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The fat dissolver by Jake is a program that will help you shed the fat off using unconventional methods that do not require you to starve yourself or to restrict your eating habits. It targets the source of the problem that is causing fat loss which then eliminates fat loss in the first place. These issues concern health, hormone and other things that influence your fat loss naturally without having to eat very little calories. Another great thing about this program is the fact that it is going to educate you on how to lose weight the natural way. In addition to that, the weight that you will lose is not going to come back, you will lose that weight forever and you will never gain it again. This is all using a method that helps your body perform its best with the hormones and body fluids in order to perfect the bodily functions. With that way, you will be able to feel strong and lose weight very easily while eating enough food. This program does not require you to be in an expert position, as a matter of fact, it is best that you use this program when you are a beginner, this is because your metabolism won't be ruined by any kind of fad diet. Read more...

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The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

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Weight Reduction Script

For one of the first times in my life I do really initiate a good positive approach toward food and eating. As I initiate this better, positive attitude toward food, enjoying the right foods, liking the right foods, eating the correct food for me and my goal. I now create an increasingly progressive positive change in my eating habits. From now on, I do prove to my own satisfaction that eating all I physiologically need does entirely satisfy me just like drinking all the water I need. Instead of trying to kill my appetite, treating it as an enemy, I work within the framework of my natural inborn usual reflexes, making a friend of my appetite, paying attention to it for this is a good thing. Slim people have appetites. They pay attention to them. Attractive people have appetites. They pay attention to them. My own hypnosis makes a friend of my appetite, rather than an enemy. I know that it is important that I do eat all I physiologically need to replace my energy stores for immediate...

Yet Another Weight Reduction Script

As I go deeper and deeper into this relaxation, even deeper and deeper down with every breath I exhale, all the sounds fade away in the distance. I pay attention only to the suggestions, which I deliver to my unconscious mind and the goals that are inherent within those suggestions, noting carefully the suggestions that I am delivering to myself. One thing is very important for me I am not only going to reduce weight to the level that is right for me I also keep it off. This program is designed so that I let go that old inert fat, and become a more lean, alert and vigorous person. I free myself of the extra weight and keep it off, easily and comfortably. That means that I am now reconditioning myself. I am a new person, in a new lean form, with new eating habits. Not only do I have these new eating habits, I am more and more wonderfully content and happy with myself and with these new eating habits. I am enjoying life more and more, eating the way nature intended, eating only when I...

Hypnosis With Obesity And Eating Disorders

Weight Control besity appears to result from an addiction that is as difficult to treat successfully as drug dependency and smoking and probably much more so. Stunkard and McLaren-Hume (1959), for instance, discovered that only 5 of obese patients lose weight without relapsing, and Brownell (1982) pointed out that the cure rate for many forms of cancer is greater than the success rate with obesity. There are numerous case studies and reports of outcomes with a clinical series of patients (e.g., Crasilneck & Hall, 1985 Stanton, 1975 Aja, 1977) who were treated through hypnosis for problems with obesity. There are very few studies (Wadden & Flaxman, 1981) that have compared hypnotic with nonhypnotic treatments, but these have generally found no difference between hypnotic and nonhypnotic treatment (Wadden & Anderton, 1982). Unfortunately, the hypnotic approaches used in these studies were unsophisticated and relied simply on suggestive hypnosis. We must await further research to...

Weight Control Suggestions

Your attempts in the past to starve yourself into reducing body weight developed tension, anxiety, and frustration. That is all over. Now you have the wonderful opportunity to associate relaxation of body and mind with a relaxed attitude toward eating. You find yourself comfortably choosing only those foods that are good for you, and passing up the foods that are fattening. Each passing day you gain more and more confidence in your ability to control your food intake. lower it to your lap. The lightness disappears and you go deeper into trance and feel more confident in your ability to carry out instructions and recommendations. As time goes on you will find yourself eating only those foods that are good for you and that will permit your body to lose excess weight. Specific foods that are acceptable and prohibited may be indicated. The change in your eating habits results in loss of excess weight, a more attractive figure, and increased pep and energy. You develop confidence in your...


WHEN the doctor is confronted with an obesity problem, he usually puts the patient on a diet, supplemented by proper medications, and a warning about the possible medical consequences of overweight. Some patients will stay on the diet and absorb the medications (and warnings) until the necessary poundage is lost. Then they part company with the doctor. A year or two later, they are back to see the same doctor about the same problem They're as fat as ever, the doctor says to himself. They just don't seem to have any sense about food intake. There are also patients who say they want to lose weight, but won't or can't stay on the diet prescribed by the doctor. Under the doctor's care they don't lose an ounce in fact, they gain weight while they are supposed to be losing it. Compulsive eaters aren't necessarily gluttons. They are often people who are searching for security. This search takes them back to the time when oral satisfaction represented complete security when mother fed and...

Start off your practice working with one or two popular issues and then broaden your practice

When I started off, I only saw smoking clients. Back then I was only doing direct suggestion sessions. It was a good way to develop my skills at delivering a pre-talk, pre-hypnotic interview, induction, deepening, suggestions, emerging and posthypnotic interview. When I had that sufficiently polished, I went on to doing weight management. The only thing that changed at that time was the script or outline that I used while my clients were in hypnosis.

Use active listening techniques so that your client will feel heard and understood

For example, after listening to your client you might say something like, Then you think that you are overweight because you snack too much between meals. Then the client will either confirm your understanding or attempt to make herself more clear, for instance adding, Yes, that and I eat too late at night.

The Power of the Mind

Your mind can do some very remarkable things. It can calculate answers to problems at speeds only exceeded by the guy in the car behind you hitting his horn when the light turns green for you. (The brain cranks out rapid- fire answers to questions like these Should you hit the brakes Should you pick up the stranded motorist Should you donate to the person collecting at the front door Do you buy Dove or Ivory ) The unconscious mind decides all of the answers to these questions so you don't have to think about it at the conscious level. If you had to consciously decide what to do in every single situation in life you would be completely overwhelmed and never get anything done. The wonderful thing about the unconscious mind is that once it understands something it will take care of it for you without asking for further advice from the conscious mind. Your unconscious mind automatically brakes when necessary and drives by the motorist as you call 911 on your cell phone. The unconscious...

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How Food Affects Your Sleep

There are a small changes you can make to your diet to sleep shorter and more deeply. While I am not a professional nutritionist, and I do not want to get into talking about dieting in this book too deeply, here are the facts If you currently have any heavy food in your diet, especially food that's high in saturated fat, it's most likely diminishing the quality of your sleep.

Make the next appointment for three to ten days apart

When you are working with clients on weight loss, keep in mind that if the client has a significant amount of weight to lose, say 25 pounds or more, after conducting the first three sessions, additional sessions can be spaced further apart (i.e., 2 to 4 weeks) so that more weight loss can be realized between sessions. This also provides time for any unresolved issues to surface while the sessions are still ongoing.

The ISE should be consistent with the known history of the client

When doing age regression work, you have to think like a detective, constantly putting things together and seeing if they add up. When you first meet with your client, you need to find out the known history of the problem. For example, when deeding with weight control I will have my client draw out a chart depicting her weight over the years. At a glance I can get a quick idea of when weight became an issue in her life. If I see that the weight started to come on when she was 13 years old, I would ask her during the intake process, what was going on in your life here It might have been a move, or a divorce, or the addition of a new baby in the family. I will then file information away in the back of my mind and make a note of it in her file.

Sample Script for Weight Loss

And now I want you to imagine yourself standing on a scale and looking down at the numbers on the scale. The numbers you see are showing you your ideal weight, the weight you want to be. See your body appear the way you would like it to be. See those parts of your body that need the weight removed watch as these parts of your body become smaller lighter slimmer. You will find yourself eating just enough healthy, nourishing foods to maintain your ideal weight. Until you do reach this ideal weight, you will find yourself with less and less desire to eat snacks between meals. In fact, very soon, you will have no desire at all to eat between meals. It simply becomes unnecessary. Imagine yourself in the not-so-distant future, just six months from now, having reached your exact goal weight enter goal weight here pounds lighter thinner growing stronger and stronger healthier and healthier. With less weight, you will feel better and better, each and every day, in every way.

Suggested Practice

Hypnotherapy is an easy process when you use a step-by-step process. Remember, the correct order of hypnotherapy sessions is a two-hour first-time session and one-hour follow-ups. Most situations will require 3-6 sessions total. Sessions should be one week apart. Weight loss requires six initial sessions, with follow-ups monthly until the person you are hypnotizing reaches his ideal weight.

Sheryl C Wilson PhD and Theodore X Barber PhD

Pertaining to obesity in the literature of behavior modification, and (c) the suggestions used in the treatment of overweight developed by many clinicians, especially by William S. Kroger (see Kroger & Fezler, 1976), Herbert Mann (1973), and Harold B. Crasilneck and James A. Hall (1985). important that you now change the way that you think of yourself this is as important as changing your eating habits. Picture yourself Hunger is nature's signal to tell us that we should begin searching for food. Years ago, this signal was very effective. People would feel hungry and by the time they found food and prepared it, they were really hungry and consequently they could really enjoy their food without gaining weight. But today, with our modern convenience foods, we can eat as soon as we feel hungry, and so we become overweight. We have learned from our culture that hunger is a bad thing, that one should not be hungry, and if we become hungry between meals, we often snack on something to...

Ego Strengthening John Hartland

John Hartland pointed out that only a few patients will let go of their symptoms before they feel confident and strong enough to do without them. Hartland's ego-strengthening techniques are comprised of positive suggestions of self-worth and personal effectiveness. I view ego-strengthening as analogous to the medical setting in which a patient is first strengthened by proper nutrition, general rest, and weight gain before a radical form of sur

An Example of Positive Suggestions for Well Being

The illustrative suggestions, as presented below, are an example of the kinds of positive suggestions that we have used in conjunction with many other suggestions in the treatment of smoking and obesity. Above all, stop telling yourself that you can't do something which you want very much to do such as stopping smoking or losing weight . As long as you tell yourself you can't do it, you can't. Instead, tell yourself that even if it is difficult, you will be able to do it. When you tell yourself that you can and will, you have taken the first step towards accomplishing what you want to accomplish. And you will find that you can and will accomplish your goal. These things that you will now be telling yourself will begin to affect your life more and more. They will affect the way you feel about yourself, and the way you feel about your life, and consequently will affect every aspect of your life.

Richard B Garver EdD

When we recognize what we did right and what we did wrong, it can also be used in rehearsing a specific skill. For instance, after a golfer has made two or three perfect practice swings or mental images, the right shoulder may be touched to program it in, and then he can go ahead and hit the shot. The principle is to program very specifically how the person wants to perform, to be very specific about the arousal level, and to use posthypnotic cues while both practicing and performing. Trust the unconscious program trust the cue that will trigger the right program, the specific program that you know is there and that you are reinforcing. This is much better than trying to get rid of or not do negative behavior. If you are hitting from the top in a golf swing, the worst thing you can do is to try not to hit from the top. Instead, concentrate on doing something else that will prevent you from hitting from the top the principle of using positive rather than negative suggestions . For...

The Principle Of Trance Ratification

For example, with a weight control patient, you might facilitate a glove anesthesia. Then, with the patient's permission, press on the hand with a shaip object, clamp a hemostat on the fleshy part of the hand below the little finger, or put a sterile needle through a fold of skin on the back of the hand. After inserting a needle or attaching a hemostat, ask your patient to open her eyes to briefly look at the hand. The suggestion may then be forcefully given I have had you do this to demonstrate to you the power of your own mind over your body. You have now witnessed the incredible power of your unconscious mind to control your feelings and your body. And you can know that, when your unconscious mind is so powerful that it can even control something as fundamental and basic as pain, that it can control anything having to do with your feelings and your body. You have far more potentials than you realize. And because of this power of your unconscious mind, your appetite and cravings...

The Principle Of Positive Suggestion

By way of illustration, instead of suggesting to a weight control patient, You will not be hungry, (an unlikely, and even undesirable proposition), you may suggest And you'll be surprised to discover, how really comfortable you will be, because you'll simply become so absorbed in the things you're doing, that time will go by very rapidly, and suddenly, to your

William S Kroger MD and William D Fezler PhD

If you really wish to lose weight, you will roll the food from the front of the tongue to the back of the tongue and from side to side in order to obtain the last ounce of satisfaction and the most mileage out of each morsel and each drop that you eat. By doing this you will more readily satisfy the thousands of taste cells that are located all over your tongue (there is an appetite center located in the hypothalamus) and, as a result, less food will be required and your caloric intake will be immeasurably curtailed. repugnant smell that you have ever experienced. Perhaps it might be the vile odor of rotten eggs. In the future, whenever you desire to eat something that is not on your diet, you will immediately associate this disagreeable smell with it. Also, you might like to think of the most awful and disgusting taste that you may have had in the past. This, too, can be linked with fattening foods even when you merely think of them. motivating yourself. Finally,...

Weight Optimizing Cream

It effects to normalizing of body weight, it helps both those who want to lose weight and those who cannot gain it. -helps in removing the cause of obesity or thinness that could be of psychic or organic nature - it does not require any dieting or limiting in food intake

Concrete Applications Of Hypnotic Techniques

Many obese patients are often very tense and have learned to reduce this tension through excessive eating. It is therefore useful to teach a self-hypnosis exercise for relaxation and as an alternative coping strategy for overeating. Patients will be strongly encouraged to practice their self-hypnosis daily by means of an audiocassette. To introduce hypnosis, we use a classical induction technique with eye fixation and deepening suggestions. Next, the patient will be asked to imagine herself in a safe, secret place, wherein she can become even more and more relaxed and further reflect upon the things in her (or his) life that are important right now. Hypnotic techniques will be introduced to help the patient in gaining self-control over the eating pattern (Wright & Wright, 1987). The patient can be asked to identify situations wherein they lose control over their eating behavior. Usually, the bingeing behavior will take place in specific situations. Hence a suggestion will be made for...

Middle Phase Altering Cognitions

A whole series of cognitions may contribute to the maintenance of obesity, such as the attitude toward eating, poor self-esteem and the way they perceive and experience their bodies. The Spiegel & Spiegel technique (1978) described earlier, where suggestions are given that 'overeating is harmful and poisons the body', may help the patient to change their attitude toward overeating. Meanwhile, patients can once again become conscious of feelings of hunger and satiation, which can be suggested systematically during the trance (Kroger, 1970). Obese patients very often have strong feelings of inferiority, they feel weak and powerless against their problem. They may perceive and experience their body as a great threat and even have feelings of disgust toward their body. During hypnosis, ego-strengthening suggestions can be made in order to favorably influence the sense of self-esteem (Brown & Fromm, 1987). Patients can be given the suggestion to look at their body in a mirror and to...

Learn and use Parts Mediation Therapy

I recommend using a kind of Parts Therapy that I call Parts Mediation Therapy. It is called Parts Mediation Therapy because the process is guided by the principles used in mediation. In Parts Mediation Therapy the therapist takes on the role of mediator and works with the client's parts (parts of herself that are in conflict, e.g., where she wants to quit smoking but part of her is afraid she will gain weight).

Jade Ladder Climbing to the

Poor Posture Ladder

Chest and benefit your heart and lungs. Before you drop your hand and leg, pause and balance on one leg for a very short moment before going back to the starting position. Keep the eyes looking forward as you raise and lower the hand. As you lower the hand and leg, make sure that you move slowly in order to control your energy and your weight. As you lower the raised leg, you should also bend the standing leg until you end back up in the starting position with both legs bent slightly. The weight should be on the thighs and back straight. You should also pause slightly before continuing with the movement. Pay attention to the acupuncture points that we use, that is, the Laogong and Huantiao points, because these points are doors for Qi to enter the body.

Gorgeous Way To Diet

Now, another girl was overweight, and markedly so. I pointed out to her, You're overweight and you've dieted and dieted, to no avail. And you tell me that you can stay on a diet for a week, or two weeks, even three weeks, and then you fall off and gorge. Then you're despairing and gorge some more. Now, I'll give you a medical prescription. Continue the diet given to you by your doctor in the past. Stay on that diet for two weeks and three weeks, if you can. And then, on the last Sunday of that third week, gorge like hell, because it's medical orders. You can't gorge enough to offset your losses in the three weeks. And you can gorge without a sense of guilt because you're under medical orders to gorge all day Sunday. And the following Monday go back to your diet. Stay on it three weeks, if you can, and then have another guiltless gorge day. In my last letter from her she says that there has to be a better way to diet than saving up her hunger three weeks. She wants to be hungry each...

Hypnosis To Overcome Resistance

As already mentioned, one of the major difficulties in psychotherapy of anorexic patients is overt or covert resistance. At the very beginning of therapy, the patient will object to any pressure to increase food intake and direct suggestions may actually antagonize her. When hypnotherapy is present as a tool for weight control, it is often accepted. Properly presented, self-hypnosis will pose no threat to the A therapist can seize on something important to the patient to introduce self-hypnosis, and, at the same time, indirectly suggest better eating habits in order to improve her performance, e.g., in tennis, etc. The therapist can emphasize that in self-hypnosis, the patient will gain complete control and that even in heterohypnosis the operator does not control the subject.

Cognitive Reframing Suggestions For Increasing Impulse Control

It's interesting to realize how sometimes we deceive ourselves. Maybe you can recall saying to yourself, when you're trying not to eat between meals, This is too hard Of course it's hard, but what makes it too hard Naturally it's difficult to learn new habits. But you've done many difficult things before. Pause Urges to eat will pass fairly quickly. So the only thing that makes it too hard, is our irrationally telling ourselves that it is. But as you reaffirm your commitment, to respect and protect your body, so that (cite their individual motivations), you will find your eating behavior changing.

Ericksons Hypnotic Patterns of Indirect Suggestion

Ericksonian questions can facilitate internal change with a very suggestive double bind, giving the illusion of choice What will be the more effective way for you to lose weight Will it be because you simply forget to eat Or because you have little patience with heavy meals, since they prevent you from doing more interesting things

Hypertension Gastrointestinal Disorders Premenstrual Syndrome and Psychosomatic Disorders

There are some conditions where hypnosis has proven particularly beneficial. While suggestions were not submitted in some of these areas, you should be aware of the potential benefits of hypnosis with these problems. One of these areas is hypertension. Hypertension has been benefited by deep muscle relaxation (e.g., Taylor, Farquhar, Nelson, & Agras, 1977), meditation (e.g., Benson, Rosner, Marzetta, & Klemchuk, 1974 Benson & Wallace, 1972) and hypnosis (Barabasz & McGeorge, 1978 Crasilneck & Hall, 1985 Deabler, Fidel, Dillenkoffer, & Elder, 1973 Friedman & Taub, 1977, 1978 Maslach, Marshall, & Zimbardo, 1972). Hypnotic procedures for control of hypertension include self-hypnotic training in relaxation and finger or hand warming. Consistent practice of self-hypnotic procedures several times each day is vitally important for success, and hypnosis may need to be combined with cognitive therapy, weight reduction, smoking cessation, and a regular exercise program for maintenance of change...

David Spiegel MD and Herbert Spiegel MD

The instruction for weight control is similar to that used for smoking control. Subjects are given the following three points Subjects are instructed to recognize that most of the food they eat nourishes their body, but an excess damages it, and that they can use self-hypnosis to learn to eat with respect for their body eating with respect involves giving the body only the food it needs for nourishment and not forcing it to take in food which is damaging or disfiguring to it. They are further taught to concentrate on the concept of eating like a gourmet savoring every aspect of the food they take in, the color, the texture, temperature, the aroma, the flavor, the seasoning so that they learn that they can actually eat less but enjoy eating more when they concentrate fully on the food they eat. This includes eating slowly and eating without distraction such as the television or a newspaper. Other elements include, of course, a balanced diet and exercise. The plan is, again, to help...

Meditatioh Helped My Hemorrhoids Neurasthenia 4 Overweight

Some said to me that if you sit there and meditate frequently, you're going to gain weight. Not at all I was overweight and I had a big tummy before I started to Tieditate. I sweat a lot when I meditate. It feels like more strenuous than running a mile, yet I am refreshed ever time meditate. When I practised the Belt Meridian. I could feel the Chi Energy circulating in my waist like a ribbon. As I kept on doing it, the Chi ran so East around the waist that the waist actually felt narrowed down. Now, my big tummy has disappeared and my weight has become normal like anyone else.

The Principle Of Interspersing And Embedding Suggestions

For instance, I was working with a woman for both obesity and marital problems. She had a noxious habit of interrupting rather than listening during interactions. Therefore, the following suggestions were given (and recorded on cassette tape for use in self-hypnosis). Notice where commas indicate very brief pauses. It will be interesting for you to learn to listen, to your body. And as you listen, to your body, you can notice how you feel satisfied. And rather than interrupting, the natural balance of things, you can listen respectfully to feelings, and sensations of your body, noticing how soon you feel comfortably full and contented. Two problems were being addressed at once.

Who Are Our Hypnotic Clients Indications

Another group of clients seem to use the request for hypnosis as a way to get their proverbial foot into the therapist's door. They often request help with a discrete problem, such as the cessation of a smoking habit or the need to lose weight. Evaluation of the full clinical picture often reveals no conscious wish for help with the presenting problem, but rather help with an entirely different concern. The importance of the diagnostic skills of the practitioner is highlighted in these instances, rather than the hypnotic skills. The practitioner may be able to do a very credible job assisting the client with the 'presenting problem' but miss the underlying problems which the client may be unable to voice or explain.

Learn how to age regress the client to where it all started called the Initial Sensitizing Event

An ISE should make sense given the known history of the client. For example, let's say that the client was doing fine until she experienced some trauma such as a war or accident. Then her life started falling apart. Perhaps some such incident precipitated weight gain, or abuse of alcohol or drugs. In this case, you may only need to go back to that event.

Dispelling Discomfort at the Eight Transitory Things in Life

Also helpful is deconstructing the experience of actively giving ourselves a gain or a loss. For example, we picture doing something nice for ourselves, like taking a hot bath. We try to imagine relaxing and enjoying it without feeling like a self-satisfied master who has rewarded someone or like a beast of burden that has been rewarded. Similarly, we picture restricting ourselves, for instance not taking dessert because we are dieting. We try to imagine doing this without feeling like a disciplinarian or a naughty child being punished.

Hypnosis With Eating Disordered Patients

In regard to the treatment of bulimia nervosa with hypnosis, many early studies had methodological flaws, such as measures of treatment outcome that were not adequately reported in order to evaluate the effectiveness. But one controlled comparative evaluation of a combined hypnotic and behavioral treatment was successful in showing that hypnotic techniques had a significant impact on treating individuals with bulimia nervosa and reducing accompanying psychopa-thology (Griffiths & Channon-Little, 1995). Kirsch, Montgomery, and Saperstein (1995) conducted a meta-analysis of studies comparing cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with and without hypnosis in the treatment of several disorders, and though their meta-analysis was not specific to eating disorders, their results suggested that hypnosis substantially enhanced treatment outcome, so that the average client receiving cognitive-behavioral hypnotherapy showed greater improvement than at least 70 of clients receiving hypnotic...

The Process of Hypnotherapy Stage 3 Planning a Change

The second answer is that the intervention may be revealed by the process of listening intelligently to the Client during a certain amount of open-ended discussion. If, as an example, it is found that a woman has trouble stopping herself eating the snack foods that all children love, while being quite firm with her own son in those matters, then it does not take too much lateral thinking to think of instituting the following resultant of eating such food You must be fair. Every time you indulge the little-girl-in-you with ice-cream, etc. you must give your son exactly the same. Notice that, as in the above examples, we are not seeking directly to change her eating habits, which were the central symptom, but rather introducing a change in the resultant. Since she has in fact tried very hard to reduce the eating directly with no success at all, we may presume that a direct attack will not be too successful. On the other hand this indirect approach, which still allows her to eat as much...

Symptom Effectiveness

The techniques fall into roughly two categories relaxation techniques that focus on relaxing the body, and stress-reduction techniques that condition the mind to handle stress effectively. Your mind, body, and emotions are interrelated. In seeking relief from stress, you will obtain the best results by using at least one technique from each of these two broad categories. For example, if your most painful stress symptom is general anxiety, you might practice progressive relaxation and breathing exercises to calm your body and do exercises from the chapters on refuting irrational ideas and worry control to reduce your mental and emotional stress. If your results on Tactics for Coping with Stress indicate that you do not engage in regular physical exercise and or your diet is not good, you will also want to refer to the chapters on physical exercise and nutrition to learn how these tactics can reduce your general anxiety.

Refining Your Style for Working with Metaphors

Do not limit yourself to stories that you have heard or experienced. You can create stories from scratch that will exactly address the needs of your clients. One of Erickson's famous stories is a deep level metaphor about tomatoes. To a client who wanted to lose weight he said, You know, I'm growing some tomatoes in my backyard. And the interesting thing about the tomatoes is that they know what to eat to be the right size. Tomatoes always come out to be just the size they're supposed to be. And he continued with a long, involved metaphor of how a tomato pulls the nutrients up from the soil, taking in the right amount of water and the right amount of nutrients. That is one way of doing an intervention

Additional Case Histories

She was coming to me for diet control, so I hypnotized her and performed the diet control suggestions. She was one of the most receptive hypnosis subjects I have ever had I could practically hypnotize her by just saying Close your eyes and relax. She responded just marvelously.

Why You Say What You Do

Answer You use a post-hypnotic suggestion as your main theme or reason for the session. Your subject carries out these suggestions after the hypnotic session is over. If his goal is to control your weight, then your post-hypnotic suggestion would involve words and ideas that will help him control weight. You may tell your subject to begin exercising or drinking water. If your goal of the session is to relax then your post-hypnotic suggestion will involve how you will feel relaxed after the induction session. You may suggest feeling the same degree of relaxation while you are working on a project after the session is finished.

Q Can you tell me what things in life give you greatest satisfaction pleasure happiness

Suppose, as a rather obvious example, that the Client wants to lose weight, then it can be very important to know how the benefit will be most appreciated. Is it in being able to buy smarter clothes Is it in feeling fitter Is it in looking slimmer Is it in feeling more sexually attractive And, if so, for whom Is it in simply seeing a different number on the scales when weighed In these different cases we might well be able to use some aspect of the desired result as a reinforcer of a useful change. In the first example we might institute the habit of window shopping for an ideal wardrobe, with an eye to looking for items which can be bought and worn at steps along the way to the ideal weight. In some cases it is then hardly necessary to specify exactly the changes in lifestyle which are necessary to achieve the change, any more than it is necessary in biofeedback training to specify how the blood pressure etc. is to be controlled. The feedback in either case can be enough to reinforce...

Dynamic Rebound and Paired Systems

Note that although this is a plausible formula I am by no means saying that it MUST hold for everyone. If there is one certain thing that can be said about people it is that they work in different ways. What I DO say is that the question of whether or not the formula holds for a particular person is one which can be determined empirically. If an artificial sense of famine such as is produced by a strict diet leads to an activation of a pattern of compulsive eating and then rapid weight gain we have a strong reason to suppose that the initially plausible result above holds. With this idea in mind we may see Erickson's strategy as being one of inactivating completely this particular coupling by presenting the woman's body with a world in which there is not only a surfeit of food but one in which it is being forced into her. With this storing system inactivated it would then be easy to lose weight. If such a woman attempts to lose weight by dieting, but has also inherited the old storage...

Stopping Smoking Script

As I am taking control of my own mind, I also have better control of my eating habits too, wherever I am, whatever I am doing, whoever I am with, I have no desire to and that's all there is to it, I know that I am an ex-smoker. That's right, I let those words sink in to the deepest level of being, which does reproduce in me my dominant thoughts.

Look Toward The Future [age Progression

Don't worry or be anxious about losing weight. Worry and anxiety will not help you lose weight. Relax and tell yourself that you are now on a road that will lead to a new you . . . to a more attractive, healthier, more energetic, and more alive you. Feel an overwhelming sense of confidence and security rising up within you as you realize that you have taken control, taken charge of your life, and you will no longer allow yourself to be the victim of each tempting, fattening food that comes along.

Introduction And Indications

However, when time does not permit sufficient trance deepening, with less talented subjects, and in self-hypnosis, end-result imagery may also produce very beneficial results. The following two contributions by Korn and Pratt (1988) model such interventions. Such goal imagery may be beneficial whenever you are working with individuals who have specific goals toward which they are working. These techniques present a very positive approach to promoting behavior change, recognizing that people are motivated from in front, toward goals, as well as being pushed from behind by the influences of the past. These techniques have applicability with business success, sales, athletic performance, and such problems as obesity, smoking, academic achievement, parenting, low self-esteem, and relationship or interpersonal problems. These types of suggestions may also be recorded on tape, along with induction and deepening, for subjects to use for reinforcement at home. (Ed.)

Have your client locate where she is experiencing the feeling in her body

Whenever I am working with a client for weight control and they identify the feeling as being in the stomach or gut, etc. I always say, You will never confuse that feeling with physical hunger again (Repeated three times.) There is nothing you can eat that can have any effect on that feeling. Is that acceptable to you I wait for a response.

The Fourth Recognition

The Fourth Recognition lifts the weight of guilt and anger. Freedom from the ongoing oppression of these heavy feelings tends to leave you feeling lighter, more energetic and more optimistic about life. There is a great relief of stress that you have been carrying which can even lead to better overall health. So many illnesses are related to chronic stress. (Chronic stress lowers levels of dopamine in the brain and has a negative affect on mood. Chronic stress is associated with weight gain and more.) Remove the old erroneous programming in this area and your internal stress is greatly reduced.

What You Will Receive

Tape 3 Module 26 Ericksonian-style Indirect conversational covert hypnosis - explanation & demonstration Module 27 Exercise & independent study assignment Indirect methods of hypnosis Module 28 Hetero-hypnosis versus self-hypnosis Module 29 Hypnosis scripts Module 30 Exercise Creating hypnosis scripts Module 31 Exercise Self-hypnosis Module 32 Hypnosis for relaxation & stress reduction Module 33 Exercise Applying hypnosis for relaxation & stress reduction Module 34 Hypnosis for Smoking cessation Module 35 Exercise Applying hypnosis for smoking cessation Module 36 Hypnosis for weight reduction weight management Module 37 Exercise Applying hypnosis for weight reduction weight management Module 38 Hypnosis for sports improvement Module 39 Exercise Applying hypnosis for sports improvement Module 40 Hypnosis for insomnia

Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The available evidence indicates that hypnosis can enhance the effectiveness of empirically supported approaches. Meta-analyses have shown that hypnosis augments the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral psychotherapies (Kirsch, Montgomery, & Sapirstein, 1995). A special issue of the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis on the topic of hypnosis as an empirically supported clinical intervention documented the effectiveness or promise of combining hypnosis with a variety of interventions in treating psychological and medical conditions ranging from acute and chronic pain to obesity (see Lynn, Kirsch, Barabasz, Carde a, & Patterson, 2000).

Assessment Of Insomnia As An Indicator Of Therapeutic Goals

Taking a brief sleep history involving questions about the insomnia's onset, duration, and severity. Asking about any precipitating events, lifestyle changes, and dietary changes (e.g., caffeine or alcohol usage) would be helpful. 2. Assigning the person the task of keeping a sleep diary for at least one week in which the person records such variables as the time gone to bed, the length of time it took to fall asleep, the number of awakenings during the night and for how long each lasted, the time of final awakening in the morning, the level of fatigue noted during the day, naps taken, and any other factors one might wish to include (e.g., exercise schedule and dietary factors). The sleep diary may be an especially valuable tool to obtain a more objective picture of the person's sleep patterns because studies have shown that purely subjective reports are often inaccurate (Roth & Roehrs, 2003).

Final Phase Prevention Of Relapse

Most treatments are exclusively aimed at quick weight reduction and ignore the crucial goal, namely weight stabilization and prevention of relapse. Relapse is probably the most frequently quoted problem in the treatment of obesity. A follow-up lasting 1 to 2 years is therefore absolutely indicated to prevent possible relapse. The patient will have to be regularly encouraged and stimulated to follow the agreements and to practice hypnotic exercises on a daily basis. Physical exercise and sport must be practiced every day. Post-hypnotic suggestions can further be offered to strengthen and reinforce daily commitment to the agreements. In the near future, computer programs designed to better master obesity problems, may become very helpful in this regard.

Q Can you recall the first time CS happened

We might also consider referring the Client to another specialist. For example, although in principle we should be able by means of our diagnostic scheme to discover if there is a dietary cause for a problem, it is outside our expertise and so it is unlikely that we will know the precise questions to ask in order to establish the dietary cause. Equally although we should in principle be able to decide if the cause is an allergy, or perhaps some poison in the environment, it will depend on asking the right detailed questions, and the right questions will again be best left to specialists.

The Roots of Our Emotions

The social problems caused by those who overindulge in alcohol are now being overtaken by the medical consequences linked to overeating and physical inactivity. Item By the standards set by the World Health Organization, some 54 of our nation's adults and 25 of our children are overweight.

Sculpting The Perfect

At all times of the year, lots of people ask me about reducing their weight and how to use their brain more to help them and can I send them some techniques for doing so and so on and so on. I have given lots of ideas about weight reduction throughout this programme - this one is a bit different though.

Dissolving Disturbing Emotions into Underlying Deep Awareness

We may be clinging to the image of an ideal weight and hair color that is outdated and unrealistic. Relaxing our attachment to this ideal, we try to look with individualizing awareness at how we are at this stage of life. Further, we might envy the way that we looked and felt when we were younger. Letting go of our envy, we try to look at ourselves with accomplishing awareness. We gained our previous look and level of energy because of youth. Those times are gone. Now, we can only accomplish what is realistic for our age. We may be angry with ourselves for having gained so much weight. Realizing that this does not help, we try to relax our anger. With mirror-like awareness of reality, we see simply that we are old, not young, and fat, not thin. Seeing the facts enables us to deal with them more soberly and sensitively. look at ourselves with the caring concern that underlies our tension. Accepting the situation specific to our age, we set ourselves a reasonable goal for losing weight....

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When I participate in corporate employee health programs and conduct a group hypnosis for smoking cessation, the results are just as good as when I do individual quit-smoking sessions. That's not true for weight-loss programs, though. The group suggestions are often too general, and dieters usually get better results with individual sessions.

Playing with your energy body

Did you ever have the sense that you were bigger than your physical body Or that the space you occupy expands and contracts depending on circumstances (No, I'm not talking about dieting here.) Did you ever have the feeling that you had no boundaries and you went on forever Well, you're experiencing the expansion and contraction of your energy body, the aura of energy that surrounds your physical body.

Doctor H demonstrating

For the utilization of autohypnosis in other habit patterns, such as excessive smoking, obesity, nail biting, and the like, the following approaches may be used. For instance, you have taught the patient certain patterns, certain habits, such as reminders of the proper prophylactic care of his mouth, the importance of brushing his teeth, washing his dentures, etc. Whatever the technique may be, where it is a pattern that needs to be properly learned by him, you can instruct him in words similar to these, while he is still in the hypnotic state

Mind Virus Freedom

If you are going to watch the news, be subjected to advertising messages, have in depth discussions with people, then I recommend that firstly, you begin to choose what you allow 'on board' in your mind and protect yourself from being influenced by mind viruses that can enhance negativity or have you sat in front of the TV in fear Maybe you've been infected with one of those 'get rich quick' mind viruses that plague the internet, or that you can lose pounds of weight with one miracle pill. These are exaggerated ideas I am using to make my point.

Doing What We Need to Do

We need to do something because it will benefit us, others, or both, or because of physical necessity or circumstances. For example, we may need to diet because losing weight will improve our self-esteem, will enable us to play sports with our children without losing our breath, or will improve our performance at work. We may also need to diet for health reasons or because we are traveling in an area where the food does not suit us. We do what we need to do when we are aware of the reasons for doing it, are convinced of their validity, feel motivated by them, and remain mindful of these three factors.

Harry E Stanton PhD

Following induction, deepening, and ego-strengthening suggestions And now I want you to have a clear mental image in your mind, of yourself standing on the scales and the scales registering the weight you wish to be. See this very, very clearly for this is the weight you will be. See yourself looking the way you would like to look with the weight off those parts of the body you want the weight to be off. See this very, very vividly and summon this image into your mind many times during the day particularly just after waking in the morning and before going to sleep at night, also have it vividly in your mind before eating meals. And this is the way you will look, and this is the weight you will be. As you believe this, so it will be. When you have attained this weight, you will be able to maintain it, you will find yourself eating just enough to maintain your weight at the weight you would like to be. Until you do attain this weight you will find you have less, and less desire to eat...

Eat what you want and loose weight

Your first step in achieving this is to choose the ideal weight that suits you. That is to say the weight that suits your bone structure and height. Look in a mirror and see yourself in your imagination at your knew ideal weight. Don't worry if you find it difficult to imagine yourself in this way. Some people who have been over weight for a long time can have a little trouble at first however trust me you can do it. Perhaps get a picture of someone from a magazine who's figure you admire and see yourself as that shape. Perhaps superimpose your face onto the body either in your imagination or use a photograph of yourself. You know you deserve to feel so good and have the best in life. You always do good things for yourself You love yourself and respect your body You are loving your new positive attitude to life. You know that your great respect and love of your body is because of your new eating habits. You always leave some food on your plate. This is because you only eat what your...

Qolden Dragon Stretches Its Claws

1 Stand with your left foot forward and your right foot back. All your weight should be on the back leg, which is bent. Your left leg (front leg) should be straight and light. Hold your left hand at around ear level and your right hand by your waist. Both hands should be held like dragons' claws with the fingers slightly rounded and the palm hollowed. The waist should be open, with the upper body turning 45 degrees to the right. 2 Simultaneously shift your weight forward on the left leg and let your arms rotate so your left arm cycles in a circle downwards and your right hand cycles upwards in a circle. Make sure to keep the hands held like dragons' claws. Repeat, moving your weight forward and backward while cycling the arms as many times as you like. 1 Stand with your weight on your left leg and the knee slightly bent Place the right foot next to it, heel up, only the toes touching. Cross your wrists in front of your Lower Dantian (see page 65). Men should place the left hand over...

Inward Traveling Holistic Health

Obesity, arthritis and blood sugar problems are some of the most common health problems I see today. These are also problems where holistic medicine and meditational therapies are very helpful. I have pre-recorded audio seminars with some of the finest insights into the holistic treatment of obesity, arthritis and blood sugar problems. If you would like to learn more about how holistic medicine can help you, please take a moment to look at my audio seminars, you can access them by clicking here.

Feelings Wishes and Necessity

Four combinations may occur between what we want and what we feel like doing. Suppose, for example, we are overweight and we know that we need to diet. (1) We may want to keep our diet, but not feel like doing so when our favorite cake is served for dessert. (2) We may feel like sticking to our diet, but not want to do so when we have paid much money for a hotel room and a breakfast buffet is included. (3) We may both feel like keeping to our diet and want to do so when people tell us how fat we have become. (4) We may neither want to keep, nor feel like keeping our diet when we are aggravated

Mindfulness in Daily Life

Dtiring ordinary activities, when you are walking, eating, or cleaning, bring greater mindfulness to your movements. Be mindful of your diet. Consume food that is not difficult to digest, and in quantities that are not too large or too small. If you want to turn eating into a Dharma event, partake of your food so that you can nourish your body and use it to be of service to the world. And get enough sleep. Even with the best of intentions, your practice will be impaired if you're not getting enough sleep. Try to fall asleep with wholesome thoughts. Provide yourself with an interval between sleep and your daily activities, with all of their concerns and responsibilities. It is optimal to meditate just before retiring.

What To Be Mindful Of

In this way, you may find that life takes on a sense of order, that you are not so involved in eating anymore, and, as a bonus perhaps, that you are losing weight. With only the most superficial observation, you may discover that eating as you do ordinarily may be followed by a plethora of such symptoms as vague feelings of unrest, headaches, depression, anxiety, stomachaches, muddled thinking, fatigue or itching. If you can detect what the causes are, you may be able to rid yourself of the symptoms. However, that may not prove to be as easy as it may seem. There are many kinds of addiction, but it is characteristic of them all, according to a current theory regarding what is involved in allergy, that you crave the very things that cause your problems. Sitting passively aware of everything that is transpiring, you relax. This not only serves to reduce your reactions overall, but also helps you to become less attached to things that have been troubling you. You become aware of how...

Q Can you think of any small benefits that C leads to

In such a case then it will be worth synchronising a slow change in the eating pattern with other changes designed to improve each of the above chains. If we were to find that the family rows were rooted in financial worries, then it might be worth putting effort into giving her the confidence to get a job. This would have as side-effects a reduction in boredom and a greater feeling of being appreciated (if not loved). We might also find that channelling some of the desire to eat into the pattern of seeing the parents and cooking them a very nice meal in which she would join, would both help her to feel that she was doing something for them and reduce any secret worry-binges. We might suggest that joining some club in which she would find herself appreciated - ideally something active as well - would simultaneously make her feel less unloved and help to lose weight. Although it may take time to work through all these possibilities, it is time well spent because the result is permanent...

Turning the body to look at the moon

The Chinese like the moon very much that's why our calendar follows the lunar cycle. Many people like to come together as a family at night to enjoy the moonlight and listen to the older family members telling stories. In this movement you turn your body sideways by about 135 degrees, which strengthens the kidneys and stomach, improves the circulation and can help you to lose weight. Breathe in on either side, and out on the opposite side. 2. I y Turn to the left and shift your weight to your left leg. Allow your right heel to lift off the floor. Raise both arms to the left and side. Look in the same direction in which your hands are pointing. Relax your body and swing both arms down in front of you. Allow your knees to bend and begin to shift your weight from your left to your right leg.

Conditioning The Mind

Most of the food they ate were vegetables. They also consumed a fair amount of dairy produce. However to my mind one of the most significant things was the importance they placed on the freshness of their food. Vegetables were picked only just before they were cooked. On special occasions when they might eat meat the animal would be slaughtered shortly before the feast. In this way the precious enzymes and nutrients would not be lost in the preparation. In fact most food would be eaten raw but if they did cook they tended to boil it. Nothing appeared to be fried. They are one of the few cultures in the world were they were very aware of the harmful effects of fat in the diet.

Clear And Unclear Thinking

Most of the hundreds of clients who have come to me for help in losing weight and keeping it off have really come with a deeper agenda. They may claim lack of willpower or being a compulsive overeater, but what they are really asking for is to have their minds repaired. They are certain there is something wrong with them, something that needs fixing.

Looking at the sky touching the sea

Open your arms out to your sides, with your palms facing forwards, and transfer your weight on to your rear leg. Keep the front foot flat on the floor and look forwards. Breathe in. 3. Shift your weight to your front leg and, while leaning forwards and downwards, close your arms and breathe out. Stop when you are fully forwards and your hands cross in front of your knee. Look at your hands.

Knowing Your Goal

The goal of stress management is not merely stress reduction. After all, wouldn't life be boring without stress As mentioned earlier, there is a tendency to think of stressful events or stressors as negative (such as the injury or death of a loved one) but stressors are often positive. For instance, getting a new home or a promotion at work brings with it the stress of change of status and new responsibilities. The physical exertion of a good workout, the excitement of doing something challenging for the first time, or the pleasure of watching a beautiful sunset are all examples of positive stress. Distress or negative stress occurs when you perceive that the challenge facing you is dangerous, difficult, painful, or unfair, and you are concerned that you may lack the resources to cope with it. You can actually increase your ability to deal with distress by integrating into your everyday life positive activities such as solving challenging problems, practicing regular exercise and...

Case 6 Change

It is far beyond the scope of this work to get into all of the ramifications, subtleties and surprises. One of the surprises I hope that you will soon discover is this All systems, from anxiety to depression, anorexia to obesity, will have certain set patterns or systems. I will go more out on a limb and state that the majority of people with each symptom will have the same patterns. Once you recognize the pattern and its loop, you need to help the individual break it, and form a choice of patterns.

Routine Rl

(use only with female subjects) As you go on floating, drifting smoothly and gently, more and more deeply relaxed with each breath, focus your attention on the lip of your nose. Keep your attention now focused gently and lazily on the tip of your nose until you reach a point where your entire attention is on the sound of my voice. When you reach that point, you can forget about the tip of your nose and just go on listening to my voice and allowing yourself to relax more and more deeply. As you keep your attention gently focused on the tip of your nose, I want you to imagine for a minute. Imagine yourself as you really want to be, slender and pretty, looking so good and feeling so fine, so full of energy and vitality, wearing the gorgeous clothes that look so good on your slender, beautiful body. This is you. This is the lovely woman you are now becoming. Every day from now on you will be more and more completely the woman you really want to be. You will be relaxed and calm no matter...

Pushing the wave

Degrees while your front foot points palms facing down. Breathe in. forwards. Keep your weight on your back leg. Lift both arms to shoulder height. 3. Sink down and move your weight forwards, with your palms pushing forwards at the same time. Shift your weight to your front leg and straighten it your back leg goes up on its toes. Breathe out. 4. I Relax your hands, palms facing downwards. Transfer your weight to your back leg and sink down. At the same time as you move your weight your hands return to the chest, Hegu points facing Qihu points. Breathe in.

Why Do You Say it

Answer You use a post-hypnotic suggestion as your main theme or reason for the session. Your lover carries out these suggestions after the hypnotic session is over. If his goal is to control your weight, then your post-hypnotic suggestion would involve words and ideas that will help him control weight. You may tell your lover to begin exercising or drinking water. If your goal of the session is to relax then your post-hypnotic suggestion will involve how you will feel


Now, with your list, for each of the traits or ways of being, try to do the opposite for a few days. Notice the anxiety (either in planning or in executing). Apply exercise 13 to find out where the pattern came from. Like healthy eating or exercise, exercise 14 is something you should plan for as part of your life from here on.


In working with problems of overeating and obesity, I typically will use an induction that employs progressive relaxation and an arm Ievitation. During the arm levitation, I suggest to the patients that they are experiencing an altered sense of perception that at one point in time they have perceived their arm or their hand as if it were under their control, but that during the levitation they can perceive the arm or hand in an altered sense, as if it were dissociated and separate, floating and apart.

Edgar Cayce

I see a man, short, fat, round face, wearing a dark suit. He shows no exterior signs of being sick. Maybe the disease is still developing, or maybe it has just been cured. I suggest losing some weight. He should go on a diet, even though he isn't too thrilled about the idea. He should be informed that obesity is dangerous. He needs to be pushed, scared into doing something. He doesn't seem to care about his health, but at the same time he's good


I chose to write out a possible Hypnotic script to help weight loss because many people seek help in this area. The problem is many clients come with the expressed desire to lose weight and consciously believe that their only problem is simply that they eat too much. They do not know nor have they given any thought as to why they are eating too much. In many cases whether it be obesity, alcoholism, a stammer, fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of men, fear of women, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of open spaces, or whatever, there will often be a hidden reason buried in the subconscious which pushes a person to react in away which would appear to be detrimental to themselves. All professional Hypnotists have a lot of people coming to them in order to lose weight. It is by no means rare that there is often a deeper psychological reason for that person's obesity. It went on to reason that if Clare was to have sex with her husband there was a chance that she might get pregnant again....

Time Distortion

Time distortion may be of particular value in working with acute and intractable pain, in childbirth training, in helping patients endure unavoidable but miserable experiences or suffering (e.g., hospitalization, cancer), in athletics, in treating obesity (making the time between meals seem to go by very rapidly), in treating cravings and withdrawal symptoms, with hypnoanesthesia, and in treating anorgasmia and retarded ejaculation. It may also be of value in conducting a time distorted review of experiences from the past. Time distortion may even be used to have patients conduct internal reviews of learnings in therapy and to review potentially disturbing dreams (Rossi & Cheek, 1988). In working with severe trauma, time distortion may be suggested (in an age regression) so that the traumatic event will be subjectively experienced in a much shorter period of time.

Flying pigeon

Open your arms out to your sides with your palms facing forwards. Transfer your weight on to your rear leg and allow the toes of your front foot to rise off the ground. Look forwards and breathe in. Shift your weight forwards and close your arms in front of you. Shift your weight on to the front leg and allow the heel of the back foot to rise. Breathe out.

Weight Loss

I have heard it said that many live on one-third of the food they eat and Doctors and diet organisations live on the other two-thirds . Most slimmers know that dieting nearly always brings about overeating. Weight goes down initially but soon shoots up again. The idea of living a life of deprivation and self denial is very difficult to accept for many people. Obesity can be a very difficult condition to cure as you can see from the numerous magazines available offering a multitude of diets and theories. Lets face it dieting is very big business. If it could be solved easily then

The Three Treasures

As with verything else in Taoist philosophy when dealing with your diet they look for a balance of Ying and Yang. They are also very careful about the combination of different foods and their effect on the digestive system - So it is not a bad idea to give your diet a little thought 4. Try to eat a greater proportion of vegetables and or salads and cut down on the amount of red meat and pork in your diet

Sample Pretalk

So hypnosis is no different from driving a car, playing video games, or working on a computer. Most people engaged in these activities would not think that they are in a trance, but they are. They are in a light hypnotic trance known as Alpha. (By the way, since reading is a form of hypnosis, surprise You're in hypnosis Okay, let's get back to the pretalk.) In Alpha, your mind is slowed down just a little, your focus is narrower, your breathing is slower, and you are relaxed. Most people have driven a car, played a video game, worked on a computer, or read a really good article. Therefore, to say that you cannot be hypnotized is to misunderstand the true nature of a hypnotic state. Since you are up to 200 times more suggestible even while you are in the light state of Alpha, anything beyond this is unnecessary for most purposes (programming someone to lose weight, stop smoking, overcome a fear of flying, and so on). You can have an extremely effective hypnosis session while being...

Areas of usefulness

In regard to the nervous system, apart from matters handled by the psychiatrists, one could use hypnosis for such disturbances as anxiety, insomnia, and migraine. Also, questions of excessive smoking, nail biting, stammering, obesity, and the like can often be resolved by the nonpsychiatrist.

Training In Hypnosis

Both Dr Torem and Dr Vanderlinden comment that with anorexia nervosa and bulimia there has been remarkably little utilization of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, whereas hypnotherapists have been intensively engaged in the treatment of obesity. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of hypnotic interventions in patients with eating disorders has been recorded in the literature over and over again since the time of Pierre Janet. While only psychological bases are at present considered to be operational in anorexia nervosa and bulimia, the picture is different for obesity. It is assumed nowadays that biological and psychological factors can function in combination as pathogenic factors in the development of obesity, therefore it is noted that hypnosis should always be part of a multidimensional approach. Dr Vanderlinden offers a very practical commonsense overview of the problem. Thus, for a considerable group of patients, weight reduction is either not a realistic goal, or the aim of treatment...


Another person writes and ask what I think of Arabs and Jews. Well, to tell you the truth, I don't think anything particular about them because while on Earth they are much the same type of people. Arabs and Jews were very friendly indeed just a few years ago, they mingled, Arabs in Jewish communities and Jews in Arab communities, and they were on the closest terms possible, there was no dispute between them, no dispute at all. But, you know, one of the facts of life is that love and hate are very similar, very close, you can have absolute love for a person which turns to absolute hatred almost overnight. Or you can have a most vicious bitter enemy, and then you can find that you love her almost before you know what is happening. It is because the chemicals are wrong in the two people concerned. It might be that Arabs and Jews have changed their eating habits somewhat, and so that the chemical intake leads to the opposition of their vibrations. If a person's vibrations are not...

Routine Kl

Alive and vibrant, in full control, serene mid lovely. This is you. This is the real you. This is the woman you can really come to be. At this moment you are making yourself a promise. Not a promise to me .a promise to yourself .a commitment to become the real you. This commitment will be with you, stronger every day. From now on, every day you will become more and more completely the lovely woman you want to be. You will be relaxed and serene no matter what is going on around you. And anything that does happen, you can handle it in a relaxed and sensible manner. And you will feel so good, you will have all the energy in the world every single day. And it will be very easy for you to stay on your diet strictly every day. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing.

Hypnosis Session

This person has a vast number of reasons and counter reasons for not doing so. No matter what you say or explain, her reply is, Yes, but When I encounter a completely non-cooperative client such as this, I say something like Well, if you want to pay me good money for my services and then not cooperate with those services, that certainly is your privilege. Just be aware that you will have zero results for your time and money. I do not enjoy taking money when the client is not trying to do her part. Therefore, if this continues, I will probably ask you to discontinue the sessions and save your money. Think about it. The choice is yours. Now let's proceed with today's session. I have only had to say this sort of thing twice in 12 years. Both times the clients stopped playing games and started cooperating with ultimate satisfactory results.


This chapter has presented two psychoeducational and homework-oriented interventions, and two experiential interventions for the treatment of depression within the context of brief therapy. These strategies are confronting racket feelings, learning chunking logic, retrieving experiences, and learning self-image thinking. There are many other important factors to consider in the treatment of individuals who are depressed, as described throughout this volume. Actual treatment with each individual will vary according to that person's needs and should consider a range of related factors such as a client's employment, marital situation, child rearing, education, use of free time, exercise, dietary habits, sleeping habits, and interpersonal skills. However, what has been discussed in this chapter are core interventions that I recommend including in the therapy for clients with depression. With minor modifications to address individual differences, the therapy interventions discussed in this...

Prognostic Factors

Obesity or corpulence, meaning an excessive percentage of body fat, has grown into a gigantic problem in recent years. Epidemiological studies give the fraction of obese people in the United States as 35 of the total population, whereas in Europe figures range from 10 to 25 . There is a considerable number of theories about the etiology of this problem, but they will not be discussed here (for an overview see Beumont, Burrows & Casper, 1988). However, it is generally accepted that the influence of physiological, biological and genetic factors may be much more important than was initially presumed. Overall, five separate factors have been identified in the literature as having a favorable prognosis (Smith & Fremouw, 1987) 1. It is well documented in the literature that rigorous restriction of calorie intake causes a 15-30 reduction in the basal metabolic rate. This puts a strong 3. A minimal past history of attempted dieting increases the chances of successful weight reduction. Obese...

Rolling the arms

This is one of the full Taiji Quan movements. If you have done Taiji Quan before it will be easy, but if you are new to it you could move one hand first, then the other and finally both together. Once you get used to the movement you will like it because the sensation of Qi is very strong. Practising it will make your shoulders and neck flexible and you will lose weight. Because your hands are passing your chest it is also good for your lungs and heart. The more you move, the more you will relax - everything becomes very easy and harmonised. So, finally, it is good for reducing stress and panic. (This exercise is shown from the side for clarity).

Your Memory

If you eat a balanced diet and avoid eating processed food there should not be any reason why your diet should effect your memory. However there are a number of nutrients which are essential if you brain, and memory are to function efficiently. Recent research has found that choline is essential for good memory. In fact it has been used to treat people with all kinds of mental disorders. Choline occurs naturally in Soya beans. Folic acid is also an important nutrient for efficient brain functioning and if you have a deficiency then this can cause you to have problems with concentration and memory. Folic acid occurs naturally in green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, or parsley.

E four oble Truths

More specifically, the path to the Buddhist goal of the cessation of suffering is like a medical prescription. When a competent doctor treats a patient for a serious illness, his or her prescription is not only physical but also psychological. If you are suffering, for instance, from a heart condition, you are not only given medication but are also asked to control your diet and avoid stressful situations. Here, too, if we look at the specific instructions for following the Buddhist path to the end of suffering, we see that they refer not only to one's body - actions and words - but also to one's thoughts. In other words, the Noble Eightfold Path, the path leading to the end of suffering, is a comprehensive path, an integrated therapy. It is designed to cure the disease of suffering through eliminating its causes, and it does so by means of treatment that applies not only to the body but to the mind as well.


What follows is an example of a possible script to help someone lose weight. Read it through and see how it follows the rules set out earlier. If you have a tape recorder you could record yourself reading the script and play it back after a suitable time has elapsed so that you can go into trance before the script starts. If you recorded some suitably soothing music for about ten minutes or so and then softly bring in the script. You should find the message will get through to the subconscious. Or simply record the induction technique from part one, leave a small pause and then move onto the suggestion after that.

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