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Theoretical Principles Jacquelyne Morison with contributions from Georges Philips

A groundbreaking reference for everyone in the fields of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counseling, this book contains a complete explication of the theory behind analytical hypnotherapy.

An eclectic, wide-ranging book, Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 1 examines not only the orthodox analytical approach, but also aspects of humanistic thinking and cognitive strategies which concentrate on activating the client's unconscious mind. Containing practical guidance on the application of hypnotic techniques, this book offers numerous examples and case studies that cover: transference and counter-transference; defensive strategies; dreams and symbolic imagery; and therapeutic investigation.

Presenting a unique investigation into the ways in which analytical hypnotherapy has influenced a range of current therapeutic philosophies, Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 1 presents the clinical practitioner with the ultimate means of treating even the most stubborn of therapeutic disorders.

"I consider this book ESSENTIAL for anyone involved in hypnotherapy."

—Vera Peiffer, hypnotherapist and author.

"I believe that practitioners will be enriched by, and clients benefit from, the vast corpus of knowledge and wisdom contained within this comprehensively-researched and well-written book." —Anne Billings, Fellow of the National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists.

Jacquelyne Morison is a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and stress-management counsellor with two private practices. She is a principal course tutor and educational advisor to the International College of Eclectic Therapies. Formerly an information-technology consultant, a technical author, a training manager and a business-studies lecturer, Jacquelyne has been involved in training and educational documentation for over twenty years.



ISBN: 1899836772

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