be the very cheapest, just the cheapest wooden shell and the hearse to take it to the burial ground. Could you raise two hundred and fifty dollars?'

The men looked thoroughly embarrassed, and then one said, 'Well, yes, I guess we could, we could raise two hundred and fifty dollars but we can't give it to you now.'

'Oh no, I am not expecting you to pay now,' said the young man, 'provided you sign this Form guaranteeing payment. Otherwise, you see, we might be left bearing the expense and that, after all, is not our responsibility.'

The four colleagues looked at each other rather expressively, and then one said, 'Well, okay, I guess we can spring up to three hundred dollars but we can't go to a cent more. I'll sign the Form for up to that.'

The young man produced a pen and handed it to one of them, and he hastily signed his name and put his address. The other three men followed suit.

The young man smiled at them now he had the Guarantee Form, and he said, 'We have to be sure of these things, you know, because this person, Mr. Molygruber, is occupying space which we badly need because we have a very thriving business and we want him removed as quickly as possible, otherwise charges will be incurred.'

The men nodded to him, and one said, 'See ya,' and with that they moved out to the car which had brought them. As they drove away they were very subdued, very quiet and very thoughtful, then one said, 'Guess we shall have to get the money together pretty quick, don't want to think of old Mol stuck in that place.' Another said, 'Just think, poor old devil, he's worked for years sweeping the sidewalks, keeping his barrow in better condition than any of the others, and now he's dead after saving a life and no one wants to accept the responsibility so it's up to us to show a bit of respect for him, he wasn't a bad fellow after all. So let's see how we can get the money together. Do you know what we're going to do about the funeral?'

There was silence. None of them had given much thought to it. In the end one fellow remarked, 'Well, I suppose we shall have to get time off to see him properly put under.

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