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Practical Applications Jacquelyne Morison with contributions from Georges Philips

In this sequel to the highly-acclaimed first volume, Jacquelyne Morison introduces the clinical practitioner to the practical applications of analytical hypnotherapy—the process of transforming theory into practice.

Providing a succinct and all-embracing overview of the topic, the author not only removes the mystery enshrouding the practice, but also brings analytical hypnotherapy into the mainstream of clinical techniques.

In-depth case studies and client profiles cover groundbreaking research areas, including: fear and anxiety disorders, sorrow and grief disorders, anger and rage disorders, post-traumatic stress, the nature of childhood abuse.

Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 2 allows the hypnotherapist to accomplish an in-depth examination of the client's psyche. Equally, psychotherapists and counsellors will benefit from this invaluable guide, which aptly demonstrates the importance of hypnotherapy in investigative methodology and practice.

"This book should be all that a therapist, either studying or already practising hypnoanalysis, will ever need." —Pat Doohan, Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

"Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 2 admirably covers the entire field of analytical hypnotherapy with authority, sincerity and obvious conviction."

—William Broom, Chief Executive and Registrar, The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.



ISBN: 1899836853

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