Xgeneral Prayer[1

By the Bhikshus all present here

The mystic formula of Surangama has been recited as above,

Which is now dedicated to all the Nagas and Devas who are protectors of the Dharma,

And also to all the holy assemblies of the spiritual beings who are guardians of this monastery and surrounding district.

May all beings in the three evil paths of existence variously suffering the eight kinds of disasters be thereby released from the afflictions!

May all beings in the triple world who are recipients of the fourfold benefaction thereby participate in the merit!

May the state continue in peaceful prosperity with all its warlike activities stopped!

May the wind blow in time, the rain fall seasonably, and the people live happily!

May the entire congregation sharing in the exercise cherish the higher aspirations!

To go beyond the ten stages with a cap, and this without much difficulty!

May this monastery keep on its quiet life, free from disturbances.

And the patrons and devotees grow not only in faith but in wisdom and bliss!

[We pray this to] all the Buddhas and Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas in the ten quarters, of the past, present, and future, and to Mahaprajna-paramita!

[1. This is read, as can be inferred from the text, after the recitation of the Surangama dharani.]

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