Part One Hypnotic Seduction

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Stimulate the most powerful sex organ in your body 7

1 The Erotic Hypnotic Mind 12

2 What is Hypnosis- myths and reality 16

3 The Hypnotic Mind- persuasion, waking trance, conditioned response 18

4 Anchoring- creating and stacking anchors and sexual response, whisper anchor 23

5 Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control- Making a subject perform against their will 29

6 Hypnotic Response in Deep Trance 31

7 Erotic Uses of Hypnosis- trance states, creating desire, intensifying sensations 33

8 Hypnotic Agreement and Consent 35

9 Rapport- the critical importance of rapport and trust, instant rapport how to make anyone like you and fall in love with you 37

10 Master at Rapport- taking rapport to an unconscious level 41

11 Waking Trance- pacing and leading 45

12 Rhythm- the subconscious entry into trance 51

13 Breaking Rapport- things that you absolutely must NOT do 53

14 Deepening Rapport and Creating Waking Trance- breathing, eye contact and unconscious mind to mind communication 57

15 Eye Contact-the passageway to ecstasy, your eyes take a message to her soul 59

16 Representational Systems- visual, auditory, kinesthetic-finding the primary processing system 63

17 Charisma and Passion- becoming the passionate person that others want to be with 67

18 Outcomes- how to create an irresistible outcome 71

19 Voice- develop your erotic, exotic, magical, hypnotic voice 73

20 Language Patterns- Words that will open your lover's mind to pleasure 75

21 Embedded Commands- speaking the subliminal language of the subconscious mind 83

22 Fabulous Outcomes 91

23 Close the Deal- and get the date 95

24 Remote Seduction- How to reach out and touch someone, hypnotically- send sexual vibes they can actually feel 97 Passion Flower - a hypnotic story by David Barron CHT 103 Hypno Date- a hypnotic adventure from the mystery hypnotist 109 Cassandra's Hypnotic Hold- a hypnotic fantasy 114

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Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

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  • Roosa Himanen
    How to create trance and rapport when seducing?
    3 years ago
  • Jouni
    How to develop a hypnotic voice?
    11 months ago

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