the fingers together. When you are later inducing trance, you can say, Don't go into a trance yet. Don't fall deeply asleep. Don't accept these suggestions totally and completely as you listen carefully to the sound of my voice.

View of Individuality

Before you actually close it, you think or intend to close. Such a process of intention occurs not only in one or two thought moments, but in a series of thought moments, several in a succession as you note 'intending', 'intending'. Now this thought of intention which occurs in your mind is 'namakaya' , (mental body or aggregate). Through empirical knowledge, the existence of namakaya is quite evident.

Getting Started

Here's where you actually find out how to sit down and work with your mind (and heart) Just in case you're intimidated by the prospect of being quiet and turning inward, I provide easy-to-follow instructions that lead you through the process gently, step by step. I include a separate chapter on all the little details that most meditation books take for granted such as how to keep your back (more or less) straight without getting uptight and what to do with your eyes and hands and a chapter on stretching and preparing your body for sitting. You can even meditate lying down, if you prefer.

Questions Facilitating Rapport and Trust

That should not yet be answered, and that they ought not to answer it until the right time comes along. Then I ask them to think about what I have said. As a result, they realize that they can answer questions freely and easily, but are under no compulsions to answer a question before the right time comes. I make this clear to patients in the waking state as well as in the trance state, because you are dealing with a person that has a conscious mind and an unconscious mind.

Integrating Conscious and Unconscious Learning

This brings us to another important point regarding the use of hypnosis. Because you are dealing with a person who has both a conscious mind and an unconscious mind, achieving good results with a patient in a deep trance does not mean that the patient will benefit from it in the ordinary waking state. There has to be an integration of unconscious learnings with conscious learnings. This should be foremost in your mind whenever you use hypnosis on psychiatric patients. You can recognize that you can resolve a conflict, a phobia, or an anxiety in the trance state. But unless you do something about it in the waking state, the patient is still likely to have that anxiety or phobia. You can remove a phobia for a certain color in the trance state so that the patient behaves normally. Nevertheless, when he awakens from the trance state, he will still have conscious habit patterns of response to that particular color. And therefore it is essential to integrate the unconscious learnings with...

Lord of Civilization see Mahachohan

The threefold spirit on its own plane. In occultism it often means the unified triad - Atma, Buddhi, Manas Spiritual Will, Intuition and Higher mind, - or the immortal part of man which reincarnates in the lower kingdoms and gradually progresses through them to man and thence to the final goal.

Suggest that primarily it is to help your friend to keep her mind focused on the images If you

Were to try to do it yourself you will find that the mind can slip away for a number of reasons. One is that there is little to stop your mind wandering back into everyday preoccupations. Another is boredom there would not be enough interest in the beach scene in itself to hold your interest. Another is a slight emotional resistance you might not have liked the initial alone feeling, and it would have tempted you away immediately. Another might be sleep the scenes have a certain dreamlike quality and this in itself, if you are rather tired, can lead you to drop off. Finally you might find the scene very interesting but that can activate a rather analytic or critical part of the mind which can then drown the more fluid part of the mind that is creating the pictures.

Indirect Suggestion and Implication

Much of hypnotic psychotherapy can be accomplished indirectly, like I had done with Harvey, with the use of posthypnotic suggestion. Often I will suggest to a patient, Go home today and let your unconscious mind think over all the things that have been said, all the things that have been thought. I can think of one patient in particular who was making a psychoneurotic out of herself by going out into the sunlight and developing an extremely severe rash on her arms, neck, face. Then she would claw at the rash all night long until her arms and face and neck were horrible sights to look upon. She came to me because every dermatologist and doctor she had consulted had said that it was jut pure cussedness on her part. She stated very definitely that she also expected me to tell her that it was pure cussedness on her part. So I told her it wasn't necessary for me to tell her that because she had already told me, and I would take her word for it but I was still entitled to believe my own...

The Mystery of Quality Sleep

Until the 20th century, it was believed that our minds completely turned off during sleep. Recent scientific discovery has un-covered something completely different. What you'll discover in this e-book is that once you sleep, your mind enters a state so fascinating and rich with structure that it makes being awake look boring When we're sleeping, our minds are more active than they are when we're awake - which you're about to learn. Knowing this may lead you to asking yourself the question

Avalokitesvara Syn Kuanyin

The same is true of reciting the Buddha's name. However, you should concentrate your mind to the utmost and put a stop to 'sundry distracting thoughts,' doubts and uncertainties. Whatever you seek will then materialize. As the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara has great affinities with sentient beings in the Saha World, you should, in addition to your regular Pure Land sessions, recite Her name. Alternatively, you may also recite the Surangama Mantra or the Great Compassion Mantra. (Patriarch Yin Kuang). PLZ 153

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