than anything in the world.' I picture the Guv, sitting on the balcony, and Miss Ku'ei who shared all my waking, and sleeping, moments, sitting by the door five minutes before I was due, so that she might welcome her Ma. Ku'ei, who is no longer around physically, but definitely with us in another form.

Mr. U often came to visit us, and we would sit in the large living room, or on the balcony, watching the glorious sunsets, while chatting on all kinds of topics. Mr. U had quite a sense of humor, never minding if someone made him the butt of a joke. Once the Guv had a tiny battery in his hand, having pretended to remove it from his ear. 'What is that?' enquired our visitor. 'Oh,' answered the Guv. 'That is the battery which makes me go.' For a moment Mr. U seemed stunned and then, rocking in his chair, he burst out laughing. 'You were so convincing,' he said, 'that I almost believed you.'

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