Stacking Anchors and Sexual Response

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You can create a word as an anchor, such as NICE, WONDERFUL, EXQUISITE, and say it while you are using the kinesthetic anchor. Now, you are stacking anchors. Adding an auditory anchor to a kinesthetic anchor deepens the experience. So, in conversation when you have accessed a state in a person's mind, you will want to anchor it. When you have effectively anchored a state, you can re-create that state by firing the anchor and using the word that triggers the auditory anchor.

The nice thing about anchors is every time you re-anchor an experience it will build and strengthen the effect of the anchor. Now, let's say you want to make you partner feel loved, or feel desire for you, the moment she sees you. You fire your anchors covertly and continue with your conversation, or say nothing at all and allow your anchors to create an intense state of desire.

Sexual anchoring is powerful, especially for women. Well, ok, for men, too. But you have to admit, it doesn't take much to get you guys into a state of desire. Imagine if we built all these anchors and then started using them. you guys would be flat out uncontrollable.

If you choose a word or a touch during a moment of intense sexual desire, especially during a moment of orgasm, and then fire that anchor later during normal conversation, you will recreate that state of desire. During sexual desire and especially during orgasm the mind is very open and receptive to suggestion. During that moment, you can place a kinesthetic (physical) anchor. This kinesthetic anchor needs to be something that you could easily use later, while in conversation or in public.

It could be a squeeze of the shoulder, a stroke on the neck, a hand on the cheek, a touch on the ear.

A well set anchor, repeated during several orgasmic moments can be a gold mine later. During that same time you can stack anchors. As you touch or squeeze her to set the kinesthetic anchor, also say a word or phrase that will connect with this state. Something like, I WANT YOU NOW Or, I'M YOURS Or, WARM IN HERE

Then later, during a conversation, you can fire your kinesthetic anchor and say the words at the same time. You could even be commenting about the temperature of the room, and as you say "Is it just me, or is it getting WARM IN HERE". and then you use the K anchor as well. You are accessing an orgasm state.

Later, when you are together during a conversation, you can intentionally fire this anchor. If you have properly stacked your anchors and use them during a waking trance you will probably have to leave the restaurant. In other words, touch her exactly like you touched her during that orgasm. It will connect with the feelings of ecstasy and start the heart pumping. for you! If you do this right, don't be surprised if she suddenly wants to go somewhere quiet with you. Well, it might not be quiet for long...

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