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"Between the two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before." -Mae West

One of the most asked question for hypnotists is probably about whether or not it is possible to control someone's mind with hypnosis.

It is, for the most part, not possible to do mind control with hypnosis, unless you have your subject in an environment where they will not have outside influences, are deprived of certain needs, deprived of sleep and food, and rewarded for being obedient and faithful. It is a myth that I could walk up to you, snap my fingers and say sleep, and have you fall into my arms in a puddle.

You have probably seen this in stage hypnosis or on TV, and it does work when the expectation is there, and the subject has volunteered to come up and be hypnotized. If someone has volunteered, and chosen to come up on stage, I need only look in his eyes and watch him melt. It probably won't happen to the man on the street. Although if it could, you know I would have some major fun with it.

When you learn hypnosis, and you tell someone you are a hypnotist, you have unlocked the first door. They will probably be intrigued and pre-conditioned just knowing that you are a hypnotist. They may think you have some mystical power and their subconscious mind may begin to go into a trance just looking into your eyes. In my experience, most people are curious about hypnosis and have always wondered what it will be like to be hypnotized. So, there is a good state, yes?

Interest, Curiosity, Desire, Trance

You can intensify the amount of desire, or the object of desire with hypnosis. In trance, whether it is waking trance or closed eye trance, inserting words like, want me... closer to me... feel better here. as you trust me. can influence the mind into creating the desire for the person who is speaking. In the section on language patterns and embedded commands you will learn valuable ways to influence the mind into desire, willingness, and trust. You could also create desire for something like a certain sexual act, position, or favor. You could create a desire for oral sex in a woman who previously had no desire for it. (Now I have your attention, huh?)

However, if you are total putz, none of this will help you. You are going to have to study up on charisma and rapport. Trance and language patterns are good, but they cannot make up for bad intentions, stupidity, evil thoughts, or bad teeth.

Mind control in many ways is a misconception. We don't really have the ability to control someone else's mind with or without hypnosis. When a person responds to our suggestion, on some level there was agreement. Hypnosis and Waking Trance, can help to create a state of mind where we are more persuaded to do something or go along with something. The degree to which someone's mind agrees to go along with something is based on the level of trust. If there is no trust, there can be no hypnosis, or trance. And if there is no trance there is no suggestibility.

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Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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