Hypnotic Agreement and Consent

The phone rang in the house and I answered it and this voice said, "Hello, how would you like a dirty weekend in Paris?" And then there was a silence and the voice said, "I'm sorry. Have I shocked you?" And I said, "God no -I was just packing." -Helen Lederer

A person will not be hypnotized against their will. They can reject anything you suggest. But sometimes they don't know they can reject it, or the offer is just too irresistible! So at times the suggestion can have an effect because the person worries that it will have an effect. Or it may have an effect because they want it to have an effect.

You might suggest:

Every time you touch your keys, your desire for me becomes greater and every time you hear your keys jingle... your desire for me grows and becomes almost unbearable, and you find that you can think of nothing else. The more you try to think of something else. the more your mind comes back to me. and the deep desire you feel. and you want and allow this to happen.

Now, your subject has a choice of not accepting that suggestion, but the worry it creates for them about how they will respond when they touch their keys, will feed the suggestion over and over to their mind. What you resist persists.

Another example would be in the case of insomnia. When an insomniac worries so much about whether or not they will sleep, that the worry alone creates the insomnia. The more they try not to think about whether or not they will sleep well the more anxiety it creates, producing the very thing they don't want.

Anytime you word a suggestion this way it becomes what is called, the law of reverse effect.

The more you try to _, the more you will find that you_.

Every time you think of_, you will feel_, and the more you try not to think of_______ , the stronger this effect will be.

When you form suggestions for your lover think about ways that you can create this reversed effect. Once you set up the possibility that they won't be able to think of anything else the suggestion will grow and become self-fulfilling.

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